02 May 2019

Ramadan Recipe Urap Urap || Healthy Iftar || Indonesian Recipes

water In a blender or grinder Then heat oil over medium heat, add blended spices and bring to boil. Allow to simmer until fragrant and some of the water has ...

assalamualaikum youtube my name is

Nichole if you're new to my channel and today I have with me my husband Dino I so don't wanna come guys and you guys have requested some recipes for Ramadan for iftar and so for and you know for this Ramadan I want to focus on like fresh and healthy foods now Ramadan it's not about food but the food we eat does have an effect on you know how we feel and in turn you know our ability to be able to worship so you know if we're not feeling great you know it's harder for us to focus on prayers and you know reading Quran and stuff like that so you know I made it the mistake in the past of eating really unhealthy foods and I felt like garbage so yeah this year I really want to try and make a change for the better in that area so today we are going to be sharing with you a recipe that comes from Indonesia and it's your app your app yeah world up world or up or up okay so yeah my pronunciation is not great but this is one of my favourite recipes that I've tasted so far from Indonesian food and it's just like really fresh tasting and it is on the healthier side and has lots of vegetables involved okay so this is some of the ingredients here we have what we

call long bean and this is some bean sprouts and this is what the long bean looks like that we got from the grocery store that was really long and this year we have what they call Asian spinach now if you know of another name for this it's kind of like already been steamed all of this has been steamed ahead of time so I'm not sure if you can recognize this but yeah they called this asian spinach at the Asian store that we got this hat so these are the main ingredients and you can pretty much use like any kind of vegetable right yeah when you cook it's a little bit crispy so it's better yeah so we've been in it a little bit with a little bit of a crisp okay so over here we have everything that we need pretty much to make this dish and like we said you want to go ahead and pretty steamed those vegetables ahead of time and let them cool off and we're using these three but you can pretty much use whatever you like and over here are the main ingredients and we have some frozen rhizome or which are this right here but we thought it out and what do they call that an individual Quinte Indonesia crunchy okay yeah and then we have some

lime leaves right here some garlic some chili pepper which is very spicy and then we have these baked chili peppers which are just for color right just for color is not that super spicy that make up looking good looking good okay and then we have some grated coconut here first you're just gonna put everything inside the blender if you have a blender and traditionally you guys would use the people in Indonesia is bula-bula like or something with it okay so this is Oh easier but if you want to be more traditional then you can use the stone grinder yeah so you're just gonna put a little bit warm so not that much water okay so we're just gonna put a little bit of water in there and over here we have some cucumber water which is not part of the recipe but I just pretty made that because it's really refreshing and especially during Ramadan you know it's always great to have extra moisture so to make that one you pretty much just put cucumbers in the water and let it sit overnight and it gives it a nice fresh cucumber flavor and it looks like he's ready to blend that now [Music] all right so now we're gonna go in for

the play [Music] three we forget this yeah it's being a while especially yeah I couldn't imagine like living [Music] ilove Indonesian food because everything's just so fresh and like I'm not doing that Americans don't cook with fresh ingredients but you know it's not it's not the same like when I was growing up my mother she did good she cooked and everything but like a lot of our spices will come out of like a I can or you know things like that and that's probably because you know we come from the north where it's cold and things would kind of be frozen so you need to kind of preserve things somehow but Indonesian cooking everything comes right fresh so cutting all your spices and everything else like that so we're just going to let that cook of it and then we'll come back once that's finished all right so nobody's gonna a little bit slow so just whatever you like do this as much as you like I do suggest going a little easy on the sauce because when you're fasting and use too much salt

it's going to make you more thirsty but you definitely need salt in your diet I was like a strict vegan for two years and towards the end of my spigen ism I really just like eight watts of salads I've waited so completely and you know it wasn't good for my body because my body wasn't really retaining me the water I was drinking and I was it was not a good situation so you do need a little bit of salt in your by it that's for sure right so he's going to brown the coconut next and you're also adding just a dash of sugar I forgot to say that so a little bit of salt a dash of sugar and you know we're gonna put these ingredients down in the description as well so you can check that up it's really easy to burn guys [Music] the first time I went ear yeah that move the first time I ever ate Indonesian food right because it was so delicious and in this I never done food that tastes to be honest we had something with peanut sauce too

and it was vegan it was just so like sexy to flavor cool [Music] [Music] all right so basically I'm just going to mix this with his hands obviously you want to wash your hands first actually in Indonesia and I believe it's actually like us and that to do this but you want to eat with your right hand [Music] whatever you like so yeah you can definitely it's kind of balance out to your own flavor so I know that could be kind of annoying to some people that we don't give exact measurements like I know in other my mom asks for a recipe she wants to know like how many tablespoons how many cups like this is a to your own taste if you want a more spicy add more coconut if you don't want to ask spicy they're just a little bit less [Music] so this is a closer look at the finished product and I'm super hungry so we're gonna go and sit down and eat this just now oh it smells really good too and we have plans to make a couple more videos

two before dawn inshallah you know and I might just publish them during Ramadan Cosi let me know what you guys thought down in the convent and what kind of videos you guys would like to see next and hope you guys are having a beautiful day wherever you are