19 March 2017

Post Workout Nutrition

This week we talk the importance of nutrient absorption and ways not hinder it post workout, how long after your workout you should wait before taking your ...

welcome back to another episode of the

knowledge bomb I'm Nick Fowler today we're going to talk about post-workout nutrition post-workout nutrition is essential for performance for recovery a whole bunch of different things you should be taking time to make sure that it's dialed in and then at the end of every session that you are adequately refueling carbohydrates and protein so let's talk a little bit about it let's talk about protein carbohydrates and fat where they fit in to your post workout routine first of all avoid fat right fat is going to slow down the absorption and hormonal reactions right so essentially when we eat protein when we eat carbohydrates we have a hormonal response insulin glucagon leptin kind of the list goes on right so think about food equals hormones we don't want any fat it's going to just blunt the absorption of things and it's actually the one time where we don't want to slow things down we want to be able to top off our stores as quick as possible so we're left with protein and carbohydrates now protein is pretty simple I would just recommend a whey protein post-workout if you're not lean and you're looking at leaning out you

could actually go with Whole Foods instead for instance chicken you know or something like that a lean meat way just a regular way concentrate wait isolate is is pretty standard it's easy to get you can get it most everywhere now carbohydrates there's a little bit more options right there are faster absorbing sugars and they're slow absorbing sugars right so depending on the type of session you do and the type of person you are you might want a faster absorbing or a slower absorbing there are some pretty standard go-to post-workout carbohydrates so we can start with if we work backwards from game day first of all if you are going into competition make sure all this stuff is kind of tested out prior to but Gatorade is actually a really really good post-workout you know it's really easily absorbed it's easily you know accessible it's something that has you can replenish electrolytes as long as well as carbohydrates so if you mix it with like a vanilla whey and orange Gatorade you would get like a creamsicle it's kind of good sounds gross but it's actually pretty good so you can kind of

try that out that's probably the faster absorbing of the two now Gatorade isn't probably the healthiest choice but we're not in this for health right we're in this to win performance so you can think about that on the flip side of that you can think about like a waxy maize so like a waxy maize is something that is a little slower absorbing and it just you can think about your body is going to take just a little bit longer to kind of take chunks out of it and then kind of assimilate that or replenish your glycogen stores my favorite personally is a highly branched cyclic dextran hdcd it's kind of in the newest you know over the past year it's become fairly popular this is going to be really fast absorbing I think it's one of the best supplements in terms of post-workout that you can take it's going to help recover CNS central nervous system stress it's also going to replenish your glycogen stores really really quickly on average we have about 400 grams available in muscles and about a hundred in the liver so we have about 500 in reserve so if you come out of a really really hard training session maybe

you've used 250 that up just making numbers up right so you want to be faster you can replenish those sugars those is what that glycogen in your body but better so you want a basically something that is to be absorbed really really quickly so highly branched cyclic dextran is just kind of my my recommendation there you can get it in a standalone jug from a whole bunch of different places and then you can add it to your way I really prefer to have my supplement and this is my recommendation to you separated they kind of all in one the recovery the refuel like all these different brands and they have the carbohydrates mixed with the protein so it gives you a certain ratio might just not work for you if you get way and you get your carbohydrate you can add them together whatever ratio and you want so let's talk a little bit about ratios how much of this stuff should you be taking and when first of all you want to get your post-workout in within a half hour after completing your workout I would actually wait about five or ten minutes right so there's some metabolic stress going on right after you train

right the gut is just not ready to you kind of except not ready to receive anything in there you know the stress of training needs to kind of calm down a little bit before digestion starts to kick in so wait five or ten minutes but definitely get it in within that half-hour window I would look at 0.8 grams per kilo of carbohydrate and point for of protein so what that means is that if you weighed a hundred kilos 225 pounds you're looking at eighty grams of carbohydrates and forty grams of protein so it's like a one to two ratio that kind of works for most folks now you might want to go to a 1 to 1 ratio if you're a masters athlete or if you're not really that lean typically the leaner we are the more carbohydrates you're going to need for a whole bunch of reasons that I'm not going to go into so if you're a lean athlete a 1 to 2 works really well if you're a hardgainer and really really lean and someone who excels at metabolic work then you might get a little one-two-three but that's pretty extreme so one the two is kind of a sweet spot I think so if you think that eighty grams of carbohydrates post-workout is just

too much you know look at what you're doing figure out your body weight go with that ratio as a starting point and then kind of go from there it's really the optimal time to refuel to replenish what you've just kind of used is in that 30-minute we'll post window workout so take advantage of it make sure you dial in your protein your carbohydrates and remember avoid fat