02 May 2019

Practical Prepper-Healthy Food Storage Items-$1 Food-Black Bean Burger Recipe

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hello to all my friends out there so I

want to do a little healthy cooking I want to do some bodybuilding cooking I used to do this a long time ago I tell my son before you were born but so tonight I want to make a turkey burger meal but when I was getting ready to make the meal I thought you know this is a really good way to buy the food just you know to make sure you have healthy food so the first thing is turkey burger so what I will do is I will fry some turkey burger and a little olive oil it could be any kind of oil you know it's really good you know to tasting well it's in here somewhere but anyway prior turkey burger in a little oil and then one of the things I stockpile is all different kinds of these these pockets when they're on sale and then I will sprinkle it with a little taco seasoning so I'll have some turkey burger with some taco seasoning then I'll make some brown rice and you get 2 pounds of brown rice for the same price as as regular rice and then I'll add a few black beans and something occurred to me about the black beans you know they give you beans and a lot of times as black beans at the the food bank and then I'll sprinkle a little cilantro in

in my my black beans and I'll rinse my black beans and my and I'll add them to the cooked brown rice but with the rest of the black beans I will make some black bean burgers and this is a good if you have if you have black beans from the Food Bank this is a good recipe for the black bean burgers and so you get the egg replacers at Walmart and these are nice for avoiding running out of eggs and also I add cilantro to the black bean burgers and then you just like salmon patties you can season them with anything you want I'll make those tomorrow smash it with a fork drain them rinse them mash them with a fork and then add the breadcrumbs and and I dice up like I actually have fresh mushrooms but if I didn't you know I could use canned you don't have to have mushrooms if you don't have mushrooms so peas so this is gonna be a good little meal I'm gonna have my meat a nice healthy carb and a vegetable it could be any vegetable and then you know the cheapest e is is regular tea so I'm going to start making some of these meals that were really kind of healthy but not expensive and so that's what I'm gonna make tonight and then I have

almonds and I bought these for a dollar at the 99-cent only so I was telling my son after uh I increase my my exercising enough so that is actually a little bit tired and for me that's totally unheard of so that's good you're an insomniac and and you can you can get rid of your insomnia just by being a lot more active oh and then tonight for my drink I'll have a glass of soy milk to go with my healthy meal so all of this stuff is not expensive nothing about this meal was expensive everything was this was $2 $1 one dollar one dollar and one dollar this would be good for kids okay enough on that now I have one more thing and and God bless you all I think you know God his on my station you know really helping people okay so now for fruit okay what you want to do is you want to buy these big cans fruit cocktail is best because it contains all the fruit and I liked it by pears too but I can't find pairs right now because they don't have them at the Dollar Tree you know sometimes when you go to the food bank they don't give you any fruit and the thing you're apt to run out of is fruit vegetables and bread so you can

make big strides in protecting yourself from running out of fruit by buying these big cans this is actually a big can of pineapple and they have big cans of mandarin oranges for a dollar too I think the best thing is to buy an assortment and make sure you have this you can put it in your tea and then you know you're getting some vitamin C every day and make your tea up you know that's just regular tea I'm having that tonight so okay if you're new to stockpiling if you're running out of food go to the food pantry two or three times a week do whatever you have to do go to that foot pantry and get your food and stock your house up now before the price of food goes up don't be prideful don't worry about what the neighbors are thinking because you know what the truth is about the neighbors they don't really care they have their own problems you know so okay I'm gonna be back in a little while with some turkey a turkey meat meal and this is good for you know somebody asked me do I have any lunches yeah this this is a really good one you can take some and you can put it in a container and you can eat it the next day for lunch okay you guys I'll be back