22 July 2018

PSA: we as black women need to eat healthy and be healthy.

I am sick of seeing my sistahs being killed off by white men and also from the government. They are putting poison in our food to kill us the baby makers.

hello youtube this is black number so

today the topic is about we as black women of my gosh there's a lighting system we used black one that we need to be very healthy because the reason is the government is trying to kill us off with poison in the face and also the mere fact that we is also is on Milla Native women we reproduce babies and the fact that they're not only killing us off to the fact that those whitener cells out laying in bed one man but also killing us with some poisonous food he given us diabetes cancer and etc etc to kill us all off so there won't be no more black babies and I feel as though that's me as a melon ate a woman in Hebrew wants to spread this message saying that we it's like when we need to start eating healthy and Soviet junk food and stop being 300 pounds and 400 pounds and saying oh I love me for who I am fr that you need to lose all that weight because when white supremacy comes and he's about to go put a bullet in your ass you ain't gonna be able to run away from him that's also another reason why we need to be healthy and strengthen ourselves because white supremacy they they are on the room right now they they

killing this all and we need to get back in shape and we need to get back in shape to protect our black men our black babies as well and also the crazy bad winters I want to on try us that too because you know those big winches are going to fight for they white man and he's finished man in the age of man so we got to be able to have strength to knock their asses out too so yeah not trying to make this video along but I just want to spread that to all Manila and sisters even though I may not have that big platform to say that sense they being keep getting the platforms to these very winches and idiots they ain't talking about shit I just wanted to put that out there that we as web women needs to be healthy not only educate our minds and educate our babies but also educate ourselves and put healthy foods in our bodies because when our baby see us eating healthy they're gonna eat healthy because our babies are little sponges we are the first teachers in the household so not only when we're eating healthy our babies want to eat healthy too so yeah I just want to drop that knowledge and I just want to drop that awareness to our two minds

once our my black sisters and my Hebrew sisters in the military system well I say melon Anna because we are melon-headed women oh but uh yeah I just want to put that out there we black women we keep your one that we need to we need a really start start eating healthy I hate to see you 300 pounds just to walk around the hot Sun and she bout to die out there hey why do you gotta stuff that big I understand self phase and yourself but when you exercise and endorphins kick in and you feel good about yourselves say hey if I'm part of go running man if I see your sister running wouldn't I say hey keep up the good work and also that too like we need to spread positivity to our black sisters and I'd like you to assistance to spread positivity to them definitely positive positive vibes bring so much a smile thumbs up and high-five it brings so much to one to our black community was definitely yeah that's good to the bad man to life you know so I'm yeah I just wanted to put that out there and I shout out to all my subscribers shout out to my husband that subscribed to my Chinese name is Daniel Solomon's and I should check out his

YouTube channel he he got some really good on videos actually check him out and and hit that subscribe button in that like button shout outs of water sniper for exposing beatings FBI agents on Facebook I don't have facebook because that's the main reason and also trolls and bad when she's coming out there ain't got time for them I'm not a fan of Facebook or shall I say Facebook because some of it is just a bunch of fake people on there but yeah thank you water sniper for exposing those people and keep up the good work with water sniper shout out to all my subscribers I really do need to get a freaking list and write all your name sounds like I put it on there I keep forgetting but um and shout out to mr. controversy for shutting me out on that one video I appreciate it so much I mean words can't explain the power amazing an Austin you are brother I appreciate it so I still love that video you dedicated to me so much but again thank you new subscribers for subscribe to my channel and even though I said it was going to be my last video you know your girl ain't gonna give up I'm gonna still say what I gotta say and thank you

so much for I'm subscribing and and giving me hope appreciate it so much so to my fans thank you appreciate it some this is black moment signing out