02 May 2019

RAW food diets and eating healthy raw foods - Gitte's Raw Food Recipes - Maximize your health

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when you eat all raw food having using chilli as a way to heat you up in the winter is the key so if you use enough spicy food in your diet you won't miss that heat from the hot cooked food you see so that's a great great great tool for raw foodist not that I am but I try they say if you so that the thing is when you cook your food it loses all the like medicine and all the nutritional benefits the enzymes so if you do like at least at least 50% raw food that's a big it's a good big step and everyone everyone can do that without too much detox and being too uncomfortable just basically everything that you've been putting in your body is gonna come out you know you're melting away all this like chemicals and toxins that you we eat in processed food you know I I mean good news is there's a lot of McDonald's out of business nowadays there's a lot of new juice bars like that are serving beautiful organic juicers so we have really changed our attitude to food and we understand it's it's a medicine and it's important to live a holistic lifestyle that supports your whole body in not just not just you know like you can eat meat you can eat processed meat

and you might be fine for a couple of years five years seven years but eventually because of the way it's far and also do you really want to eat animals I mean I just can't the way I became a veganism I so it's the end I would still be eating like let's say bison because I knew bison would not sound the same way but I would still like wake up crying feeling horrible thinking I cannot eat this meat but I was so brainwashed that I believed that I couldn't do without it it's like it's ridiculous what what has been implanted in our consciousness because actually it is a highly inflammatory in your body at least they're here son you really don't need it at all that kind of protein is what gets your outriders so you know you can heal off bridles let's say with with this whole food but it takes it takes getting all that stuff that's inflamed because as your body has a reaction towards something that's not good for the immune system starts to encase it and grab it and like it gets stuck so you have to like melt all the information away so your body can release these old habits okay toxic habits yeah but it's it's one

thing to make sure that what you put in your body is amazing for it and it's healing and holistic and gonna bring you to your maximum health but it's another thing making sure you don't put all that toxic in your body that we were brought up on you know like when you get very very clean just one meal you feel it you really feel it you feel depressed and sad your body starts to swell up in a reaction I mean all these incurable diseases that at least many of them what is what is they have discovered is that epigenetics it's not genetically passed on it's basically the circumstances epigenetics means it's like the environment that brings on your genetic disposition so if your mother or father had something wrong with them and you eaten the same food you're gonna have the same thing wrong with you so the whole thing is to create an environment where you can optimally function and then healthy is highest happiness most beautiful version of you so that's what I'm trying to help you do you