24 June 2015

Practical Application on the Raw Food Diet w/ Kimmana Nichols

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three so practical application how can

we apply this raw food diet into our lifestyle so the cooking techniques or should I say the uncooked raw food done cooking techniques make the foods more digestible and add variety to the diet so you don't need to just eat whole fruits and vegetables the whole time you can also start to mix it up get the differences in textures and flavors you'll see that what we've served today is more than the extravagant five class style of raw food but you could keep it very simple and be eating whole foods when I went to school a lot of children were eating all of these snack bars and process things I was just eating a capsicum this is wrong I have just eaten raw vegetables and fruits it felt great for me but that's what I was used to rising up amongst so for me that was just the normal sprouting seeds grains and beans so they use a lot of these sprouting techniques max is going to go into more detail with that so these heavy hard to digest foods sometimes if we sprout them it makes it a bit easier to digest that doesn't necessarily mean better when they weren't sprouted they had more protein they had more grounding effect when they

were sprouted they had more uplifting labelling effects so it depends on what it is that we want to achieve how is the person's digestive capacity the time the season we'll talk more about that juicing fruits and vegetables to remove the fiber so fiber although it can be great for our digestive process to move things through it's also quite difficult to digest it doesn't digest at all and it causes a lot of gas for some people so sometimes removing the fiber can be great sometimes it could be not so good it depends on what we need to counterbalance we need certain amounts of fiber we'll talk more about that when we started getting cooking because fiber is definitely affected by cooking but here with juicing if we remove the fiber that means the nutrients get into the body quicker so if you had a carrot juice the nutrients are going to go into the bloodstream much quicker that's not necessarily good or bad it's about understanding the right time and purpose if you have blood sugar imbalances it means that sugar is going to go into the bloodstream quicker too so it depends on what you want to do do you want to have a small amount of a

juice that's really potent to get the nutrition but not a huge amount that's gonna spike the blood sugar levels soaking nuts and dried fruits they use a lot of soaking in water the water starts to make things easier to digest it softens the fibers inside blending to break the cell wall and increase saliva penetration so imagine that the cell has got a little protective coating around it and it stops us from digesting food so easily so if we use a really good blender it'll crack through the side of the cell wall and it means our digestive juices can move into there and start to break it apart a lot easier dehydrating foods for snack and shelf life so dehydrator blows warm air across the food to take the moisture out that means it lasts a lot longer I would not suggest that you use this as a dominant part of your raw foods diet I would suggest that you use it if you need snacks on the run you need something I like oh I need a little bit to keep going when I'm out there it's really great for that it can preserve it if you're eating a lot of these dried fruits the the dyed dried ones they're very hard to digest it's not a lot of

moisture in them it can start to become imbalanced to the digestive process a little bits of them great you'll see some today so what you can eat on a raw food diet these are the dominant things to work towards unprocessed preferably organic Whole Foods what are they fresh fruits and vegetables nuts and seeds preferably soaked and sometimes sprouted beans and legumes only soaked and sprouted grains only sprouted or soaked seaweeds and ocean vegetables freshly juiced fruit and vegetables purified water preferably alkaline and remineralized so this is an important point to look at this a lot of people in Indonesia are drinking reverse osmosis water it means it's pulled out all of the minerals in and it's just pure water if it's aqua it's pure water with a little bit of chlorine added to it as well so this pure water strips the body of minerals pure water is cleansing it's always drawing minerals into it so it'll pull those minerals out of your body and cause them to pull out of the body so ideally in nature we would have had spring water that had a little bit of

minerals inside it and generally those minerals would have been on the alkaline side magnesium calcium so they help the body to alkalize if the water is acidic it makes the bones porous and the bones weak so having alkaline water is really beneficial today we have mineral water as part of what we're offering to you and if you don't have access to good mineral water I also recommend different water filters on my website that alkalis and remineralize I would not go for the really expensive electrically ionized filters I don't think that you get an extra advantage there's the details of why I would choose the one I do on my website I won't go into that now but alkalizes and riemann realizes you can have it at any tap young coconut water and flesh now especially in the tropics if you are doing a raw food diet in the tropics you need to get into young coconut water and the flesh it's because it gives the grounding hydrating portions really important at least 75% of the food consumed should be not heated over 45 degrees Celsius so this is not the raw food Fundamentalist everyone needs to

eat raw this is the more balanced perspective now we're going to start to see there's even more degree to balance and then it depends on the person time sees in place and that some people that some meals might actually need a hundred percent cooked depends on the time ideal tools and equipment for raw foodies how can it make your life a lot easier a dehydrator we talked about the dehydrator before the really good dehydrator can be programmed to a specific temperature 45 degrees so it doesn't go above that point of where enzymes are and it's going to circulate really well the one that I recommend is shown on our websites as well so if you want the details of that I'm fairly sure they're available in Indonesia or two cold-pressed juice extractor so this is different to the main juicer that you would buy in most supermarkets the ones that go and cut the food apart they heat the food up though and it starts to damage a lot of the nutrients it's not like Oh bad that there is even better these cold-pressed juice extractors squish and they press the juice as it moves through they use them here in burg

Reims again on our websites you'll be able to see which ones we recommend a blender so not all blenders are created equal again your cheap supermarket blender will not cut through the cell walls you need something that is a really good quality blender to be able to have the speed to cut through the cell walls and also a cheap blender he's probably got one two three years of using it if you're doing a lot of raw food stuff which is hard work on a blender it's not gonna last very long whereas if you get a really good quality blender I've been using one in Australia that we used for our business that's been 12 years now the blender was second hand when we bought it in the beginning and it's still running totally fine again good quality blenders there's lots of amazing brands out there recommendations can be found on our websites a food processor for chopping and saving time when I have my raw foods business in Australia we used a lot of the food processor it really makes life simpler glass containers for soaking and sprouting seeds grains and beans now in Indonesia there's a large use of plastic plastic eggs oods means releases what's

called xenoestrogens these imbalance the hormonal systems of the body these xenoestrogens some studies have said that they're 100 times more powerful than your own estrogens now this is really specific for women because these things from plastic they plug in to your hormonal receptors and they stimulate them 100 times more huh than your normal estrogen would can really imbalance the hormonal system it can change the way your mind thinks and for some women they think oh it's hard when I'm getting towards my period and my cycle imagine living like that all the time a little bit of plastics are constantly disrupting those hormonal systems so if you're soaking or using any form of heat try to remove plastics as much as you can is the diet right for everyone so is this diet something that all people need to eat so first thing is balance is the key to all of life so in order to really understand balance that we've got to be able to measure it through certain things how do we define what is balance how do we define what's right for some person now everything has qualities and characteristics that take us toward a certain direction of the

balanced equation so I'm going to talk about this the difference between a modern science model and a traditional medicine science model they're all about qualities and characteristics so the quality of cold or hot heavy or light moist or dry these sorts of qualities they transcend meaning they go beyond just a food you can use them for an exercise program you can use them for a body you can use them for a plate of food you can use them for a business you can use them for a relationship they fit through all aspects of life so we're going to go into how we use these qualities to understand balance and we don't have to use a different word when we change subject it's the same word each time we change the subject so well now unfold the simplest method to understand balance in the world so this should be the first step in assessing the longevity how long we can keep something going for any part of life from food and lifestyle right across to your business and relationships first step to have a look with balance is what we call chapter 4