08 June 2019

Prenatal nutrition advice from a wonderful nurse and birthing educator Lenore G

Amazingly Simple Prenatal nutrition Advice.....thank you Lenore G.

is that your core message all pregnant

families parents need to understand the crucial nature of the building blocks of an unborn baby the building block that comes from what we eat the the bioavailability of the protein that we eat and that is that refers to how the body uses what it is that we eat most efficiently so that would be called bioavailability so we want good protein that is bioavailable to make this baby and we want it as much as possible for 24 hours a day as much as we can do that so in order to measure whether or not we are getting enough food protein to build this baby there is a test a blood test that can easily be done called human albumin or total protein it comes with most blood tests they measure this with most blood tests and what I'm proposing is that all expectant parents talk to their physicians about please make sure that you're measuring total protein and or human albumin then I suggest that parents take the responsibility of looking at these numbers it's right there on the test so they ask for a test they ask for the for the results of the tests look at the numbers if they're low on the low side they know they need to increase their protein levels simple as

that that is the core message that's wonderful and I understand this has been impassioned in you because of your background share with me who you are and why this is so important to you this is comes from my insides because I lost three babies and I believe down to my core that the reason I lost them was that I had not enough knowledge about the relationship between a good prenatal nutritional plan and a healthy baby I lost one at 28 weeks at 22 weeks and at 32 weeks these were healthy strong looking babies and I had no other physical or physical problems that would have indicated that I might lose these babies but according to the research that I've done since then I fully believe that it was because I did not have the knowledge or the means or whatever it takes to to really pay attention to my diet I was I was in graduate school I was thinking about getting my degree etc etc so I I just didn't pay any attention to my to my nutrition and for me that's the reason I had these preemie babies and none of the obstetricians talked with me about this even after I lost two babies they never

talked with me about my prenatal nutrition so then in the 70s I was privileged enough to study with dr. Tom Breuer who spent his lifetime teaching people like me who happened to be a childbirth educator the relationship between a good prenatal nutritional diet and a healthy outcome he called his babies blue-ribbon babies so we had a relationship from the 70s until he died in 2005 and I have a whole boxful of correspondence from him that's wonderful no I have a question um where you're sitting in this I understand it's been important to you for a very very long time and now it's extra important I understand that you've had a recent diagnosis and maybe you can share that with us well I've had a diagnosis of cancer of the pancreas and it's a little bit confusing because some of the tests indicate that I might have had metastatic cancer to the liver and other tests say they find nothing in the liver so we're looking at any number of things in the in the tests and deciding the route to go and I've chosen to go the alternative route I have hope that that

whatever will be will be but I would hope to get my message out before if and when I'm not going to be around any longer which doesn't bother me at this point because I'm I'm a great believer in in after life that we can't even begin to describe I understand I think it's wonderful that this is although not related I understand that your body your spiritual belief and who you are is that there's a concern for people and with your experience and again you were talking about your pregnancies and although that's very personal to you you not only have held it and held it in your heart you want to share your experience and you want people to be able to rise above where you were at those times there's a lot of women that experience loss and I think that it's wonderful that you have such a very is simple but very important message that I believe could make a big difference and when you were talking about your statistics and in fact showing them to me the other day as far as American women we shouldn't be where we are when it comes to the loss of mothers the loss of babies the development of these

babies that there could be a lot of heartache that it sounds to me as if could be avoided by just this one simple plan how do you believe it could be manifested other than just maybe a message a message online anything how do you believe that would be best manifested this message well one way would be through social media another way would be educating people from kindergarten on about the beauty of our bodies the magnificence of cellular metabolism and our ability to procreate for me it's a miracle it's a wonderful wonderful miracle and fortunately I was blessed with three very amazing children but I think I would not have had the grief and the loss had I understood certain basic principles and any veterinarian understands this they generally feed their the prod the animals especially if they're into dairy production or creating healthy piglets they study the nutritional health of these pregnant animals without any question so why we don't emphasize this in our prenatal care I'll never understand it does seem kind of mixed up a little bit I appreciate this I appreciate that you've taken the time

that you have and that you've given quite a bit of it to me Oh work with this the best I can I think there's a lot of people that have access and I definitely have some connections when it comes to the internet I hope that we can expound heavily on this you've given me some reading material and we will do the best we can with this message do you have any final words to our viewers well this is a great privilege to be talking with you and I have the easiest time in the world looking at people's faces and and sharing what I've learned I have a great difficulty in trying to write any of this down so that you're willing to spend the time with me really warms my heart and I have some fantastic stories that I can tell you at another time Lenora thank you so much you're very precious to me and believe me there'll be a lot of young women young men families who can benefit from this and we appreciate this time again we do thank you blessings to you