10 June 2019

Pooja Makhija’s Weight Loss Diet | Ideal Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for Weight Loss

Here is celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija's Weight Loss Diet. Pooja gives you the ideal, healthy and nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner plan, which will keep ...

hi I'm puja Mejia and today we're going

to be speaking about the topic we all love most how should I lose weight [Music] food oh my dear friends is your friend the minute you make food your enemy people like me will boss over you for the rest of your life so if you want to lose weight make friends with your food food doesn't make us fat wrong food makes you fat no amount of carbs make you gain weight there is no one fit all diet for everyone and there is no one diet that is better than the other the only diet that works for you is the one you can make your lifestyle never do a plan as going on a diet because the minute you go on something you get off it if you want to do this forever and you want to do it one last time learn to merge your eating habits with your lifestyle which is one of the best ways to lose fat well I suggest you eat your way and lose the weight fad diets the best way to lose it well like I said eat small frequent meals and eat them often I do not recommend you eat large meals because when we have large gaps between our meals will tend to eat larger quantities and also we lose the ability

or the willpower to say no to the wrong food when your blood sugar levels are low you are more likely to give in to wrong foods and you are more likely to give in to larger quantities of food forget you even if I haven't eaten for 6 hours I'm not going to cream an apple or a tomato I would want to eat an apple pie because your body needs a rush rush in terms of sugar salt and galleries so you're not going to pick up healthy food if you keep very large gaps so please remember willpower comes when your stomach is full if your blood sugar levels are going down you're not going to have the willpower to say no so if your stomach is full with the right food at the right time it's easier to say no to the wrong food especially at the wrong time a balanced meal is one which has all the five fingers of nutrition as I have put it carbs proteins fats vitamins and minerals if you learn to pack a fist at each meal you've done a great job of eating yourself to lose weight for example idli sambar some vegetables in the sambar and some amount of fat goes in every fat meal preparation so that makes a fist you wanted to have eggs bread and some

veggies in the eggs you've packed yourself a fist so it's very easy to have a balanced meal especially in our Indian palate where we have dal chawal and sabzi we have eaten all our carbs proteins and vitamins and minerals so in that way you do a balanced plate no one nutrient is better it's not that carbs are bad for you and fats are very good for you or proteins are the best it's the balance of these in the correct amount that work for you best in terms of giving you good energy stamina hair skin vitality immunity and even weight loss breakfast is your most important meal it is breaking over fast you haven't eaten for a minimum of 8 or 10 hours from the last day so eating breakfast has to be sumptuous please eat a good balanced breakfast like I explained if you can pack a fist in terms of eating a breakfast you've done your body a great good deed because then it has the ability to perform every chore throughout the day with good energy levels good stamina good mood lesser irritability crankiness so a breakfast should be balanced it should be big it should not be a quick guzzle down of a

juice or a milk it has to be balanced even for children they their performance is much better in school their attention is much better their ability to learn and for them to convert short-term memory to long-term memories better when they have eaten a better breakfast so breakfast has to be eaten like a king and please make sure you do that dinner on the other hand can be a meal that is smaller not because the Sun is up or down okay it makes no difference about sunset and sunrise it has everything to do with your activity levels we are far more active in the day and as the day winds our activity also becomes lesser which is why your dinner should be a meal smaller as compared to lunch or breakfast it can still have carbs it must still have carbs if you want good quality sleep and you don't want sugar cravings forced your dinner how often have you not eaten carbs for dinner just had a soup or a salad and then two hours later can't get sleep go up in the fridge and eat everything and anything that you see there that's not because you have a weak willpower that's because you hadn't eaten the right food at the

right time so your dinner should be a balanced meal again it could have lesser carbs as compared to lunch or breakfast but it must have the curbs and the smaller your dinner the better it is because your sleep hours from dinner to bedtime a far shorter then your waking hours from lunch to bedtime which is why your dinner should be a smaller meal and your lunch a larger one and here's the best part the contest question which is extremely simple what does healthy eating mean to you simple isn't it tell me in the comment section below and your best answer is going to be able to win an online consult with me on my web portal and app nourish Genie calm give me your answers and let's get in touch [Music] Oh