10 June 2019

Reclaim your Health Naturally! Holistic Nutrition | Conscious Eating EP3

Food is the fuel for your body! Food is also energy and it's important to know what you take into your system. Learn with Brett the basics of a holistic nutrition!


Hobbs everybody and welcome back to another video on Viper nation Brett here and I will be continuing the health series today and conscious eating on mindful eating and so let's get right into it today I wanted to talk a little bit about more so of the health and things that we can do to encourage you know positive health more general well-being and just more positive energy to flow through us when it comes into our diet to nutrition to you know what we're consuming each and day and how we can you know be more mindful of what we're what we're eating and also you know what foods can we actually bring into our diet that are gonna help nourish us better and some of those so let's get right into it so when it first comes to our health you know when we start to become aware of like you know some of the more unnatural foods that are in today's world you know that are so prevalent like I mean in the last video you know once we started becoming more mindful and aware of these things and what we should be cutting out of our diets we can start to you know expand our palates essentially and start to

dive into new foods and find new foods that you know are gonna get us on a high vibration and get us more energy more abundance of energy help us be youthful you know throughout well throughout our years and you just give us some more abundant and you know vital life because that's what you know we're all looking for while looking for that vitality for that abundance from within you know that we can resonate and share on the outside you know and our experiences and with others and you know that energy that good energy that you're looking for at first it comes with being mindful and disciplined enough to avoid the foods that aren't really you know gonna help us on our path and be strong and fill with that good nutrition and then we can start to tune the better food sources and start to get more natural foods more I like to follow up more plant-based diet personally and I found that works really good for me and to get more you know fruits and vegetables you know nuts and seeds getting the whole grains and really just Whole Foods a whole food diet whether you eat meat or not whether you're vegetarian you know in my opinion it doesn't really matter as long as

you're eating natural foods you know grown closer to the earth you know grown with respect for the earth and with that connection in mine you know that sustainability in mind and in practice so that the enemy that you get from that food is actually going to sustain you it's actually going to benefit you and give you more energy that you're looking for because we all that type of energy in our lives so we all just have to start to tune into this higher frequencies of energies to more natural streams of energies and get out of all these unnatural energy sources they have out there for us so the more we can do that the more we can get in tune with that vibration and you know we do live in a different world than our ancestors did because you know in our ancestors day you know maybe they could just live in the forest and just live off fruits and you know different things but you know we do live in a different world so we also have to be mindful at the time we live in and how can we Accra mate and still live in that more natural frequency and bring that more natural way of being back to the earth because a lot of people I disconnected from nature

and you know I'm even out in nature right now and getting that time to reconnect with nature's you know that too is very important when it comes to our nutrition is like our exercise and getting into a natural environment that can help you know boost up our energy and you know it's proven that exercise you know daily exercise and getting in motion getting that movement in is so good for us because it you know helps to keep us young it helps keep our hormones pumped with that good energy and it keeps our blood flowing it's all wrong and wreathing deeper you know we're getting more oxygen to the cells getting more energy to the organs to the bones the muscles all that good stuff that comes with it so don't forget your exercise as well because once you start eating healthier you're gonna want to actually go out and exercise more because you're gonna have more energy so once you get more energy inside of you you're gonna want to you know express that you're gonna want to put that energy to use and that's why exercise you know movement is very very essential when it comes to our health and you know our well being so always recommend you

know get into exercise whether it's just you know hitting the gym going out into nature like I am right now I'm just going on a nice hike getting that time to ground and reconnect with the earth or you know whether you need to you know yoga or Tai Chi or ki Gong some soft martial arts you know something to get your energy flowing on a higher vibration you know that movement and also we're like I was saying with yoga and Tai Chi that sort of stuff that's also combining the meditative aspects with the movement so you get an even more benefits you know beyond just the physical benefits of the exercise but you're getting all benefits your spiritual mentally and physically so I remember that that holistic nutrition is what we're looking for as well so you want to focus on the health on all aspects of your being your spiritual health your mental health and your physical health and know that they all interconnect in that when you you know give that self love and that self care into one of those aspects it's gonna help move into the others and keep everything moving better keep all the energy flowing through everything so

