31 December 2018

Plante Nutrition: Gluten Free Breakfast Ideas

What's on my plate for breakfast Gluten free breakfast ideas Grain Free Porridge (nuts, coconut, flax, chia) https://www.bakerita.com/quick-grain-f…/ Tahnini and ...

good morning I wanted to share with you

guys in this video what I have going on for breakfast this morning and give you guys some ideas for gluten free breakfast ideas one of the common struggles when I share with people that they should go gluten free is well what am I going to eat for breakfast because traditionally we would eat eggs and toast as a big one or even just toast and jam toast and peanut butter cereal those are classic classic breakfasts that are go to so when I suggest going gluten-free people are like well what the heck am I going to eat for breakfast so I wanted to share just a few standard examples so over easy eggs is a really big one over easy eggs with steamed greens so Swiss chard spinach kale whatever greens your whatever your favorite kind of greens are so doing over easy eggs with steamed greens any low starch vegetables that you have in your fridge as well doing a medley mixing those up pan frying them with butter or coconut oil and then again doing over easy eggs or poached eggs or sunny-side up eggs the reason that I suggest not scrambling the eggs is because the most nutrients are actually

right in the yolk and when you scramble it and you cook it it destroys some of the nutrients not saying - never scramble I do like to scramble my eggs but just saying to get the most nutrition value out of your eggs you want to keep the yolks not cooked another one is a grain free porridge so creating a porridge out of tahini which is sesame seeds ground-up sesame seeds so creating a grain free porridge using a base of tahini or pumpkin I'll actually I'll add a recipe to that when the video is over I'll just link up a recipe for grain free porridge two of my favorite kinds there's gluten-free pancakes as well so like pumpkin pancakes out of a base of coconut flour or almond flour smoothies is another really big one my favorite type of smoothie is doing chia seeds flax seeds hemp seeds cocoa powder see T oil almond milk and almond butter so that's a really full fat type of smoothie that's my favorite kind one big problem or one big mistake that people make when they're trying to lose weight with smoothies is they're adding too much fruit so you don't want to be adding too much fruit some some

blueberries is okay berries are okay but you don't want to be doing a banana in there or any of like the higher glycemic type of fruits you won't want to avoid those when you're trying to lose weight so smoothies I made a list in case I froze up which I'm doing pretty good but I will refer to my list okay so an omelet that's easy um egg muffins as well so when it comes to food prepping you can mix up eggs eggs and you can pan fry onions tomatoes whatever your favorite vegetables are again low starch vegetables whatever they are you can pan fry them and then mix them with several eggs and then you want to get a tray out put little muffin liners in there and then you can pour that mixture into the muffin liners and cook it and just have little egg muffins there's also then you'd have those in the fridge for a few days and pre-prepared you can also do a frittata so the same thing that I just said pan frying low starch vegetables um mixing up some eggs and then putting it in a big tray and having just a big frittata type of casserole so frittata is a crustless quiche so you can also do like

a gluten-free banana bread or a gluten-free pumpkin loaf or a zucchini loaf again we don't um for my clients that want to lose weight you don't want to be adding sugar to this but it can be very very tasty even just without sugar chia seed pudding is another really big one so you can do chia seed pudding um with a base of blueberries and chia seeds or you could do cocoa if you want it chocolatey you can really take it however you want it using the chia seeds with almond milk and then they gel up and then add whatever you want to make it tasty and then you can also food up those and leave them in the fridge and have them ready for the next day yeah so that is about it um so just to sum it up so you can do eggs with steamed vegetables eggs with steamed greens um frittata or a crustless quiche an omelet egg muffins a smoothie with low glycemic fruit or a full fat smoothie with nuts seeds almond butter MCT oil cocoa if you like it to make it chocolaty um grain free porridge chia seed pudding chocolate avocado pudding was another one that I didn't mention um so you can do a vet vegetable medley stir-fried

with over easy eggs poached eggs sunny-side up eggs gluten-free banana bread pumpkin bread or zucchini loaf without adding sugar and then you can do pancakes with a base of almond flour or coconut flour and now I'm gonna share with you guys what I made for breakfast this morning so I'm just gonna flip this camera around okay so here I have cauliflower rice and I have sauerkraut mixed together so the cauliflower rice you can actually buy bagged nowadays it's already done for you minced up really small it looks like rice the idea behind that is to use it in substitution of rice because obviously cauliflower is a lot higher or sorry lower in starch um so it's it's a really good substitute to use and then I have sauerkraut in here as well which normally I would not heat up my sauerkraut I keep my sauerkraut totally raw because it's unpasteurized so anytime you're using unpasteurized and Brahe sauerkraut you don't actually want to heat it because it again it destroys some of the enzymes and the probiotics and that's exactly why we want to consume it is for enzymes and probiotics so you don't actually want to heat it I just tried it yesterday warmed

up for the first time and it was so good so I'm gonna do it again this morning but again for maximum nutritional value you do not want to do that and then I'm going to pan fry two eggs in here as well and then in this pot over here I just have steamed spinach top that with quite a bit of coconut oil and there you have it I hope that was helpful you can leave your comments in the comment section below and leave any questions that you have in the comment section below and I will post some of the recipes that I had listed off there I will post them for you and I hope this was helpful have a great day everyone