01 January 2019

Poseidon Aquascaping - Must required for aquarium nutrition

Fish, Shrimps and plants all need to have best nutrition. So we need to added them manually to optimal. Join the group for free helping people across for ...

my friends this video is how to take

care of your aquariums with all this little fellows running across and very happy and the plants are growing now quite good I did two mistakes the reason behind was that I didn't added any of the nutrients as they were not available at the soil and I directly added the soil so the black thing you can see across for state now I started doing things again and fortunately now it's away in a better condition and you can see over here what happened then you can see the entire plantation have a girl was vanished and the plants will join time you can see the same so what I have actually happened because of the nutrients this whole problem started so there are the few things for the tetras neon tetras and i have those low Tetra low light tetris this is say there is one it provides terabytes you can use them for the fishes and they are very good you can see them just sparkling beautiful for the plants you need to go for some liquids to do booster with any of the companies you can go with the branded ones like the sessions and liquid carbon element specialized fertilizer for iOS cape and they mentioned few things

carbon is an essential element used by a curing plants for photosynthesis green aqua include liquid co2 booster supplies the concentration source of carbon in to form co2 also as well as specific organic compound liquid co2 boost may be used along with a co2 system is safe for use with freshwater fish and will not alter the pH use liquid goes along with aquatic plants tool used the dosing cap on bottle add 5 ml for 10 gallon 38 interest okay so those once a day now the second one is the micro nutrient micronutrient is NPK and you can go through the micro nutrients complete micro need sorry micro nutrients is not the NPK the macro nutrients is actually the NPK and these are complete micro nutrients for formulation for planted aquarium improves colour health growth of aquatic plants regulates photosynthesis activity contains all micro elements for lush growth use in combination with the plants plant health formula for the best result and optimum plant growth dosing 5 ml per 40 litre and 10 ml per 40 litre weekly four times daily dosing is recommended this is best to change 40% water every week to reset chemical parameters now we go to the

micro nutrients that is the iron magnesium all those things which are in the micro you can Google all those things it's a common with description complete the micro nutrients from formulation for planted a curium improves color health and growth of aquatic plants regulates photosynthesis activity contains all micro element for lush growth use it with the calm combination with plant health formula for best results and optimum plant this is the same spire mapper 40 liter and this is this to change 44 person water with every week to reset chemical parameters so guys now the third four thing which comes across if things or processor nitrates and nitrates the poop which you can see here will become completed into dissolve into the water and liquid bacteria we need to have which will help in formation of nitrite and then these nitrates will be removed by the good bacteria so this is micro life is too liquid bacterial suspension for quick aquarium maturation and ammonia nitrate removals so concentrated and adhesive salt and fresh water both you can use it's 200 ml bottle and the

how it works reduction from ammonia to nitrate and nitrite to nitrate it's a bhaji biological degrades uneaten food fish waste and all of the nitrogen compounds those in the tank once I've in a week new tank quickly maturing 3 4 5 days in succession for marine and freshwater these are the tun bacteria bacteria nitrosomonas and nitrobacter yeah ma ml per 100 liter of water so guys this is quite good and you can try all these things I'm trying it from a long time that still there are some complications which I can see in the leaves due to the reduce for less of the nutrients and they are dying so I'm still working on them and but thankfully the these plants which are the let use water lagoons they are quite beautiful and they growing quite well can see and they look so awesome so thanks for watching please you can use all my main concern is that you use the supplements any of the sub