16 May 2015

Pu erh, Vanilloids, And Postprandial Heart Health

Delicious medicine for anyone seeking to improve cardiovascular health. == Both Cayenne & Ginger == Vanilloid-like agents inhibit aggregation of human ...

with ginger and black pepper and cayenne

pepper to help break down fat after a large meal make you to help feel full and to help you lose weight and decrease platelet aggregation to improve your heart health so I've got some studies here some information about how this actually works platelet aggregation well blood blood platelets can build up and aggregate and cause stroke I'm going to read this excerpt from the internet stroke center platelet aggregation and thrombosis after type to injury are thought to play key roles in the progression of atherosclerosis that is buildup of plaque on the arteries platelet adhesion may be promoted by toxic products released by macrophages and by moderate damage to the intimal surface with denudation to the epithelium ok the epithelium is the lining it's the lining of the blood vessel platelets release growth factors that stimulate migration and proliferation of smooth muscle cells ok so that means the smooth muscle cells are inside your blood vessels they also contribute to the formation of cyber Sub endothelial fibro intimal lesions and possibly to the formation of outside capsule predominantly fatty lesions so

this is bad stuff you don't want fatty lesions you don't want atherosclerosis you don't want to build up super thick blood souls but I'm gonna explain how how number one this tea is going to reduce your fat levels and number two how it's going to prevent platelet aggregation okay so here we have just an in vitro study they wanted to see about these vanilloid like agents but no I'd like agents inhibit aggregation of human platelets so vanilla I'd like agencies are of vanilla a receptor agonists and there are vanilla I'd receptor agonists in many different foods including the Chili Peppers and also including actually ginger and what they they included is that these endo vanillite's help to inhibit the platelet aggregation so there you have it the capsaicin will help inhibit platelet aggregation there's a study that says ginger consumption enhances the thermic effect of food and promotes feelings of statio tea without affecting metabolic and hormonal parameters in overweight men great so thermic effect so that's gonna have some Mickey to feel full and also to heat you up a little bit the

capsaicin will have the same effect and they begin to start talking about how evidence suggested ginger consumption has anti-inflammatory antihypertensive glucose sensitizing and stimulatory effects on the gastrointestinal tract and they go on to conclude that it was effective in making you feel full essentially and heating you up which will help you burn fat third study caps on roids and related food ingredients activating brown fat thermogenesis and reducing body fat and humans that means that it's warming you up and helping you to burn brown fat well that's great and I notice when you take when you take the capsaicin that it will definitely warm you up you don't want to take too much about an empty stomach but if you take it after a large meal that's the best time to take it I'll help definitely warm you up and burn that fat yet another study that found that capsaicin helps to break down the brown adipose tissue effects of capsaicin an ISO file cyanate on thermogenesis of inter scapular brown adipose tissue in rats and this is just yet another study that found that da and rats the

capsaicin help to break down the brown adipose tissue breaks down the brown fives thermogenic and such difference in rats and so they yeah there's a difference in the brasses that they don't have the gall bladder and one of the reasons I guess good to actually testing rats compared to humans to see if the capsaicin is having effect on the bile production or if maybe it's something else related to the divisional I'd receptor agonists that are in at the capsaicinoids here's another study an antioxidant effect of black pepper and Piper meaning rats with high-fat diet-induced oxidative stress this data indicated that supplementation with black pepper or the active principle in black pepper piper ring can reduce high-fat diet induce oxidative stress to the cells there you go after a big high fat meal you have the black pepper now on to the puter to our green tea and black teeth suppresses hyperlipidemia hyper left anemia that is the production of too much leptin and fatty acid synthase through activating ampk in rats that a high-fructose diet and another we give it high-fructose diet too much sugar know the too much sugar is going

to cause lipid problems can increase the V LDLs the April lipoproteins the bad stuff that bad baddies the vldl very low-density lipoproteins and what they found is these finally suggested the intake of green black and PO RT leaves ameliorated the front dosed induced hyperlipidemia and hyper leptin emia stayed in part through the suppression of fatty acid synthase protein levels and increased ampk phosphorylation so this is good stuff too but there's more to pour the effects of party on body fat and lipid profiles in rats with diet-induced obesity concluded that these results suggest that the party attenuated visceral fat accumulation and improved hyperlipidemia in a rat model of high-fat diet-induced obesity okay so they gave that basically as a controlled study they gave two different groups and one of them they gave the party and one of them they didn't gu er they lost what total body weight and they lost the right kind of weight various adipose pads and statins are drugs that the pharmaceutical and medical industry likes to prescribe to hear a little bit lovastatin and this is to help affect

your lipid profile or a political proteins the LDL triglycerides and then raise the good cholesterol levels these occur actually naturally in the pore through the fermentation process when they make this cake and then they let it sit and this is a pure cake that I have here is about 10 years old and so here is the beverage that is finished right here and its really really tasty it's ready to drink and finally the last thing is about to capsaicin the way to do this is not to put it in the tea just it's going to taste really bad it's basically put in the cap little bit honest this last thing is kokuten the ubiquinol helps to increase your cardiovascular output and stimulate mitochondria and if you take this it's going to be good for your cardiovascular health and give you more endurance and help your heart health as part of this whole program so thanks for watching guys I hope this inspires you and I hope you learned a lot and hope you'll go and do more research on your own to study the effects of all these different food substances that are hidden medicine that the pharmaceutical industries don't want

you to know about that the FDA prevents from being labeled on the foods themselves it's illegal to make medical claims about food substances you can't sell food labels that have any honest claims about them it's good for your heart unless it's approved by the American Heart Association which is tied in with the American Beverage Association which is basically coca-cola or the same government and corporations stay healthy guys you