21 July 2019


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hey everybody so today I'm gonna try something a little bit different there are two salads that my husband and I Michael have been eating a lot lately and it is they're both from the website skinny taste if you don't follow her on social media or subscribe to her newsletter I highly encourage you to do so I get a lot of questions about what I eat or favorite recipes and so I thought I would film two of the ones that we have been eating quite a bit in the last month or so the first one I just prepared you're gonna see in a minute it is the grilled chicken mango avocado salad and then the second one is a grilled chicken BBQ cornets salad so good the second one might actually be my favorite I adapted the recipe a little bit for someone who's incredibly lazy and doesn't want to do any cooking so keep watching and I'll walk you through this one and then the grilled chicken barbecue salad the first part being the mango so when I first started making this I bought the full you know fresh from the tree mango and its whole form and then spent like an hour slicing it up they're really a lot of work just

Lysa Domingo definitely recommend splurging a little bit at my grocery store this was in Spears and then I took it all out chop it up into little bits so it's ready to go for the salad this recipe calls for grilling your chicken well if you're busy or what-have-you my grocery store offers the rotisserie chicken just the white breast meat already shredded and ready to go I do prefer to chop this up into slightly smaller bits and I'm gonna use about half the container because I'm gonna use the other half for tomorrow night's dinner which is a BBQ chicken salad so I just rough chop this and then throw this in the bowl obviously if you are a vegetarian or you're serving maybe a full chicken breast as part of your main entree you can skip this do you notice when I was waving around the mango nobody was interested but the minute I popped up in that container of chicken you think you can only see one dog but there are three hovering around me right now I personally prefer using the rotisserie chicken that's been refrigerated for a variety of reasons one because I love cold chicken I'm just gonna open this up

and we'll see I think I'm only gonna use about half the container maybe save the rest for breakfast tomorrow we'll see can always add more and then the last part are avocados and these obviously you could pre-cut them but they turn brown so I'm just gonna show you how I cut an avocado I go down the top middle and then I just I think everybody does it this way go around the edge feeling up to the pit do you mind and then you just spin it and the halves come apart I don't know any better way to take the pit up than this very slightly dangerous way just aim your knife and then I just have a paper towel handy to pull it off a knife and then just take a big spoon this dog is cracking me up I just scoop around the edges and it just if it's nice and ripe it pops right out and then I'll dice this up and throw this in the salad too I do want to add especially since I have a very eager and interested dog sitting here that avocado pits are poisonous to dogs so make sure you dispose of those safely these are super ripe so I'm gonna just make quick work of chopping these up I went with three while I'm chopping them up let me just

tell you this recipe also calls for chopped red onion I'm not a big fan of raw onion in my salad so I omitted that but obviously you know add what you like take away what you don't if there's something you would like to add to this this is an easy fast recipe I just love the juxtaposition of the mango and avocado with the lettuce actually grilled red onions actually sound pretty good to add another but the point of this is if you're particularly busy and you want a fast very healthy good to go recipe that you can prep for the most part before you leave for work or before your day gets too out of hand so once it's dinner time you can literally just dump all of this into a bowl this is a great recipe the recipe again calls for homemade salad dressing skinny J's recipes are geared towards people on Weight Watchers people who are watching certain parts of their diet sodium sugar what have you I'm up being too picky about that so I decided to just use my own dressing I'm not gonna address the salad because my husband and I actually like to different ones so I just wanted to share that with you the one that I reach for it's particularly

good with any kind of fruit in your salad it's from Briana's and it's the rich poppy seed dressing this is just so good try drizzling this over tuna salad or chicken salad amazing and then the one that Michael likes this one has really low sodium if you're watching that it's from Marie's and it's the Meyer lemon basil dressing and it is super delicious so once you're ready to serve it just toss everything together it's a quite a substantial salad for not a lot of ingredients the avocado really will fill you up quickly and it's a good healthy fat I know this isn't like reinventing the wheel or anything but I get a lot of questions about what I make what I eat and for those of you who are particularly busy and want something you can throw together I highly recommend this and even if you make it from scratch like it recommend on the original recipe from skinny taste still super easy and quick to make hope you enjoyed this next one is the BBQ chicken and corn salad which I think I like even better than this one hey everyone I'm back with my second salad recipe and I just want to reiterate I am NOT here to

reinvent the wheel I'm just sharing some simple meal ideas if you are in a hurry or just want to switch things up and you haven't thought of these on your own if you want a ton of much better recipes go check out skinny taste that's where I got these you will not be disappointed she has everything from breakfast lunch dinner desserts all the good stuff okay so this salad is in particular something that's really easy to do ahead of time I have my left the second half of my salad bag is back here in the bowl I think I got this bowl at Target by the way I will look if it's still around I love this bowl I'll list it below and then I have the second half of my rotisserie chicken that I've already chopped up I have two roma tomatoes you can chop up any kind of seasonal tomato that's what I've got going on here and then I want to talk about this because this is fresh made corn on the cob and the easiest and fastest way to make it I've been doing this all summer it's so easy you take the full era corn not husk just ever like like it just got ripped off a plant stick it in the microwave for four minutes do nothing to it you don't have to peel it you don't

have to cut the silk off anything just stick it in the pointing right there at that microwave stick it in there for four minutes let it go let it cool down a little bit remove the silk and the husk and all that good stuff and then just slice off the kernels and you have fresh corn super easy okay so are you ready this is really hard you take your corn you dump it in you take your tomatoes and I think you know where we're going with this last bag you take your chopped up chicken now the real recipe calls for you to make this chicken you know like one or two chicken breasts grill them bake them season them you can do that too but I have it over to Surrey chicken toss it all up and then to dress it which I am going to do right before we eat it's a mixture of two things barbecue sauce and this is hands-down the best barbecue sauce it's from I think it's actually from Chicago yep it's from Chicago my hometown sweet baby Ray's particular there honey barbecue flavor so good so you drizzle this all over and then you drizzle a little bit of ranch we go with the wishbone because it has the lowest

sodium out of all the options in our grocery store we're just watching a little bit of sodium around our house and you can you know the recipe calls for specifics I like to just add whatever ratio you personally enjoy I personally like very little ranch and a whole lot of barbecue sauce and that is the recipe one thing that I have changed I need a little crunch I'm gluten free so don't do croutons really anymore there are gluten-free croutons but I love those little tortilla strips that they serve a lot of often times with soup and I had a package we ran out so guess what you can just do just get your regular bag of tortilla chips these are unsalted and just smoosh them up and sprinkle them all over the salad they're basically the same thing as the tortilla strips far less expensive we love the HIV brand these are Michael's particular favorites because they're unsalted if you want a little bit salts to be brand I like these they're great and there you go serve it so I hope you enjoyed these quick little salads they're super easy to prepare ahead of time from together

they look pretty it looks like you tried really hard we all know that we didn't at least I certainly didn't I hope you like this let me know if you would like to see more recipes they are always going to be quick and easy and what I actually eat in my house so I am NOT a cook I'm just someone who has to be themselves as always thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video [Music] [Music]