10 June 2019

Putting my mom on a healthy lifestyle (DIET)

So my mom has been wanting to go on a diet but every time its the same thing I keep hearing from her " I'll start the next day", its like groundhog day here in this ...

my I told to save it so bow happy

already so hurt me as much as you need okay today's day is May 18 2019 and this is gonna be my mom's Oh journey to 30 negative 30 pounds you're not even coming out I'm gonna be 183 I'm a pig you're 183 183 five six seven eight three come on you're good by the time you're done you can be worn 153 do you know all my clothes in my club they're gonna look like a stick like Ponce's now I used to weigh 125 and I wasn't as thick okay well that was 125 weeks I used to joke that okay so I am gonna be my mom's trainer because I'm gonna be your trainer what I'm gonna be a really strict trainer what I'm gonna be worse than the Biggest Loser what look at this lady get double nose okay I'm afraid today man what's your free yes you're afraid and today we may have time to go to the gym so later on today we're just into like a little 20 minute workout with body weight just using her body weight um so right now I'm gonna be showing your target heart rate zones there take a meeting it is get ready your target heart okay this is very simple math I don't even

know why I went to school for this I could have learned this on the Internet okay so first heart remix these are the designs for her are you going to do this to 20 tickle your age this is for the average person general average person you get these numbers might moderate vigorous so she's 44 years old yes she doesn't look 40 for I look before yes she doesn't look 40 for she's still talking she's still doing whatever whatever it's over there sure no that clip for sure is not that clip for sure is not oh my god okay so 220 took away her age Natalie took away 44 she's 44 and then you give someone 76 be permanent that's the average for the age of 44 and then you get 176 times percentage you want to see and then this is what I got 60 to 70% it's 160 200 rupees per banana you can really see this is not rocket science here but average person they won't get this okay now Hartree reserve this is more accurate it just involves a little bit more math and it's just a difference between resting heart rate in max heart rate so your resting heart rate you just get it by you uh

a resting heart rate easy just go down my book you just go down you press down in your filly okay to calculate your resting heart rate just go down the radial artery usually use these two never use your thumb I told my brother want to take my heart rate he was using his thumb the reason you don't use your thumb is because you're gonna be taking your own polls so your night you're gonna give your two little fingers go down to radio artery right about here like that much press down and you're gonna feel it and the way to get your resting heart rate is you put a time on 15 seconds you get it you get the number within those 15 seconds of beats you'll get the number times it by 4 because there are 60 seconds in a minute and that's your resting heart rate so once you get your resting heart rate to get the accurate calculation let's say you wanna do 75% oh you want to reach a target of 75% so you're gonna get 75% times 176 that 176 is your beats per minute you know the tutorial take away your age that's the beats per minute take away your resting heart rate plus

your wrists a 100 and that's gonna give you your how much how many beats per minute you should get in order to do 75% of your target heart rate so that's the basic math and though okay let me ask her to come over here ma come my patient on you're enjoying her last meal like the last not feel like you're healthy okay so just to take some notes right here what do you handsome this Franklin know what exercise to give you thirty pounds take my goal goal goal goal thirty pounds and what else now I'm a bigger butt okay to restart if I was gonna be like maybe like three or four months depending on how you go I'm gonna be 150 by my 46th birthday which is October so you have like six months you can be lesson I don't want to be less okay okay and what do you worry tell me earlier well where you turn the mirror new down on the bigger but come on what do you want a bigger butt nah I'm not a guard I can't know you could you believe no you lose weight you when you lose weight best line based on your genetics everybody's everybody's

different you're gonna lose it you're gonna be loosing weight in parts probably that you don't even want because it's all based on your genetics so II thought I meatball okay so when you lose weight is no way I could be you can't just tell me all I wanna do is weigh my my weight I like it kind of gave me away but you do you Tony or Barney I don't want to fit in the clothes okay so I forgot to mention that my client is a little handicapped she has a spine problem with my back hurts she has a bad back so she can jump or she can jump sole right Wow Wow the main source of cardio okay so just need a little tough one I got the squat everything here very youth come on I'll send you her dad I don't know she could do some sit-ups or leg raises because your stomach's in a way my stomach do what I just feel like you're weak I don't what to do leg raises you get to know the song you lay down you raise your legs up and down how about good Ricky do it you just do a language is the one manganese there you see I feel like your stomach's gonna get

in the way you could do fine I'm gonna bet I can do 20 you three male right it's not easy it'll be the community you just chose you're being disrespectful my no you're you're being there with me with this respectful monkey if you Thomas you get time to ease when you exercise ma I'm lazy and I'm busy I was nice so because we have time to die she my cousin good okay anyways I'm gonna pull every species she's being so cocky over here no way she could do a sit-up that's for sure and Sarah I can do push-ups I cannot I can do sit up no okay I hate I hate to those no way you could do it okay fun so you're being cocky opposite of cool that's it could you I don't want to okay so right now no mom are you putting you know I got a raise this plank wash it and step ups no sir you see you can't run it a little bit but I got you can't walk [Laughter] it was you wouldn't you give them no dairy got more we know okay remember my mom they're mean right now my mom dare me just nice to my or him her Instagram my waiting became about that little

piece of ice cream my bad oh my god you're gonna enjoy that my good you're not gonna touch that did you see her she's stuck it all away her mouth my you tomorrow eat you guys you wanna know something cool about me when I eat I don't make a mess like I don't stand my clothes or nothing here she's dirty oh my god I'm gonna post a video one time we want to eat at this Mexican restaurant if what if you don't want it flat it all work oh what'd you do my robot Dukakis punches and another would splatter all over the please I don't know at the antic no no no I took a picture of your shirt I took picture your shirt yeah okay so yeah I don't really get dirty that's almost my closest clean so right now dara dara wants to show me something very important dad what is it she gave me something you give me something you say something unwrap it for me right now okay let go so right now I'm gonna look at dirt so well you got me okay you go with this mean for the love what the Freak is this this is what you got me

let's go show you go get this iPhone are very horrible thing you look like a mummy yeah [Music] [Music] little cup of skins on oh there's like a pew an apple or just be shut up it's not a peeled apple with my skin that's disgusting Oh take a shot oh but awesome Oklahoma just how are you did know don't want we're gonna lose your legs just shut up your nose everything here shut up just gonna be like a pirate a pirate all right bye