28 August 2019


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channel today we are continuing our deep dive into ingredients with retinols retinoids and retinoid derivatives so if you're wondering what's the difference between a retinoid a retinol or retinol dehyde what did i do what does that mean for anti-aging and some really affordable options that I love then hang tight you're in the right place I have done so many ingredients so far and I love your guys's feedback - you seem to really love this series as much as I do and I love it deep-diving especially into antiaging ingredients so today we're going to tackle retinoids and retinols so I am going to reference from the health line comm website and anything that I read from I will link down in the description bar below so that you can read about it yourself a particular article goes into tretinoin and what it was originally developed for which was treating acne but the benefits of trip knowing which also is referred to as retina I get mine it's a generic retin-a that I get online so they call it Rickey no a but it is tretinoin cream so that is a retinoid cream and tretinoin which is a retinoid meaning it's a form of vitamin A oh wait

stimulate cell turnover on your skin dead skin cells are cleared off your skin work quickly as new skin cells rise to the surface quicker cell turnover opens your pores releasing trapped bacteria or irritants that are causing acne retinoids like tretinoin can also help your skin to regulates its natural oil sebum production which can prevent future breakouts it has an anti-inflammatory property it can clear up clear up acne pustules but it's also been extensively studied for its impact on the visible signs of aging which is why I'm interested in it it can also help to decrease scarring because it has that incredibly high cell turnover rate it can encourage new cell growth at the site of scarring tretinoin and several forms has been tested successfully to treat acne scars and wrinkles the side effects you can have burning and itching of the skin and these side effects are why a lot of people give up on use a retinoid when they first start using it it will kind of go into application and how to use it and not have so much of the negative side-effects be burning or itching skin peeling or redness of

your skin unusual dryness to your skin skin that panels warm to the touch or skin that turns a lighter color at the site of application and I can take up to 12 weeks to see the results from using tretinoin if your skin seems irritated by using it check with your doctor to see if symptoms are within the range range of what's normal they do not recommend tretinoin for pregnant or breastfeeding women and you want to be really careful of your exposure to the Sun so like all retinoids tretinoin can thin your skin making it more prone to sun damage and sunburn make sure you wear a sunscreen all the time whether you're going outside or staying inside because it does come in through the windows at sunglasses also with sunscreen is definitely a must it's extremely rare but possible to overdose on over-the-counter tretinoin overdoses are more likely to occur in prescription strength forms of this medication such as retin-a signs of an overdose include having trouble breathing or losing losing consciousness it talks about different side effects it says don't use it at the same time that you're using salicylic acid benzoyl peroxide or

sulfur or talk to your doctor if you are combining those ingredients with your retinoid you want to start at a lower low amount of retinoid in your cream so I recommend a point 0.025 and then I've been able to go up to a point I have gone up to 0.05 I do have a point one but it is too strong for me and we will go over that in just a moment so it says how to do it safely you want to clean our skin and pat dry wash your hands make sure that your skin is completely dry prior to using it apply just once just enough of the medication too lately I covered the area you don't need to build a thick layer a dime-sized amount is more than enough I like a pea-sized amount to be really honest with you I'm spreading it from the sense that it away from sensitive areas don't go near your eyes your nostrils your lips the next article talks more about different types of retinoid or retinol derivative over-the-counter retinol fewer side effects retinoic acid which is the prescription-strength which is the tretinoin retin-a that we were just talking about it converts on the cellular level of the skin thus taking

several months or a year for visible results as it's a weaker than a prescription-strength retinoid retinol is weaker than a prescription-strength retinoid it's going to take longer to see results but it will also cause less irritation especially if you have very sensitive skin the next is a retinoid ester or retinol palmitate it can also be called retinol acetate or retinol line clean 8 this is the weakest in the retinoid family but a good starting point for beginners or with sensitive skin you can also get something called adapt allene over-the-counter which is also known as different gel it slows the process of excessive growth and lining of the pores and it desensitizes the skin to inflammation making it really good for the treatment of acne but there have been studies that it has benefits and anti-aging I did use different gel and I did see a little bit of results but because I'm so used to my prescription strength retinoid I gave it to my daughter and I thought it would be good for her sensitive skin and she's a lot younger than me but that's great you can get that at the drugstore I will link everything down below but I think

that runs maybe $13 on Amazon or the drugstore it's a great option highest form would be like accutane so that's like an overdose of vitamin A and that's an oral prescription that's prescribed for severe forms of acne and that requires really close to revision of a doctor they do liver testing for that and pregnancy testing for that because there can be really disastrous birth defects with accutane in pregnant women and and so you got to be really careful with that retinoid is the strongest retinol is the second it requires one conversion on the skin to make it retinoic acid and then a retinoid ester has makes two conversions to create retinoic acid on the skin and get those results so your strongest is going to be your tretinoin your retin-a in the different strengths you want to be patient and definitely wear sunscreen with us there's a myth that if you start getting red you should stop using it absolutely not true we will go into application in just a moment let me go into what I use what I like to use what's affordable how I get it and then we will also go into application to kind of prevent the

