15 January 2019


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hey what's up its Alicia welcome back to

my channel so in today's video I wanted to do early fun just casual what I eat in a day video I mount on a new fitness journey tryna get snatched in 2019 so a long that's working out I have pretty much changed my entire meal plan to kind of fit my needs and all these meals are very healthy however they are super easy super easy quick to make and also they taste really good I'm not sure about y'all but for me whenever I commit to eating healthy the food has to taste good it has to taste just as good as unhealthy food because if not I won't stick to it and it's just I just can't do it I can't do the dry food I can't do like the unceasing food it has to taste like bomb so all these meals release tastes like they're really satisfying it tastes really good but they are very very very healthy so I hope you guys really enjoy it and find it helpful before I get into what I wanted to let you guys know that this video is sponsored by care of they are such an amazing company and if you guys don't know what care of is it is a monthly subscription vitamin service that delivers completely personalized vitamins and supplements right to your

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Year's special for 50% off of your first month of personalized vitamins go to take care of comm and answer promo code Alecia W at 50 and of course a link to the website and also the promo code information is also down below alright you guys so let's get started with breakfast so breakfast is honestly my most favorite meal of the day and lately for breakfast I've been making these egg white bites they are so yummy so first thing I do is I chopped up 6 cups of spinach which ends up being pretty much that entire bucket of spinach sitting there and so I just do like little batches and I just blend up a good amount of spinach in the blender and of course just kind of pour all of the chopped spinach out of the blender and this is how the spinach looks after I've chopped up 6 cups so once I've done that I go ahead and add 3 cups of egg whites to that same bowl where the spinach is and so I'm pretty much gonna mix all these ingredients together and then lastly you'll want to take a good amount of turkey sausage crumbles I kind of a Bible to see exactly how much turkey sausage I want to use so I don't have a specific amount but I do want to make

sure it's a good amount of turkey sausage because I feel like one that adds to the flavor a lot when it comes to the egg whites and so it just also helps you to get your protein in in the morning and then lastly I just pour a little bit of the egg white bite mix and see a muffin pan just little by little it ends up making about 12 muffins so you should be exactly on the mark with that and then I just bake it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes and that's pretty much it y'all [Music] along with eating a couple of the egg white bites I also like to make a half a cup of steel-cut oats and of course this is super simple I just pour a half a cup into a bowl I pour a little bit of almond milk stir it all together and then put it in the microwave for about two and a half minutes and once my oatmeal is out the microwave I'll just at a decent amount of cinnamon I can go heavy-handed with cinnamon because I just love it so much so I'll do that and then add some stevia a pack of stevia to my oatmeal stir it all together and their goal is my still cut oats along with two egg white bytes and

of course the rest of the egg white rice that I did make our safe for the rest of the week and then I like to take my care of vitamins with my breakfast so that way I'm not taking vitamins on an empty stomach and again if you guys want to try care of for yourself and take advantage of this month's New Year's special go ahead and visit take care of comm and enter promo code alicia w50 alright so now on to my post-workout so after I get done sweating and getting in a good workout I like to drink a protein shake and so I'll use this protein here but of course any protein would be just fine and I'd take a scoop of that mix it with some water and I am good it to go [Music] so for lunch I like to keep things super super duper simple and usually I'll do like the frozen think of tilapia or CMS let's take this frozen pack of pepper corn it's tilapia which by the way tastes so good I'll just pop two in the oven and you're probably wondering why do I eat the frozen kind of stead of just getting fresh tilapia and seasoning it myself honestly Oz because I'm tired I only have energy to really put effort into breakfast and dinner and lunch I

kind of just I just let it be I'll also pop in this t-mobile bag of broccoli cuts I actually use this brand a lot and I typically get their broccoli cuts and their asparagus they both taste really good and for me I'm very picky with what greens I eat so with vegetables I typically stick to what I know and as you guys saw also in ahead and add some pepper to kind of helps tease in the broccoli just a little bit and so after I've done that I go ahead and add my cooked tilapia my broccoli and a little bit of leftover rights to my plate and that's it we can't forget our snack and typically I'll get some kind of whole fruit either apple pear banana something of that nature and it always satisfies my sugar craving so that's why I always get some kind of fruit all right so last but not least is dinner which I love going all-in for dinner because I don't know after a long day of work is just it's satisfying to eat a really tasty dinner so first I'm gonna start off with warming up these alexia sweet potato fries they are so good y'all have not tried them give them a try well also be eating the chicken wings which is probably my favorite entree at the

moment I'm like addicted to these things y'all so I like to make a lemon pepper parmesan rub for the chicken wings and so I just added in like a half a cup of parmesan a good amount of loon pepper and then of course I mixed it all together first [Music] next I tossed each chicken wing in the rub and before I did this I made sure that each wing was patted dry just to make sure that the parmesan and lemon pepper would stick to the wings so I went ahead and did that and I do batches of 4 so I do four wing in each batch in the airfryer and let me just tell y'all if y'all don't have a airfryer I highly recommend getting one it's life-changing like you can make so many things in this thing and it's a much healthier alternative to frying any kind of food so get you one girl I like to cook my wings for about 15 minutes in the air fire at 350 degrees and halfway through I do like to turn them just to make sure that all sides do get crispy but as y'all can see it's only been sitting in the air fire for about like seven minutes or so and this is how the wings look here so just y'all just wait and

see how good they look after the full 15 minutes all right so our air fried wings are done and typically I'll eat two wings at a time I don't have the biggest stomach so two wings is just fine for me I also go ahead and add my speed potato fries and also some broccoli from earlier and that is our dinner it tastes so good it looks so good so yeah I really enjoy this meal hope you guys enjoyed this would I eat in a day video if you guys have any questions please go ahead and comment them down below and as always I love y'all have a wonderful day and I will talk to you all in the next video bye guys