10 January 2019

public speaking weight loss

good evening public speaking class my

name is Mateen and I'm gonna be giving you a speech on exercise versus weight loss and how it affects the body so every day in our society we always talk about how we want to have the ideal body right we want to either lose weight gain weight everyone has their different ideas but how does that actually work how do we actually lose weight or gain weight and how does that change our body so like I said everybody wants to look a certain way and coming from in the role of exercise and physical activity and weight loss and maintenance an article written and all the articles that I list today are going to be found on clinical trials.gov you can just go up and look up the sources that I use it's quoted that sixty six point three percent of adults are overweight or obese and the total medical cost of treating obesity exceeds forty billion annually and accounts for about nine percent of annual medical costs in the United States so what do those numbers mean it means that people are going to the hospital because they need treatment because they're obese and they don't know how to lose weight and that's why they're uninformed right so that's why

I'm here today trying to inform you on why it's important to control that weight on your body so how can you lose weight well one of the first ways you can do is actually look at exercise and what kind of exercises we can do the most common way is cardio or any exercise that challenges the cardiovascular system so that can be simply walking up stairs jogging running and it owes increases in intensity there's also high intensity training hit training which is burpees jumping jacks things like that now there's a big correlation with fat loss and exercise and what exercise does is it decreases the size of fat cells right so the more you work out the more fat cells you're gonna lose your fat cells aren't located in certain parts of you it's located throughout your whole body right so your fat is seen as a percentage there's no such thing as spot reduction you can't just lose the fat in your stomach with a fat in your arms right it's as a percentage throughout your whole body so the harder you exercise the more fat it's going to burn coming from does the method of weight

loss affect long-term changes in weight body composition or chronic disease risk factors in overweight or obese adults that's an article mmm physical inactivity leads to appetite control loss meaning if you're not moving around as much as you should be you're gonna be eating whatever you see and you're not gonna be able to control how much you're eating you're not gonna be able to tell when you're full or when you're feeling hungry and you're also gonna lose other homeostasis functions in your body so when you should get up when you feel tired being inactive will cause you to lose those functions so it's important to vary your exercises throughout the week and include them in your schedule so that means maybe going on a run once a week if you don't ever do exercises just go up and down the staircase instead of using the elevator pretty much the more you exercise the more fat you're going to burn and that's important in weight loss so moving on from doing cardio activity to things like strength training that can actually put weight on your body but in a good way so coming from increasing lean mass and strength a comparison of high

frequency strength training to low a frequency strength training they quote that there's five benefits that come from strength training an increase in lean body mass which is muscle mass an increased metabolic rate so that's pretty much how much energy your body is burning and that includes the fat in your body an increase in bone density a decreased risk of injury and when it says a decreased risk of injury I have a personal story I can include with that I used to never run right and one day I started running as hard as I could I actually got shin splints in my leg and it got so bad to the point where my bones cry and that's only because I never ran so when I went from that sudden jump of not running to running I actually injured myself so that's why it's important to exercise and add that to your schedule the last factor they added was building back lost muscle tissue lost with age so when you don't work out for a long time you're gonna lose muscle in your body right you don't use the muscle you're gonna lose it that's the same so it's important to keep up with your schedule because muscle fibers are important

right not only do they help keep you strong and vitalized but having more muscles actually uses more energy so that means more fats burn and finding a source of energy isn't hard here in America because there's so much food and it's plentiful you know it's plenty and there's food everywhere you go to a supermarket you can buy anywhere so a lot of people ask how often should you be strength training right and exactly what is strength training that means doing heavy workouts going to the gym the core lifts like bench deadlift and squat and some people say that twice a week is good and once a week is also good now the article I just mentioned supports those facts and they also state that lower frequency can be just as good as high frequency and moving on one of the best ways to weight loss is through diet and exercise combined so it's important to consider diet when we were talking about weight loss as your diet is influenced by your metabolism and the types of food you eat your metabolism can be influenced by how much water you drink how much food you eat it's important to eat the right amount of food and the right kinds of food so when

you're on a diet you want to include the right amount of carbs proteins fats oils and having the right amounts of those will actually help to regulate your body because then your tabbles will keep up and you're gonna burn the unwanted fat on your body so finishing up what I was talking about it's important to include that you have to have the right amount of training in your schedule it's also good to have strength training and your diet will influence how much fat you lose and how your metabolism works on your body and I'd like to thank you very much for listening in and have a good night