07 June 2018

PROTEIN POPCORN REVIEW | Ghost Cereal Milk (Icon Meals)

PROTEIN POPCORN REVIEW | Ghost Cereal Milk Protein Popcorn Our good friends over at GHOST Lifestyle have decided to join forces with the popular ...

so fit chicks are gonna love this dude

but they're gonna wonder why they're not losing weight yeah this is gonna be bad is it overall bad for the fitness economy we're gonna be Instagram butts we're just gonna be blowing up all right all right well there we go I just ruin the video welcome to price club [Music] [Music] what's up price donation this is Mike I'm here with Matt and CJ you want to do the intro Ian I was like so ready I was like in it like you I'm holding the bag I go ahead this glorious bag of co-branded ghost cereal milk popcorn with icon meals sure okay so really quick just for anybody watching that has no idea who I Khan is can you just get that out of the way first like what is icon meals I don't even know to be honest I live in Frisco which is where icon meals is based out of there are a meal management prep company but in addition to doing foods that are tailored for people that are competing or just need uh I guess a meal delivery service they make snacks like the popcorn here for example and guessing here what they've done is that rather than using their previous protein now

they've partnered with ghosts to make a ghost protein popcorn so this is a a protein in his popcorn so we're not just to the label here but basically this is four servings in this container and each serving 240 calories 32 carbs 10 critten 10 grams of protein 8 grams of fat five of which were saturated so it's still this isn't like you know this is a snack or this is not the cleanest quote-unquote high protein kind of food well I think that this fits the the so anybody that follows ghosts knows like it's all about branding and fun and like it's not like they're not necessarily going after what in my opinion anyway like somebody that's like hyper dieting it's not the bodybuilder it's like so it makes sense to me to have kind of a cereal snack right what I hate is calling it popcorn because to be honest with you like I mean what you know we review the pros all right right and it is like it goes either watch that review like don't even put these in the same category like it's totally different like that's a lower calorie like like true popcorn this is like cereal balls or something I don't know like it's yeah maybe we can olive try to explain it

this is a popcorn as the base but they're also adding a lot more sugar and the protein to it so it's just like popcorn is like your your your ball type it is you coat things on yeah but it's like at some point it's like like we should just call it for what it is it's a Cody it's candy yeah it's candy missin extra protein that's not gonna be like a hundred percent candy yeah okay so here's the deal way bad Robert and I did a review of icon meals is uh they like a chocolate toffee popcorn I have not like the labeling I I still don't understand what was going on there and we're gonna link back to that video I don't want to get into any controversy the labeling is really weird in some of those popcorns because it was like going around a circle and wait I slit was so far back into the label yeah I was like I don't understand how you're getting 10 grams of protein there if I start adding up all these sugars that are in front of protein and I want to get into that this had nothing to do with that but we do have a different flavor of icon meals I kinda wanted this come in here thinking

like this is a snack yeah and we're gonna have ghosts like powering up some of the flavor here the ghost boy protein and this one though as opposed to that last video that Robert and I did way back then this video has are this this product here has ghost wheat protein first okay unlabeled which I like a lot and the ghost is legit on how they do all this stuff the second thing you know is yellow popcorn and then the third thing is candy popcorn we should have more popcorn so I seen a little bit of label cheating kind of going on where you have like second or third ingredient are both the card-based popcorn yeah that well I will say this like you were talking about the controversy and than this like so obviously this is all about the ghost one like the one thing I wanted to point out was that I have in the past seen other meal prep companies have done some like outside the lines type of stuff right but I know you know Danny Ryan personally and I can tell you that ghost is one of these companies that it's hard for quality control so there's no way that they would put there's no way you like that there's no way they would put

