26 February 2018


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[Music] hi how are y'all today let's go home I see them in my office y'all dancing your way in a Monday biome I'm not even driving you know what I'm not driving and videoing because can I just put a donation link for it my data because it's ridiculous another thing is I know I said it before but this week I'm going to be giving away some fantastic journals yeah what happens on Amazon for $10 but I was saying yesterday on the post do you have an accountability partner meaning a journal a food journal which will become your gratitude journal as you start to be legit with that thing stop lying and ripping out the pages stop beginning again another day you know to look away today like the world ending it might be but if my long life and grainy experience it hadn't ended yet so I'm just gonna go with the fact it's probably not ending but anyway sever it do you have something do you have a journal this is um go into that but I'm gonna give away some of these this week and I don't know what the contest is gonna be so if you have some ideas tell me but anyway um I was just thinking

about something how long I can't judge is myself because when you think that you only have to wear a fan a sports bra every day you have to adjust your as a pinching action look if a man can adjust their self all day like I don't know what they think that things are tall or something when did I start sharing my my journey with the world it was a little over four years ago when I had had some what's that like difficult but now I just realized different times in my life and I was going through a lot of things and and I was watching a YouTube one day somebody talking about their healing which I had then I was allowed to do that because no one was I don't know stomp in my face into repression but anyway so I was watching that and my son was like um and he was about 14 at the time and he said I you know you you could do that I said do what and he said you could have a youtube channel and I said what would I say he said you would tell the world about your healing and I looked at him and he looked at me and I said okay and so he set it up and I stood at the back door of my house the house I would soon lose along with my

car and job and every dime I ever had I stood at that back door and I talked into the camera for about less than 30 seconds say hey my name is Tanya I go by tani I live in South Carolina and I've healed from a long list of autoimmune diseases and I want to come to you and talk to you about how healing is real so I'll see you soon and I turned off the camera and every day since then the last couple of months I've tried to stagger my videos some putting a day or two in between because I sort of watched the numbers and I noticed the board if I put out too many videos um people don't see them before I've got up another one like y'all have anything to do but watch TV TV okay we're gonna get the code word they told me to just quit being my this is how hard they work okay hello you can't see max look when it's time for them to go up or I wanted to go outside and Maxie he doesn't enjoy the cold weather or anything he'll hide like I can't see many coming blends into that couch which is another little topic that is a leather couch and I have had that leather couch for about I don't know

about 20 years and and I would not ever choose leather again but the fact that I already have it and if I got rid of it my honey would be sitting on the floor I feel like to discard that and the trash would be a disrespect to the animal all over again you know what I mean like so anyway that's what that is but what was I telling you um yeah I was just telling you something so I just looking at someone's fantastic comment here on Instagram and they were just saying how I don't know that they thought I'd started the em where they look forward to my feet each day they just had really nice things to say and which made me think wow like ah I made some kind of difference in somebody's life showing what I do and and so I went over and I do this a lot of times I went over to her page and and there were no post and I wanted to see her life you know and I was just talking to somebody the other day and I was a high so I'm how come when you've healed you know like you have and how come when you know you've lost 100 pounds they're like you have a knowledge cuz you're doing it how come you don't share because you're an

inspiration to people people need that and you're a loving vessel in this world and that's the one thing there's not enough of love how come how come you don't like how come you're not showing and they told me that you know things are going on or whatever but but a lot of times I don't think people get the connection that people know that sharing is caring but do you know when you share your journey you strengthen your own do you know because you're reminded how powerful it is to others who are just starting and you're reminded that people they're shocked when they hear healing is real and loving yourselves where it stars and guess what it's okay to love yourself and when you see that that changes people and they think I could heal why aren't you showing well do you know that if you without having don't know why I have a couple spots left and my magical March Rory said you want to change your life come aboard it starts next Monday really Sunday and I meant it's a life-changing experience if you show up every day I can only give you what you

are willing to receive but um anyway I see people's lives change that's my point and and I tell people there that you know when you when you share when you give you ultimate ly receive do you know I rarely um have dinner without first plating it up beautiful and guess what that used to be for y'all and it's become for me because guess what I'm worth that and I didn't know before and then I take a picture and I usually write the recipe or at least hashtag the items or I'm I don't want to give love like that and if you're not considering doing that why not so anyway sometimes tell people this is what in my group that if they will you don't have to show this to anybody else video yourself with your phone because I have seen some powerful testimonies and people's lives for their personal testify that healing is real when they talk to the camera and they say today I'm sick of being sick today I'm tired of hurting today I'm tired of of regretting what I did yesterday today I'm tired of seeing myself as a liar because I always let myself down

today I'm tired of being the fat girl today I'm tired of being anemic today I'm tired of living in dis-ease today I'm tired of hating myself I'm tired of being tired and then have checkpoints in with yourself and on those days when butterfly you are flying look into the phone and tell yourself lately Tanya I have been on my game I have been prepping your head because I remember that having a plan is having protection I remember that that's other people stood and that's not for me and I've been sticking to that and I've been having my journaling if there's a little trip up I realized that wasn't the demise of me but the rise of me because I took that into my personal tool bed and I used it for my gain again and again today I'm on my game here's what I'm eating every day here's what I'm doing and Tanya look into my eyes what do you say you see help and that's what you'll tell yourself as you document and when you look back when maybe somewhere down the road you slipped and you slid and and somehow you lost your way and you can't even

remember what the heck you were doing because you were ripping out the pages every day because you weren't perfect released that mindset because you're perfectly imperfect right now right where you are with every experience you've been through leading you to this moment today right where you're supposed to be to move forward so when you look back because you have no documentation you but guess what the phone contains the truth in your little video segments that you press the heart in favourites they're in a little folder the file folder to your help and you look back and you say remind me remind me of when I was on track remind me how it felt to look at my eyes and and be happy with what I saw remind me what health looks like remind me how to love myself again Danya all right back up whore Renata or Mickey or maritza or Sally or Janie hi Robbie are you remind me so why are you not doing that why when I go to your page because I want to show you love back you showed me love on my feet and I thought wow what uh this person if I type out a message just somebody

realize I've had to edit that like nine times I can't spell really I can but I spell in my own way I live in my own world and other people can't read it so I try to change it saying you can't understand what I'm saying and when and and with somebody writes me a message I assume that they're doing that too I think wow somebody wrote me like six Senate says that they took time like that really made my heart grow two times this day and I try to go over their page because I want to look I want to see their beautiful face I want to see where they are I want to see their food I don't care if they had a cheeseburger and they had a salad on the side and they never had a salad before I want to cheerlead that I want to say they're beautiful kids I want to say they're why I want to imagine why they think my lifestyle is worth looking at what's their wine you know sometimes I go over and maybe somebody's got like all these yarn spools and all this like fabric store they and they're passionate about that it's nothing that has to do anything with me but I'd love to see what people's passion and drive is in

this life what magic are you making all I know is whatever magic you're making in your world today guess what when you feel better you can do better and when you shine brighter for yourself you can shine more light into this world do you know and your voice will become very clear and very potent to people because you're coming from a place of authentic truth you can be different