25 March 2019

Practice Self-Love: 10 Ways (pt.2)

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aren't you guys tired of feeling sand

and are you ready to live a happier life more in tune with yourself are you ready to love yourself hundred percent if the answer is yes then watch this video hi guys this is Farah in today's video I want to talk to you about ten ways to practice self-love this is the second part of the video on practicing self lava so if you haven't watched the first one which is more on the why you need to practice self-love I live here below the link to the first video and then if you are ready to start to serve some good vibrations with me and love yourself hundred percent let's get started so guys the first way to practice self-love is to do what makes your soul happy when you make your soul happy you are nourish it from the inside because you're doing something that you love and your soul gets energized and gets satisfied with what you're doing and for example I'm telling you what is making my soul a peon it's taking pictures because when I take picture I can lose hours in this I really love to take photos and modify them and adjust them so if you want to go check my Instagram profile you can see that I have a lot of awesome picture in there

and I don't feel like the time it's passing when I'm doing this because I really really love what I'm doing so you need to nourish your heart Norrish your soul and in this way you start loving yourself more the second way to practice self-love it's a meditation meditate 15-20 minutes per day these really helps you get in tune with yourself to get more in alignment with who you are and I do this practice every morning I do it in the morning because your vibration is not affected by all the events that happen during the day so when I meditate in the morning I count down my thoughts I am more present with myself and meditation also helps you sharpen your focus so you can become a better creator for your reality and for your day ahead the third way to practice self-love it's to honor your body your body is the temple it's what carries you around so you need to practice self-love by taking care of yourself taking care of your body what can you do to take care of your body you can do some activities you can do some sports because when you do these activities your energy also gets channeled and of course it keeps you

very healthy and more in tune with yourself we are always returning to this point that everything helps you get in alignment with yourself that's the purpose of a self-love the other way to take care of your body it's to rest when you need to rest your body is telling you all the time what it needs your body has an intelligence that it's really awesome because with pain also is telling you that something is wrong emotionally inside of yourself and when you are tired just respect yourself take a nap go to sleep early there is nothing better in going to sleep early because this really helps yourself when your body is asking you to sleep because maybe you need to take a break so that's all good then take care of your body the fourth way you can practice self-love it's to start eating well eat more fruits eat more veggies maybe you don't know that food really affect your mood and food also as vibration so you want to put in your body what as the highest vibration which is a super food which is avocado which is a kale which is bananas berries and all this kind of stuff really improve your health and improve your

mood because it helps you raise your energy so really start eating a lot of avocado I'm addicted to avocados you can see it in my Instagram profile that I have all these beautiful stories when I make breakfast with avocado and blueberries and raspberries so stop eating food that bring your vibration down and start putting in your body a fuel which is good for yourself imagine when you put the wrong fuel in your car what happen so the same it's with your body and another thing that is really important that I've noticed with myself it's that I have to listen to my body and my body is always telling me what I want to eat because we have a self-healing system inside of ourselves so if you feel like eating certain foods instead of others just do that because the most important thing is to listen what your body tells you so I hope now you wanna eat more avocados let's go with the next step and fifth way to practice self-love it's to take time for yourself most of your time we go out when we don't want to go out most of the time we don't wanna disappoint anyone we don't wanna disappoint friends we don't wanna disappoint family but sometimes we

really need to listen to ourself and take time for awesome if we need to take a nap if we need to rest again we just need to do it let's start from this let's start to take care of ourself I find a really nice sometimes just to be home with myself and take time to listen to some music just taking a really long bubble bath this is so awesome so relaxing and I just chill out and don't do anything I just take time for myself this is a form of self respect and self-love so listen to you and avoid what other people are expecting from you and just to watch you feel like doing number six go to the places where you feel the most alive this is a really awesome way to practice self-love because when you go to the places that you like when you go to the places where you find your energy you are really closer to who you are and this really brings out the best in you so for me for example is going to the beach when I go to the beach I really feel I find my power I think water it's my element because when I'm by the ocean or just by water at the lake I feel that I'm really karma I feel that I have everything

clear and I feel in connection with myself so what I also suggest you it's to get into nature nature is a really awesome and powerful way to reconnect you with yourself earth is our planet we are born in here so I think it's really powerful to just walk on the grass and just take a walk where there are a lot of trees around trees are really powerful are really energetic so just go to these places where you can find your power where you can find your true self so let's add to the point number seven point number seven it's you need to let go of people that bring you down you know sometimes you force yourself to go out with people but you don't really want to go out with them you know why because those people drain your energy so just stop this and just start surrounding yourself with friends and people that really care about you people that uplift you that bring out the best in you you know you want to around people that share your vision and also help you to fulfill your dreams so in this way you start loving yourself more and you feel a real connection with yourself and also with people around you

so leave everyone that brings you down out of the equation and start surrounding yourself with good people with people that are good for your soul we are now at Point number eight which is light enough sometimes I noticed also with myself that we overanalyze things that we take things so seriously and we tend to make a drama out of everything so just be light be easy about life and fun also a good laugh it's really good for your soul and for yourself so just go out with the people that you can really have a nice laugh with just for that or watch a movie or do something that really makes you feel that life it's really easy because we cannot put a lot of pressure all the times on our self we just need to chill out sometimes because we have to nourish ourself so that's a good way to practice self-love we are now going towards the ninth way to practice self-love which ISM let go of perfection I'm also telling myself this because sometimes I tend to be to want to be perfect all the time but letting off these it's really helping you to love yourself because you are amazing you are awesome as you are if you want to watch the video I read on

how can I start loving myself I explained there that we need to let go of other people expectations and we need to start living by our own rules so we just need to release this idea of perfection that other people our society give to us and we just need to relax into who we really are because we are really awesome beings so we are now at point number 10 which is very important to love yourself and is let go of negative thinking let go of complaining this is what really changed my life positive thinking and the amazing thing is that we can choose what we think about we can choose how to create our own reality this is Law of Attraction what you think about you create is going to manifest in your reality so if you want to start loving yourself and if you want to start attracting more positive things in your life you need to improve your mood you need to care about how you feel and how you can do it you need to start talking nicely to yourself you need to start using words that really serves you so this is very important do it do it do it and start living a more positive life so guys practice self-love and start loving

yourself 100% you will see our life is going to change for you for the better I promise it's gonna be amazing so if you guys wanna dive deeper into the self-love topic I also made another video before which is called how can I start loving myself I leave the link here below together with the other useful links and also if you have some comments and some questions I will be very happy to answer to you I can't wait to hear from you guys so just leave them here below in the comment section and like share and subscribe to my channel and I see you at the next video remember too so good vibration always