their brand on something if there was something going on and so whether or not like that was corrected or whatever the story goes I don't know and if there was something up I can see them like pulling out like a heartbeat right yeah but yeah I'm really I'm coming in like I love the cereal milk flavor of the protein did you like it yeah okay the Captain Crunch it seems like very peanuts you know how many people like comment they were like like they were mad at us over a review because the cereal make so the serum it was amazing was Captain Crunch right it was amazing they're loving I got so many people like my body it was horrible like what's wrong with you I'm like I was really worried like I'm like did we get like a botched badgers like so anyway and this been the most people that think it didn't quite taste like Captain Crunch I think it's good but I wasn't about the category but the peanut butter peanut butter cereal milk tasted just like peanut butter Captain Crunch mm-hmm I bought a bag of the peanut butter Cap'n Crunch just to compare the two Wow there's pretty spot-on see this is my ricotta Monty's I get intense reviewer no doubt like yes

especially in our forum via which is where Matt and I met originally the cereal milk is the most controversial protein powder flavor we've ever had yeah look boss let's open to see what this thing's there's your chunk right there are these things just coming out my god it just comes out like that and then I got our chunks you were ruining your diet today I'm sorry we'll call it a review well better the popcorn comes through more than I expected like it's definitely in there but I can good dude I don't get the Captain Crunch at all do you I mean no it's just candy coating this is so good in a sweet similar not so well not Captain Crunch to like that is amazing it's like this tastes exactly like the old red white and blue on the end hmm dude if you're in diamo you cannot eat this this is there's no way you eat one serving the whole bag within a day I was gonna have a map that so maps dining right now getting ready for a first show my understand rap yeah yeah so is this practical whatsoever for you or like people that you think are incredible so let's look at us serving what is it 60

grams like you said there's no way you're gonna eat one serving in this thing it tastes too freakin good so if you're to eat half the bag at 64 grams of carbs 30 grams of sugar and only 20 grams of protein and for some that's being marketed as a protein product that's just not no yeah I mean it's like I don't know willpower no way but I was sarcastic but I don't know I guess flexible dieters if you're wanting to you know if it fits your macros type thing you can make it work but it's not worth it though yeah I mean what is it the bag mm-hmm yeah that's like I mean here's here's one of the biggest issues and I've seen this like I'm a proponent of flexible dieting and I'll tell you right now as great as it is the fact is I've seen so many people walk off a cliff because they're like so hungry and they're like oh my god like I'm gonna eat some of this and you just have to yourself for a day we're not worth it not satiating like you know but yeah if you're max tuning and you've got a metabolism like crazy like yes they don't need a little bag to look you know I'm blown away about how sweet and good this is no just cuz you

have carbon fibers reviews man it's overall I think it is what it is it's delicious conditionings you know it's conditionally approved you know what you're getting yourself into a view if you're not ready to eat a thousand calories in one sitting then don't buy it I'm gonna happen well just really quick though like so if I had to look at the positive would you guys not agree though like okay let's face it like I have stuff in my pantry when I'm not dying which has been last few years where it's like you know it's like something I like that I want to snack on or whatever the fact that this has protein in it you know like isn't it a better option than like me just having like the sweet potato chips right exactly so like I feel like that's one thing to consider is if you're kind of just cruising along and enjoy your games but not like so serious like Matt over here right now so you know if protein augmented yeah yeah also fit chicks you're gonna love this dude all right guys we're gonna have links down below so you guys can check this out I don't know like what if we how that works with iconic we haven't listed and I don't

somebody'll we do not would we I don't know well you guys should check out icon meals like in football like obviously we love go since and we support ghosts and you can't find those I think we have coupon codes listed on the price ball websites where arms yeah we are affiliated with gills this time but no icon meals also check those out and if we don't have them listed I'll have a link down below to their website because they when it comes to meal plan companies and stuff like that I think they are one of the real like the good ones you know what I mean give or take some labeling so yeah check it out we got least down below and subscribe to the channel hit the bell notification that way you can get updates on all the other go stuff that we're actually about to review yeah Chris Vaughn accounts good for those we'll see yes welcome to price ball [Music] [Music]