23 October 2017

Recipes to Lose Weight easy Lazy Mel Prep For Weight Loss Cant Get Any Easier Recipes to Lose Weight

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anyways welcome back to my channel I wanted to pop on really quick and do an intro we are gonna be doing some meal prep today my previous like two or three meal prep videos are so popular on my channel I know that's a topic you guys are just so interested in and I've recently started eating vegan or plant-based some people in my comments lately they're like bitch you are not vegan you are plant-based so I'm still trying to like educate myself it'd be nice if we can all just like be positive and help each other I'm taking little steps to be more healthy and I'm feeling great and I'm loving the changes so regardless of what other people want to nitpick I'm really loving eating this way I'm gonna show you guys in my kitchen go through like what I'm prepping for the week it keep in mind it's not a lot of food because I'm just prepping for me I don't have a husband and my son he eats like a lot smaller meals I have a video on my channel of what I feed my son which is vegan if you're interested if you have your own toddler but I'm just making meals for me so I'm not gonna be making like a big ass feast so you can definitely double

up these recipes if you're making food for yourself and your significant other or for your kids or whatever or just make more or you know throw away in other ingredients like do what you do this is just a basic version of like what I do but a lot of you had asked to see it and today's Sunday so I'm prepping for the week anyways so I was like okay be productive turn your camera on and film what you're doing so also I do show every meal that I've been eating lately on snapchat if you would like to follow me I show every like plant-based meal that I've been trying out and all the recipes and stuff like that so yeah follow me on there if you are interested and let's go ahead and get into everything that I'm meal prepping today [Music] so to start off these salads in a jar they're super super easy you're just gonna take any type of spinach or lettuce that you want I personally just like the taste of this romaine lettuce I actually got this one at the dollar store so again it's just super cheap and I'm just putting that in the mason jars I'm only making 3 because it's just me I'm also putting some black beans be

sure to rinse your beans thoroughly before you use them in any recipe just to get all the residue out of the water that comes in the can and then I'm gonna take some of these shredded carrots I think I got these at like stater brothers again literally super cheap you guys like a buck maybe for the whole pack so I'm just piling some of those in there actually got this recipe off Pinterest so you guys can literally put anything that you want in the mason jars and it will turn out great and I'm just adding here some corn you can also do the like mashed up corn or the creamed corn of whatever you prefer I just like the whole kernel corn and my son really likes it too so I picked up a few cans of that and then I actually just cut up one cucumber I left the skin on just for the nutritional value and I just cut that up into little squares and I completely forgot to show a clip of me boiling this quinoa you can actually use brown rice or white rice whatever you'd like but I use 2 cups of water and 1 cup of quinoa just pop that in there it was all like steaming as you can see so I just let it cool for a little bit and then I put the cucumbers on top and seal

the lids and these will be good in your fridge for up to one week my blue girl would hey I used to have like a now I'm better than these are behold power on the floor look at the people as the moon was a fishing boat I was chicken a stop sign the best side alrighty time for some bomb vegan chili this turned out amazing so you're just gonna need some diced tomatoes and canned beans whatever kind that you want and then you're just gonna take a huge pan and you literally just dump all the ingredients in it's so easy so I was rinsing the beans and these are kidney beans black beans and garbanzo beans I'm doing a little bit of seasoning with pink Himalayan salt garlic salt and then also ground pepper just as much as you prefer you can also add some hot seasonings if you like stuff spicy but yo girl is a baby I do not like anything spicy so I'm just doing some regular seasoning and then here I'm just gonna cut up some white baby bella mushrooms I am obsessed with mushrooms I love them it makes just like eating veggies and stuff so easy when you really like the taste sometimes I add some soy sauce but for this specific chili recipe you're

just gonna cut those up then I'm cutting up a humungous zucchini I actually only used half of this because this thing was huge I was it literally took me like forever to cut it up so all you're gonna do is pop all the beans into the pan like I said let that heat up once it's been heating up for a little bit you should be looking like this and you're just literally gonna pop in the mushrooms and the zucchini you can add anything else that you want like chopped up tomatoes or really any veggies that you prefer once I added all these it started to be so much ingredient so then all you're gonna do is stir everything up just so nothing gets all clumpy you're just gonna literally mix the ingredients together and then as for my like paste for the chili I dumped in two cans of diced tomatoes you can also use tomato paste if you want your chili to be more liquidy I like mine to kind of be like more chunky I just feel like it's more filling that way so I just mixed everything up and then I put the lid on and I had my oven at like level four or five nothing too crazy this is how it was all looking so I put the lid on and I let it simmer for

fifteen minutes and then it all got super liquidy and it was done so as you can see here this is like the final consistency when I put it in my Tupperware's it turned out amazing and I've actually been having this for the past few days and I can let you know that the flavor was bomb you literally just cut up the ingredients and throw them in the pan like it cannot get any more easy or lazy than that oh my gosh it turned out so amazing [Music] you