16 June 2019

Repair Joint Damage| Nutrabio’s Extreme Joint Care | Sunday Supplement Review

Will you outlive your joints? Can you repair joint damage? Many people don't realize the damage they are doing to their joints daily and how this damage can ...

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today's episode of Sunday supplement review I'm getting serious about joint care or should I say extreme as I take on nutri BIOS extreme joint care [Music] I am dedicated to helping you dads and on this series I review a supplement every Sunday to help you dads decide if it is right for your fitness goals your health needs and most importantly that hard-earned money today I have nutri BIOS extreme joint care but before I dive into this product I want to talk about the importance of joint health the reality is many of you watching this video are gonna live to be a hundred or older and we want our joints to come along for the ride and again it's not about just living a long long life it's about that quality of life so it's so important to take care of our joints and you may not realize it but every day we're doing slight damage to our joints right if you're running on the road you're running on concrete you're beating up your joints if you're carrying extra weight on you you're beating up your joints every time you take a step if you're overweight and

just happen to be just your joints are just taking a pounding if you're doing tons of obstacle course races jiu-jitsu MMA whether you're doing tons of just heavy lifting in the gym those joints are getting a beating and maybe your joints feel good now but that beating can add up over time and the reality is we take vitamins we take protein we try to stay healthy but what are you taking for your joints that's the joints are so important and often extremely overlooked one of the most important things about this product is the company name on the side and that is nutria bile nutria bio is a top-shelf company their owner Mark glazier believes in label transparency they actually have third-party testing for all their products so what's on the label is in the product now another thing about the the company itself and the CEO Mark glazier is that they don't just make a product okay everything that they make they make the best version of that product they fully formulate all their products they fully dose all of their products all of the ingredients in nutria bios extreme joint care are dedicated to helping those joints reducing joint discomfort lubricating

the joints improving mobility improving flexibility repairing cartilage and preventing deterioration so let's just go over the ingredients here we've got vitamin C vitamin d3 mm I use manganese 10 milligrams potassium sodium glucosamine sulfate 1.5 grams chondroitin sulfate 500 milligrams MSM 500 milligrams gelatin 442 milligrams curcumin 200 milligrams collagen type - 200 milligrams APRA's flex 100 milligrams holic acid 100 milligrams horsetail herb 100 milligrams and then by opreem five milligrams that's for absorption and then boron three milligrams one bottle of neutral bios extreme joint care is 30 servings and one serving is four pills ideally you will take two pills in the morning with the meal and two pills in the evening with the meal if you pay retail it's $30 over at neutral bio calm and we never pay retail you can save yourself 10% by using my code no fey 24/7 they get you 10% off of everything on the site and that brings it down to 90 cents per serving or 90 cents per day one serving per day is all you should need now can you save money even further yes you can if you take advantage of nutri BIOS

stacks that's where they group a couple of their supplements at once you buy them in bulk and then you can get a discount and then you can use that know a 24/7 code to get yourself ten percent off also they tend to have really good sales once in a great moon so Cyber Monday Memorial Day sales stuff like that will you get 20 to 25% off I want you to get this product for as low as possible I am a huge fan of nutri bio and their label transparency and I know their extreme joint care is the top shelf of joint products now let's have some real talk can you save money by getting a cheaper version of a joint product and the answer is yes should you save money by going for a cheaper joint care product and the answer is no I know money is tight and I appreciate that I don't take your money for granted and the reality is there's ways to save money right so when you go out and you buy aspirin you buy the generic version you do the same thing with Tylenol when you drive it and looking for gas you try to get the cheapest gas you can find when it comes to your joints you don't want to screw around let's just be honest with ourselves pay the money for

the better product because a lot of times the cheaper versions don't have nearly as much or nearly as many ingredients and frankly I don't trust many of them because they don't have the type of transparency and third-party label checking that nutri bio does if you've come this far in the video let me know in the comments below what you're doing to keep those joints healthy not just for today not just for tomorrow but five ten years from now hell when you get that AARP membership drop it in the comments below if you've come this far in the video you know what to do give it a like hit that subscribe button ring that notification bell as usual thanks for watching and don't save anything for the trip back I am dedicated to helping you dad to be great parents to your children and still accomplish your own personal goals I post tips and tricks to save you dads time energy and money three things that are in short supply for every dad out there