10 February 2019

Quick Healthy Breakfast For A Winter Morning | Maggie Bond

Good Morning! I just wanted to share my favorite quick healthy (gluten free/dairy free) breakfast for a cold winter morning! Enjoy and stay warm my fellow ...


hi guys welcome back to my channel it's absolutely freezing here it is - 28 - 37 with the windchill so I thought I would show you and it my cozy sweater um I thought I would show you my favorite breakfast when it's freezing out because who wants a smoothie when it's freezing out so this is used to being a quick quick video just to give you an idea it's also super awesome and quick and feeling and all those fun things because um even when I'm working in the mornings really early I managed to pull this off so you have no excuse so first things first this is what I use and it's gluten free creamy coconut oatmeal by Nature's Path organic keep quia yeah um it has Chia buckwheat hemp and coconut in it and it's got gluten free rolled oats dried coconut buckwheat groats inulin chia seeds hemp seeds and flavor it has a hundred and sixty calories per packet and has six grams of fat it has five grams of fiber one gram of sugar and six grams of protein it's not bad so all you do it's my absolute favorite now I will say I use milk alternatives um you could use almond milk um you

could use coconut milk you could use cashew milk you could use oat milk but try and get uncertain versions try this today this oat milk so this is so Earth's own so fresh Oh unsweetened gluten-free it's sweet though even though it is not sweetened it is pretty sweet so I just cover the oats and then I throw it in the microwave before what do I throw it in there or a minute and 45 seconds okay so then I was just going to show you what you can put on it it's like toppings or options or whatever so you can obviously put nuts on there but you can also put some hemp on there to add more heavy if there's tempted already we could put some black chia seeds or whatever colored chia seeds you want you could also add some black seed so you can add all of those different seeds and nuts and like earth and mix it all in and make it more filling but it is pretty feeling already so then I gotta grab some strawberries [Music] so I okay so she's gonna chop up some strawberries and wait click hi

now you could obviously add like any fruit you wanted nice and I choose okay look the reason I choose strawberries and berries and apples because they're way lower and sugar way higher antioxidants and I find them more satiating yes they're not super in season in Canada in the winter when you go to Krakow or somewhere like that and you stock up on them the way you save money is make sure you freaking eat that because we all know when we buy berries and they go waste and it's okay so does it not really we love us per se as it just decided to ugly itself up for the camera okay anyways so that adjust obviously looks like OHS and then I throw in some strawberries I throw in some black you don't need a lot that's also I was gonna say this plain box is just under five dollars at Canadian the real Canadian super short I've seen it at Planet organic at places like that but I have never seen it hot so bees um I don't know I think I've seen a good save on so you just have to kind of look around for it a lot of us have it though so for under five dollars you get six packs that means they're like a buck each

just under $1 each to have one for breakfast every morning so that's how you would save money you know because clearly you ain't saving money having all these berries okay here you want to be so um so yeah I'm also gonna put this on it this is my favorite this is an organic wildflower honey and it's delicious and nutritious I just put a little tiny bit of this on top this is kind of expensive and then just kind of melt in you can melt it in the microwave if you want but it's gonna take all the little nutrients out of it that the be worked so hard for so anyways this is kind of what it looks like when it's done delicious so I'm going to go enjoy the rest of my freezing day I just wanted to show you guys my favorite Canadian winter quick warm breakfast hopefully you try it because it's delicious because nobody wants a smoothie when it's closing okay wait that's a bear even I lost thank you for watching have a great day stay warm and if you're in a warmer climate that's okay okay peace