07 April 2019

Q & A: Healthy Habits

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Hi friends, welcome back to another "Sunday with Sarah." I'm Sarah Baldwin. I am

a Waldorf teacher and the owner of Bella Luna Toys and I'm here this week to answer another viewer question. This one comes from Denise who asks how to get her children and family in general to embrace healthy eating especially when one parent is into junk food. That's a great question, Denise. Thank you for sending it in. It's not easy to make a switch. We all want to eat healthier. It's often easier said than done but, first of all, I would recommend when you're shopping be very conscious. Shop for healthy foods, whole foods. Do your meal preparation at home. Home-cooked meals with whole ingredients are usually, almost always, healthier than store-bought, prepared foods or eating out. Involve your children in meal preparation as much as possible because the more children are involved, the more likely they are to want to eat what's being served. You can involve them in the choices you make, when you make a shopping list. If you want to have a pizza night, of course, if you make a homemade pizza—and they can help you knead the dough, and you're using fresh tomatoes and fresh cheese—it's gonna be a lot healthier than a frozen pizza but it might be something your children like. Or if they like pasta start buying whole-grain pasta. We have child-size tools, cooking tools, at Bella Luna Toys. We have little vegetable choppers. So if you can get them to chop vegetables, it's fun. You can put the vegetables in a soup which kind of disguises them but your children are gonna be a lot more likely to enjoy the vegetables when they've been involved in the meal preparation. Now as far as getting both parents on board, it's worth a discussion about the benefits of healthy eating for children. And remember as adults we're modeling for our children. They're looking to us and learning all their behaviors from us and they're going to learn their habits, good or bad, from us so making a conscious choice for the sake of the children to eat healthier. You know, cheating is okay, don't beat yourself up. It's going to happen but, you know, if junk food eating is gonna happen, better to do it maybe away from the kids. But I would really encourage you as a family to make a commitment for the sake of the family to eat more wholesome, whole foods. Another idea, and this is

something I've talked about before in other videos, is to have a rhythm of the week where you plan out meals with your family and make it consistent. For instance, Monday is soup night and Tuesday's pasta night and Wednesday is taco night, etc. Choose meals that your whole family likes and then choose wholesome ingredients, involve your children and family in the meal preparation. It's going to make your week go so much more smoothly when you have the same shopping list every week and children know what to expect so they're not going to turn up their noses at something that's liked and is familiar. So I hope those tips help, let me know how it goes. I'd love to hear back from you and applaud you for wanting to to bring more consciousness to your food choices and meals at home. Thanks for watching, please keep your comments and questions coming. I read them all, I'll try to answer as many as I can in future videos. So if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs-up and don't forget to subscribe to the "Sunday with Sarah" YouTube channel to be notified whenever we post a new video. Have a great week and I'll see you next time.