01 November 2016

Professor Green Talks Marriage & Mental Health | Out to Lunch | British GQ

GQ Features Director Jonathan Heaf meets chart-topping British rapper Professor Green, AKA Stephen Manderson, for lunch at the Corner Room. Subscribe to ...

good to see you yeah thanks for coming

I've been here before good memories recollection of having stumbled through that that door downstairs this mean quite Lots you're still the center funding deserves you back here a lot or how'd you know I'm sorry most of my time in East anyway all my mates work or live in East really and I spend the head of a lot of time here probably a bit too much time yeah where'd you start writing as it changed how you how you work is it I tend to come up with a lot of my ideas on driving in the car or something my favorite space and music sounds good in a car if ever I record something the first place I give it a listen is in the car I just go for a drive in and take it in someone tell me that the new shed for guys their car no that's where you go and have a cry Thank You Simon have you got a studio yeah I've got the option you're like I want to cry on the seat steel and Sonic let this come from this sort of love words of the lyrics love a music lover round my great-grandmother taught me to read really early on yeah she still lived in our living room there were six of us here three-bedroom flat I started

out and I used to run in and disturb her first thing in the morning so she would be the second person to wake after I it was the first and I just champions and then he felt blue blanket and she had always read me stories and eventually that would get turned into me reading a page her reading a play until eventually I would read to her and sort of quiet means come on so I was I was quite ahead in my head of my years love of words definitely comes from my great-grandmother you know you did pull into quite a lot of trouble when you were young I think I started selling when I was 16 and it just started with you know I'm picking up a half ounce with a friend and it just progressed in today got a bit silly yeah it ain't got quite silly yeah yeah it's a shame I didn't have a stone hand okay which was what was missing you know I don't I don't you know my name made all of their decisions based upon what she thought was best for me she didn't do them out of wanting to do me any wrong when I was 21 I was in discussions we might Skinner to sign to his record label and I've really wound things down I wasn't really moving much at that point and I got

nicked then which wasn't fun that was a real it was a real shock to the system and I guess it gave it was a realization at I could have just ruined everything no I told skin is good skin his response was listen mate everyone's got a story at least yours is exciting I'm worrying about if I'm gonna go to jail or not as soon as that yeah yeah you know you said you'd write that to the court if it comes it out but thank God it never did always forget what this stuff's for that's good when you've been through you know I had a very a public relationship whether you wanted it or not yeah but probably not not as much you got it's all divorce about two but then when you're writing something is you know you want to write something as powerful as possible it's a weird one because everyone's like I just put it in your music that without taking on board the fact that it's a huge change you spend four years of your life of anyone yes it's a huge change you know irrespective of how happy you are well not to get out of that situation you know I did try to keep as

much of it private as I could at the time and nothing's gonna change I think you know there's I think that's that's the most dignified and way to proceed it didn't work yeah and and that's that's sad yeah ultimately that's you know but that's that's what it is yeah and I think as long as we're both at an age where we can still have very full lives yeah and I think it's important that we we just separate it as cleanly as possible and we were both able to do that because we were both mature enough to do that and we've I've had enough respect for each other yeah but now we can talk about you being single or being out there yep and if that's fun that's really slow yeah not much happening on that point I'm sure and I like you yeah yeah I'm just I'm just taking it easy yeah I'm not looking for anything all right so I was gonna say too when he got the first paycheck I was gonna say was it Hassan he splurged on was the day I passed my driving test I've got this little and it was a polar wasn't even a golf and I've got that too passed my testing I didn't pass until my first time Oh what have I just watched you

that you shouldn't have done yeah I bought the Sadie's I bought and that was how I ended up working with them you've had a pretty relationship but you've also been squashed in with see Mercedes is that right there's a DHL driver and I just had engine fired up I've looked over my shoulder and the cars hurtling towards me before I could get out the way he's hit me in the back I've got everything out the way except my left leg and if I didn't would I'd have been dead and I might have died if it was my hips and pelvis this is almost four years to the day maybe being stands as well no weird thing about me being stabbed was I didn't get stabbed you to any of it was it had nothing to do any selling drugs it had nothing to do with gang anything the work never been again that's all I was just minding my own business it just shouldn't have happened but was it mistaken identity apparently I bar someone and I haven't and I stood there and said I never bars him I said excuse me and that started off this argument which then resulted in him walking out smashing a bottle putting it inside his

jacket walking up pretty much behind me I literally just turned and got stabbed in the neck and that my head up proper because it was just a reminder of my mortality you know it's like I don't just another reminder I really don't need you're coming to our Walton on I hope soon yeah I'm gonna play it safe I don't when it comes to passion I just yeah I've got a Wardrobe full of the same thing yeah you know like tiny had that lyric about I've got so many flowers I could keep something my odds house my sorry Karen I will come and get them I promise I've got over 200 pairs of trainers in my art slow yeah I am I absolutely must have some stuff to store she's got a big so how I was gonna ask you know these documentary done live was it your idea did someone approach you and you kind of got ideas yeah it will stem from I did a radio one documentary on suicide mmm and I saw just how important it was to do stuff like that because it's not something that is spoken about much and the amount of people that reached out and the first thing that they said was I've never opened up about this before and and I

was quite uncomfortable with that but the reasons I was uncomfortable were it was because I felt that I didn't want people to see me as vulnerable as I you know I never really saw myself as that vulnerable and a lot came to the surface during the filming in that program and I had to sit down and really think long and hard about whether or not I was comfortable without going out and I had to and I had to be yeah the reason I was scared is that that's what the biggest problem with men yeah it's not being honest either because it would have been dishonest if I said no I want to take that out and that out and that out it would have been a dishonest representation of what I was going through at the time we were filming yeah yeah I wasn't pieces yeah and that was something that I thought I dealt with clearly not with your name quite shot at your reaction presumably yeah I reckon something probably but she's always you know when I was a kid growing up she was always one to put her arm around me I think I was lucky in that sense you know being brought up by women taught me a different set set of values and morals I think it's important to the men to talk

about therapy and stuff like that and I think it's actually more probably more common than people think but maybe we're getting a bit soft is that a problem maybe I don't think there was a direct correlation with a woman's role becoming more defined and the man's becoming lesser I just think perhaps we're not as emotionally developed as we should be yeah stress is something that we encounter in so many places nowadays like it's not it's not you know fight and flight used to be starvation or being attacked but we have stressed through you know friendships relationships financial stress work stress stress is everywhere and I don't think we've learned to cope with that properly yeah and I still suffer anxiety those times when I just can't fathom why yeah it still exists I don't think I think you know life is just good and bad days yeah you know I was I thought you know if I become successful in music because that's what I wanted to do that was absolve me of all my problems yeah everything that we saw rainbows yeah her do you recently talk about this idea of listen don't give yourself a hard time for not being happy every day no I said

about a talking game