peeling and the burning and the downside that can come from starting a retinoid or a retinol treatment first getting into the over-the-counter retinol which is going to need that one-step conversion to make it work effectively in the skin and a couple of the over-the-counter ones that I have tried and can talk about the first one is the one from the inking list this one is really affordable I really like this one that's been expensive and I thought that this was really nice results with this I can feel this one working and I didn't get a ton of irritation with it the other one that's over-the-counter that I've used almost all the way up and I wanted to talk about this one in a dedicated video but because of the issues I've had with this I was hesitant so I'm going to go ahead and bring it up right here and this is the drunk elephant a pasyati retinol cream this has a lot of other ingredients and it besides the retinol it's a pretty strong over-the-counter retinol and I had a ton of irritation with this I can only use this and I'm used to a prescription retin-a I can only use this once every other week this caused so much

irritation in my skin that this is one that I personally will not purchase again just because it's it's a little bit problematic for me this has a 1% retinol and if you have success with this I think that you would get a lot of really good results with it but my skin had a lot of irritation with this so if I were gonna pick between the Enki list one and the drunk elephant one I would go with the Incubus list one it's way cheaper and I felt like it was way more gentle moving up with them from something still over-the-counter is the different gel the different gel is a great place to start for like a couple of months maybe after using something like this for a couple of months and then moving into the different gel then moving up to the prescription strength so again this is the prescription strength that I get online I will link the video of where I get this don't blow also link the web link the website of where I get this tretinoin cream online it's super affordable and I just ordered like three tubes of it this expires September of 2020 and I have been ordering from this company for two years I love them they're so great and

this is a point five but I started with the 0.25 cream and it's very important that you start low and work your way up and I only started with 0.25 once maybe twice a week once I could build that up and use it maybe three four times a week once I got through the tube of the 0.25 then I bought the 0.5 now I use the 0.5 at least three times a week I will alternate I won't do a micro needling on the same day as my retin-a and I will not do an acid on the same day as my retina if I'm doing like an NH a deep exfoliator because I don't over exfoliate my skin or use an acid on the same day so well I'll alternate this maybe use this three times a week I use this at night and I use this very it was very little like a pea-sized amount I will buffer this for me I get way less irritation I will use my urea lotion all over I've done a full video on that and my hyaluronic acid let that completely dry down and then I will apply this for me that prevents the peeling the irritation and the downtime but I still get really beautiful results and like I said I get my last drops and my prescription chart annoyin at the same place

super super cheap they do have a point one tretinoin gel this is so strong I use this maybe once a month it's too strong so be gentle you don't have to over do it to get good results you want the slow stable results you don't need to downtime if possible prevent the peeling the redness the burning the itching and don't maybe necessarily go as high as this like I said this I might do once a month once a month max I don't need to do any more than that there's just no reason to because the slow steady anti-aging results come with consistent uses it over time and if I overuse something I'm gonna stop using it because of the irritation just kind of like if I'm starting to exercise and I go to the gym and I'd go with the heaviest weights and go at the hardest classes and I'm sore and I hurt myself and I injure well I'm not gonna go to the gym anymore kind of thing if I over stress my skin out I'm not going to continue in a really good regimen like that so this I use in the evening starting way low dose and once a week working my way up from 2 and maybe this one works for you I'm not sure this one caused me a ton of

irritation into the prescription version if you're going to go right into a prescription version go with the point the point O to 5 start with the point O to five before going to the point O five four months do it long term now I hear people say they stopped this in the winter and start it in the summer and I use this all year because once my skin is acclimated to that cell turnover and really being healthy and I just this is part of my weekly skincare routine so it's better to stay on it for long-term effects than to start and stop it once you start and stop it then your skin has to get used to it again and then you're kind of going backwards in your anti-aging so I hope that was helpful let me know in the comments below what you think of this video on retinoids retinols and retinol derivatives you can get inexpensive retinol derivatives at the drugstore as well and start off that way so you can choose the path that you want for your anti-aging and what works for you you know your skin the best you know if you're super sensitive and you know if you go too hard you're gonna get that irritation and potentially give up and

miss out on really beautiful anti-aging anti-wrinkle benefits so let me know what you think in the comments down below let me know what ingredient you want me to talk about next please check out my skincare playlist where we have talked about so many fantastic ingredients I love you guys to the moon and back please like comment and share my videos and I will see you next time bye [Music] [Music]