always remember that - that it all flows for a full circle so moving back into food one of the things I like to you know really tune into with food is like what is the actual nutrients I'm getting because we all know you know people say oh you need this many calories a day you need protein and you know the different calorie intake we can get but when it comes to food most people are not getting nutrition the actual mineral content the vitamin content and some of the other you know any oxygen some of the other food nutrients that we can get from more you know organic more plant-based food sources because they have stripped the soil of a lot of those nutrients you know in modern farming practices so we got a you know get closer to the roots you know we got to get back to the roots and get that more higher vibrational energy you know from like you know different superfoods nowadays are really popular because most people aren't getting the nutrients that are gonna be very dense inside of these superfoods you know I like to incorporate some super foods in my diet you know things like cacao you know goji berries Organic maca powder you know

just different herbs and superfoods that spirulina powder you know different superfoods chia seeds there's so many you know I could make a whole video about superfoods but I'm not gonna be like talking about that specifically in this video but I can you know go into that in another video I probably will I'm what specifically but just in general you know having foods that can supplement you know with those extra nutrients and those minerals that you need to make sure you're getting everything you need because it's very important now we get those minerals you know for our brain health you know for the organs and all that stuff to make sure everything's functioning properly because without the right nutrition without the right nutrients we're not going to be functioning at our highest potential and you know that can cause a lot of problems along the line and most people are just like so in tune with the unhealthy foods that like it's normal to be low on energy it's normal just to have so you know drink five cups of coffee every day just to get through the day and you know all this sodas and sugary stuff to keep us like pumped up

but that's not the natural energy that we're getting from those foods so if we actually had the proper nutrition the proper you know mineralization then you know we would have that natural energy that we need - you know being a more balanced vibration to have better energy more clarity mental clarity you know more just vitality in our physical body you know in our strength and our muscles burling's and all that good stuff so you know when it comes to nutrition it really is a holistic practice that it's sustainable discipline we have to put it into ourselves like this is something in the long term it's not just some diet we want to go on you know there's a lot of like crash diets out there and like I'm not gonna go into any of them like they all have their place but you want to find some not sustainable and that's gonna actually like you could live this way for the rest of your life you know fuel abundant feel nourished you know obviously there's times to go on cleanses as well and we do have a 21 day detox that we'll be sharing with you all - that you can get into if you're interested on going in a deeper cleanse

and have cleansing some of the organs some of the you know the colon the organs some of the different parts of the body so that you can actually in take more the nutrients from your food and get that near that better energy and actually absorbed the nutrients because that's a lot of things most people are blocked up so you gotta cleanse out in order to get in the good so you know you gotta get out the bad get in the good you know it's and that's that's just how it goes with everything in life cleansing is very important - when it comes to our nutrition and like I said I'll however we'll have our 21-day to detox up soon so definitely stay tuned for that very high bottom information we'll be sharing their some recipes some different tonics you can use you know cleanse out any buildup of waste and stuff and basically get you you know get you on that higher frequency get you moving pretty much that's the general of this video I just want to go into like some of the different aspects we can look at our nutrition and then I can go deeper into specific aspects of nutrition and exercise and diet superfood all that sort of stuff and

other videos like specifically for those I just want to keep it kind of general and open just give some different pointers on like what's going on when it comes to our nutrition our health and how it all affects the whole and how we can you know bring all those together to actually sustain a long-term you know health path that actually benefits for our the entirety of our lives and we can see that you that by totally going well into our older years you know beyond just the 20s you know into our thirties into our 40s you can feel that you that vitality and even further you know as long as you stick to a balanced you know healthy lifestyle you will care you further in your life you know have that energy to do everything you always dreamed of doing so you know get started you know don't procrastinate on your health and I take charge for your health today and you know make that change make those changes in your life that you need to start taking better steps to more abundance more vitality and more just well-being you know and spread that wealth spread that love and energy to others so with that I hope you all enjoyed the video make sure you give us

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