04 November 2018

Quick & Easy Pumpkin Soup | Weight Loss Journey

Hey everyone, pumpkin soup is my fav veggie soup..having a bowl of soup prior to your meals is the best way to lose weight and keep the weight off, its also very ...


[Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] what's going on guys and welcome back to my kitchen so what we'll be doing today is my favorite pumpkin soup it is very delicious and creamy and it's very healthy for you ok I think it clean but if you want to reduce your calories are going to reduce your fats you can't just use coconut milk but that won't be much lesser than cream but I'll use clean today anyways I really hope you enjoyed the video and it's cooking okay guys so what we have is just one medium and okay so I'm just gonna start off by chopping my onion and [Music] you didn't run on the same now that is done we're gonna now move on to my gosh my eyes are getting watery so now we gonna talk about pumpkin and [Music] okay now that is done I'm gonna try and give us a beaut all the same [Music]

we're gonna add one tablespoon of olive oil into our pot and then we're gonna add the onion and the garlic and the ginger and when it's awesome it and it's all brown or caramelized we're going to add our pumpkin and then we're gonna add some stock so you could add chicken stock vegetable stock it's all up to you and we're gonna add our cream on the same [Music] this is [Music] we're gonna wait for word tutorials and once the pumpkins of hangar [Music] okay guys so while that is cooking I'm just gonna show you how I add the ingredients on my fitness pal so just go to meals or recipes and food and then create okay so I'll probably have this for four days or maybe twice and one day I'm not sure but I've picked it up for four servings and because largest surf and I've just tapped in all the ingredients okay when that is done you just gonna press the arrow over here and I'm just gonna match all the ingredients for you and when that is done I'm just going to tell you how many

calories calories per serving which have anything is quite good and that looks good so you just gold me and that is it so it's got 22 grams of carbs 15 grams of fat and 7 grams of protein so like I said you can not coconut coconut milk and your calories will dissolve in mine and your fat will be lower than mine so that is also an option and then just gonna go save and rock it or just save but I'm gonna love it because I am about to eat it actually yep and that is all good [Music] making lunch and that's that okay so this ESPYs warning for a total are 12 minutes my time to clean you guys now gonna do is put it in the blender and wave it all together [Music] listen [Music] okay so now that it's done now we go now so delicious and this is how it [Music] I'm just gonna give it a bit of a decoration [Music] perfect

[Music] [Music] all that [Music] yeah was easy peasy lemon squeezy and I read it hope you enjoy thank you so much for watching please subscribe thank you [Music]