09 June 2019

Raw Food Diet and Cooked Food in the Dirty South

Today the subject is my raw food diet and cooked food in the dirty south. This area has lots of abundance in the summer for those following a plant based diet.

well hey everybody I'm Jack also known

as the OCD Oh crazy dude and this is R all chuckle women thanks for joining me today hope you all are doing well it's been a really nice weekend here in the dirty dirty south um yeah I've just had a lovely weekend you know made a little trip yesterday puttered around today and we've had the biggest thing is we've had a break in this weather you know we didn't get as much rain as we like but at least we're not up in the high 90s for the rest of the summer so that's something to be thankful about today I want to talk about a raw food raw food diet and cooked food in the Dirty South guys I do videos every day so if you're not already subscribed to the channel I'd appreciate if you go down and hit that subscribe button now then click on the little bell and check send notification so you'll stay subscribe to the channel and you can always go find my gear light a lot of vegan messages and stuff and my store in the description below Rob tropical living gear.com yeah I got some things here and I thought this would be a good time to do this because like I say this channel is more I'm not for the purest in fact if you're a

purist who preaches the the gospel of 100% raw all the time and you know all the different little you've got all the little triggers for every little thing there you might want to bounce because this might not be the video for you I'm gonna get listen I'm looking to help people at everywhere every stage where they are if you're fully raw vegan like I think a lot of fully raw people they're really doing it if they're really doing it they just bobble into places just to kind of like you know muddy up the waters a little bit to show how much they know but anyhow we get good stuff here in the South man I've showed you guys a few I went I didn't get this yesterday I went down last week got a watermelon connection I've got a watermelon connection a little ways down the road in another town I've got a watermelon connection at my a curb market over here and I heard the watermelons are really good they're bit they're expensive they're ten dollars right now but this is a monster melon like the yield that I would get that I get out of juice on that it's pretty good I think I showed you guys this in the video yesterday but I'm getting some

really good local local from right around this area cantaloupe right now and I got some last week that we're about half the size maybe like this we're very good very good um next week is actually the blueberry festival here in this little town I'm not I'm not all that much into it this year but they have some allit already so I bought a couple of pints of local blueberries yesterday to get ahead of things I'll probably go down there for a few minutes next week and maybe pick up some blueberries bring them back now and probably go to Pensacola or something but yeah man that's the summer you know that's how it was when I grew up and I want to show you because you know a lot of people whether you're in the set the south seems challenged for being able to do plant-based and it shouldn't be listen I grew up here you know I was gone here for a lot of years but I grew up here and I remember a lot of things from when I was a kid of course people actually were growing their food in the country back then I like there was little stands where you could buy food all around this town but you know people seem to be so challenged on it here in

the south but when I was a kid we ate vegetarian a good bit in the summer and what I mean by that was we didn't decide hey we're gonna go vegetarian but the the vegetables and what we're getting is so good in the summer that a lot of meals was nothing but vegetables so I wanted to show you some of the good stuff that we're getting right now and some of the stuff that I like to eat when I eat cooked food I've talked about this before it's about digestion I try to make the best choices and especially in the summer in it I'm being successful so far although we're only what a couple of weeks into the summer but this weather this weather just my appetite tends to go down and last year my weight just you know throughout the summer just eventually plummeted so I said I'm gonna keep my weight on this year so I'm kind of strategically eating enough good clean cooked food to you know be able to keep to not lose what I gained over the winter I know I'm gonna lose a little bit but I want to go into this next winter you know and maybe add some more so right now a lot of times when I eat cooked here I eat sweet potatoes we got sweet

potatoes all over the place local sweet potatoes sweet potatoes from Mississippi white sweet potatoes these happen to be the orange sweet potatoes right here we're getting really really good right now it's squash I'm gonna cook something probably I don't think we'll cook this today I'm gonna probably cook this tomorrow but the yellow squash I love zucchini and I've mostly had zucchini you know you zucchini and recipes and stuff when it's raw and I like to spiralize it but I love this good southern squash in the summer and corn corn is super super cheap right now there will be another trigger there for the corn people know it's probably you know it's not organic I don't know if it's GMO I'm eating corn you know I'm not tracing down everything so if that's your vibe don't eat corn you don't need to babble on and on about it though every time you're somewhere and you see somebody eat something you don't need to be like that annoying kidding Classica but you're not supposed to eat that don't eat it if you don't want to eat it you ain't got to make any noise about it and now this isn't really a southern thing but I I think it's a good mix with

