10 June 2019

Plant Based Diet What I Eat in a Day | Plant Based Diet Workout

My name is Bam BAAM I am the founder of LetsDoSomePullups. I believe in a holistic approach to health that includes calisthenics, a vegan diet, and free mind.

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the shirt okay you taking this shirt okay okay keep the jewelry on these are the black this is while he's the black Goku I'm the black Vegeta okay make sure y'all remember that oh yeah since hey Carter yeah whoo signing day Josh the Fox stone left the comment below he asked me to just do a video of a regular day of log a day vlog just like of what I eat how I work out what keeps me motivated just a regular day so I'm gonna do that for you guys I remember leave a comment below guys I'm only doing videos that you guys request for this morning had some green tea mixed with ginger know just that's what I usually do I wake up very early in the morning woke up around 5:00 a.m. like 4:45 a.m. but close to father yeah and had some green tea mixed with ginger and lemon I love to cleanse my body in the morning so I had that and right before I left the house had some bananas - bananas mixed with sunflower butter that's what that was my pre-workout so now I'm heading to the park to actually get this workout in all right guys I'm gonna start this workout with a quick warmup doing the circuit so what I'm

going to do is scapular pulls on the pull-up bar and use the resisting band to warm up my rotator cuffs just pulling it back and forth and doing arm jump squats so I'm gonna do those three seconds as my warmup so I'll do like about three to five circuits I'm gonna tie myself within five minutes and then I'll be it how could I blow the post not be so themselves the cushion uh be sorry open up all the person not be sold on its own open up open up inside the person not be zoned and him so now open up with cousin uh be sorry for my jargon don't need nobody don't wanna have the bulb and that got me Slava got me some steady work and again I'm song my song yeah but my song yeah I feel like Joe then don't need nobody to find your hand labora you can be slow I'm study work and oh yeah I'm so yup side don't be sweet way from McManus Christie Shorty's gonna audios together man no matter my articles together don't be balling like you Tony cousin louder singing boom is just the loudest phony worry are the boss want to respect them like the starter mana getting love full of pain of charge top

felling like the cha-cha crosses getting logic I got a Buddhist magnet Thomas taking butter our first workout it's gonna be straddle planche as far as long as you can and no father's baby girl wolf and said I'm always ahead puppy shop work study suggests a technical Sully next workout guys on winning superset l-sit muscle ups with handstand push-ups 5 reps each to not be sold themselves open up looking knobby sorry Bobby sonic look coaching not be zone zone I'd open the Barbie I'm doing the member just gonna brighten applause write that niggas is positively reporter custody smokin Oscar telecast will hunt with a mass where the guy makes me bro I'm telling my husband I give his blood you fucking me and you get my pull up to my city well with the ladies as much of his niggas will perish a bucket of rains I feel like the came from us and I'm coming to toss these demons it was my screaming you better be going to trash and credit God every day you going up on a shirt I'll be sorry I put up all the cussing now be shown and them so now hi guys last workout winning superset front liver ladies pull-ups

wait light breezes on the open ocean knobby son cousin now be sewn themselves all the cousin Navy sorry [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah like Jordan don't need nobody you know yeah holla Barb and you got me slow and I'm steady bird get the damn song so I'll grab on the coast not be shown in the zone [Music] yeah you're wonderful hi guys I saw that just finish the workout with temple ups and ten dips up top now I'm heading to train my way to work I'm gonna eat my breakfast in your train well I'm gonna work we're gonna show you guys though what I had for what I'm gonna have for breakfast which is all me the straight goes back is oatmeal asked a marble oatmeal marvel yeah mr. broster and with pea milk pumpkin seeds almond butter and some flour butter also mixed with blueberries yeah just to get the fiber yeah that's about it you know all the protein Omega threes and on fibre all mixed in one that's what I have for my breakfast right after the workout

yeah all right guys we'll be out of here MCS with pumpkin some greens you know herbs what I figure Peas yep with plantings a whole lot of protein and Omega threes and that noise you saw a whole lot of carbs too which is also good for energy okay guys earlier I had some strong nuts and sunflower sunflower butter cups snack hold on now I'm about to get some concrete another snipe there my second it's not gonna be hey guys he's just giving up giving the human flag to try out you know he'll defeat Ron I gotta get back to working on that it's been a while since I worked on it so yeah guys so another squid snack like I said farmer grade and pistachios this is a quick evening snack that I'm having on my way back home before I eat my last big mill all right guys last meal of the day some veggie burgers from Trader Joe's you know a good amount of protein on it here see game sell see the games you know came out here 26 grams of protein per serving I believe yep per serving now what I'm gonna do is put some avocado on top of

it and mix it with a little bit of lentils black Nettles yep black Beluga lentils also has about 21 grams of protein you don't know what time it is is bulking season hey literally bulking season that's what time is it little CD games now I'll sprinkle a little hot sauce on this or the kids you know taste spicy flavor don't forget to slap that subscribe button slap that like button smash that share button and leave a comment below guys those little bit you guys wants to post nice alright guys help this will get mother next I'll put up the poster not be so so open up public cushion uh be sorry open up all the person not be so open up inside the person not be zoned and so now open up rollercoaster nothing is on it open up all the custom Navi zone [Music]