31 December 2018

Q&A Nutrition

good evening hopefully everybody's

having a great night here in my living room here today we're gonna discuss about a Q&A I want to first of all thank you for tuning in to my channel subscribe right now it's Christian underscore Romero underscore 89 okay let's start off with the Q&A the Q&A the 8 most popular questions people ask about the journey I'm taking right now question number one what is it Herbalife program I wrote these down on a piece of paper with a pen so I can read them clearly to anybody watching this video a heavy life program is formulated based on calories reduced on nutrition programs with unique energy protein nutrition and important vitamins question number two do you lose weight because you skip meals no you do not lose weight because you ski meals participants have to eat three meals daily question number three is Herbalife a liquid protein starvation diet definitely not Herbalife is neither our program supply at least a thousand calories daily and nutritional balance so individuals could lose weight question number four how does her life work Herbalife on a daily basis supplies all the nutrition

your body needs and my favorite question which is number five what causes the filling or increase of energy the weight loss energy enhancing effort so right now I've been dieting for about three weeks consistently taking my formula 1 shake and I lost seven pounds question number six our vitamins level like vitamin A hi or are they safe the levels in other Herbalife formulas are carefully designed to assure the individual consuming that will not develop deficiencies or X's question number seven can everyone use Herbalife yes in several life has products are a hundred percent nutritional food supplements and last but not least question number he has Herbalife been tested absolutely programs had extensive clinic research in the United States Europe and Asia while I want to thank you guys for taking time from your busy schedule i educated you guys about the nutrition I'm taking right now I'm feeling really good I'm feeling really smart and I feel like I'm getting a lot of sleep so I want to encourage you guys to reach out to me I also have an Instagram you can follow me it's Christian it's about CRI

STI a n underscore Romero r om ero underscore eighty nine while stay tuned soon I'll be putting out more videos have a great evening and be blessed