those sweet potatoes I've been you know I'll steam me a plantain when I make my sweet potatoes sometimes because it's just a nice combination with sweet potatoes and when I combine it with the sweet potatoes and the plantain maybe cook some corn with that maybe have some collard greens with that I don't end up I don't put any fat on there I don't season the stuff I do put a little let me show you I've always talked about this ring this kitchen today now I'm always telling you guys about pepper sauce now what I do is I buy this little bottle of trapeze pepper sauce now I'm not like I say even with the vegan vinegar I'm not like oh god it's gonna hurt me to have regular venner I don't normally use vinegar but this is just peppers and vinegar hot little hot peppers and you pour vinegar in there so what I do is is I'll buy this and I'll use it and when it runs out I just keep refilling it with my Bragg's apple cider vinegar and it works and you know what these peppers you'll get a pretty good use out of them I will probably fill this bottle 30 40 times before I before what will end up

happening is because you pour it in there and as you're shaking it out the peppers will kind of you know brush against the side of the bottle they'll hit they'll get bumped and they start getting mushy when they get too mushy I change them out so like when I cook food it like I said I just mow down some calories a lot of times it's just very and and somebody alas there's no rhyme or reason how many times you eat it a week I don't know a lot of times it'll happen let's say if I me it's mainly about the calories but I do enjoy this and I'm not saying even if I didn't have to watch the calories to keep my weight up that I wouldn't eat this but I tend to do it on the days where okay I got busy or whatever didn't get it you know I didn't have time to do a lot of stuff prepare a lot of food during the day maybe I had that one smoothie and I'm like okay I need another big meal in there or a big meal at the end of the day after you know smoothie and then some fruit or whatever and boom I will you know eat a big meal like that just mainly to keep up on the calories but it's always clean it's always clean and now also too I'm like I say I'm not

talking to the purist here but for you people out there that may be striving to get to the purest level and there's nothing wrong with that I always like to mention that when I'm kind of poking at the purist I'm not talking about the people that do it that eat 100% wrong I'm talking about those annoying little people there by Baba I've you know what several of my friends eat nothing but cook I mean nothing but raw Melissa being one we talk all the time and I am nothing but respect for her but it's think about it all you people out there that maybe aren't that experienced I want you to think about the people you watch out there I don't know I don't know your experience or who you watch but uh and there are there's some people now that are eaten fully raw and that's the ones you need to watch if you're gonna watch the ones that are going and you're trying to be fully raw watch the ones that are giving good advice and giving you good clean food to eat I mean come on yeah you can be fully raw but how much credibility do you give to these channels that you've got to look at they're hooroo that's beautiful and oh

my god they're fully raw how long have they been fully raw in that salad or that that that recipe that sauce that dressing you just made add half a cup of cashews in it for one person or more than that or head cashew sir it had cashews and now avocado I'm sorry I see a lot of these 100% fully raw for years and years and years yeah they're maintaining fully raw but they're eating a lot of fat and they're eating a lot of processed stuff to do it once again I'm not telling you how to go I'm just giving you lots of choices and giving you things to think about I like to make people think I don't ever want people to follow me like my bit my greatest compliment would be if somebody says hey you got me to thinking about this I want you to take my approach I don't want you to take my word for it I don't want you to follow me and I want you to follow the way I do this lifestyle all I want to do is open your eyes to the possibilities out there and hopefully get you interested enough to know different you know there's different different strokes for different folks and know that it's not so Nair it's not one way or the other and you can go out

and look and play a little bit and find what works for you because this works for me I like I say I'm never gonna change because of an argument or what somebody else says it's all about this laboratory right here it's all about the science experiment it's how the science experiment isn't doing at the time when there's a science experiment isn't working anymore something goes wrong I'll tell you guys and I'll work on making some changes to do that but in the meantime and hey for comparison's sake any of you that might be looking your news going on but you've never done the fully raw and I'm fully raw lot cleaner than probably you have cuz I live in LA now was the whole crazy man living on the mountain in Costa Rica I was a little late way out there because I was eating fully wrong I was eating fruit mostly all fruit I was eating mono meal so I felt it all I felt it all don't try to tell me oh you haven't felt this you haven't felt that I've done it all in the seven years since I've been this so anyhow a lot of this is tongue-in-cheek today but no just lights possibilities out there just go out and enjoy your

summer enjoy all this freshness do a lot of stuff you know it should get the kids to eat it make it fun get some of that watermelon make watermelon juice like I do make watermelon juice pour it in popsicle molds keep it in the freezer you know make banana mango smoothies pour it in the popsicle models I'm telling you it's kind of a my Jedi mind trick kids things they would like get so late almost any flavor popsicles so popsicles juices if you keep it around the house and ready to go and if it's dren if it's liquid cold you want to keep your kids off that soda you want to keep your kids drinking something good I'll tell you make watermelon juice put it in a pitcher in the fridge in the morning and if your work here is not satisfied by ice cold watermelon juice you got a defective kid send it back to the factory anyhow hope you guys enjoyed this video today if you liked it please give me a thumbs up and I'll see you tomorrow and I hope you all have a beautiful week love you guys days