10 June 2019

Physique Update - Weight Loss, Weight Gain?

Physique and life update for everyone. I have not done a physique update in a few weeks and I am still currently on my weight loss mini cut. I wanted to let ...

what's up guys Kara Corey here and

welcome back for another video we are going to do a mini cut update for you because I haven't done one in a bit and I know a bunch of you guys have been following the series and really enjoying it so thank you for tuning back with me if you are new here then feel free to go ahead and hit that subscribe button stick around we do all kinds of cool stuff here over at Kara Cory fit life nutrition fitness recipes all that kind of good stuff shopping hauls you name it as we're going through my little update I don't want you guys to get bored I'm going to share with you some physique update footage that I'm going to discuss as well as some of my back and bicep workout so hope you guys enjoy that footage during this little chitty-chat but yeah it's been a couple weeks has been two three weeks since I've done the last update since I went to Canada and I was kind of working towards a mini cut with my little dangly carrot for the photo shoot with buff bunny collection going to the pop-up shop that was there so that was a really good kind of little motivator for me and I ended up leaving for Canada at one 14.8 that was like my lowest to weigh in and I felt like I was

in a really good spot going into Canada I felt like I was in a good spot coming back from Canada and I'm gonna be totally honest and transparent with you guys after I got back home I feel like there was just other stressors going on and other things that I was just kind of like I feel like I was killing my workouts I have been killing my workouts but not as on point with my macros I'm just not kind of caring as much and being as diligent as you you truly kind of need to be if you're trying to see progress especially I want to emphasize for someone like myself do I need to lose weight absolutely not so I'm trying to take my body to another level of leanness because I already am healthy fit strong right like I'm not shaming my body whatsoever but to take it to that next level I have to be 100% at it and spot-on most of us do that's just the reality of it that sometimes isn't really visible on social media but most of us have to be like spot-on accuracy consistent dedicated to the process in the past couple weeks I just didn't feel like that fire was really there in me as much which kind of led to a lack of progress honestly so I was like well

what's the point of doing a physique update if I'm not really making changes or I'm going in the opposite direction but anyways I do enjoy doing these videos and I think it's important to share because I'm sure a lot of you have gotten to this place that I am right now you have something upcoming that kind of gets you there that motivator that dangling carrot which that's why that can sometimes be dangerous because you have this rush of adrenaline you have this fun event you're working hard towards and then it's over with so how do you transition back into you know those same habits if you want to continue those when you don't have the dangling carrot anymore and I've learned for myself anytime I go on a vacation have an event did a competition it always took me time to kind of readjust and get back into that motivation level that was just kind of lit within myself you know that isn't led by a dangling carrot and it's also just an important reminder too that we can't always be so focused on being motivated to do what we need to do and I fell victim to this a lot where I'm waiting for my motivation I'm waiting

for it to kick in I'll wait for tomorrow when I'm motivated and I'll be spot on tomorrow none of us are motivated a hundred percent of the time right none of us are I don't care who you are in the fitness world who you are in your career in your goals no one spot on a hundred percent of the time with motivation so you have to go back to that discipline and those behavioral changes that you've made in place so I know I'm doing a ton of rambling here you guys but anyways physique let me let me just tell you where I'm at today share with you the physique Update footage this is Sunday morning I'm sitting at 116 today I haven't been weighing myself every day but I've basically been ranging about 115 point 5 to 116 so that's a decent spot for me I mean I like to be a little bit leaner than that that was the whole point of the mini cut but without trying so hard this is where I'm at and I do still feel good about that but I'd like to come into the summer months a little bit tighter which is why we're continuing the mini cut so getting back to how you kind of transition into your your routine if you will for me it

did just take a bit and I kind of had to allow myself to like find that best routine and I think a lot of it for me is sleep like sleep is so critical I think for anyone and I've identified that with myself as well I think what happens after a trip you have that adrenaline rush the dump happens and then that fatigue just kind of hits you so a couple days after Canada I just felt like this wave of fatigue hit me like I had not felt in a while I'm just felt super exhausted and with feeling super exhausted and then also not sleeping well on top of it my appetite was like woof I'm hungry I want all the carbs give me all the carbs and I just felt like I was really craving carbs which I don't know I just don't really feel like I'm I'd go into every day of my life like just craving all the carbs and that's kind of how I was feeling so I really attribute that to being really tired and just needing some really good sleep and focusing a bit more on that so yeah that usually does the trick for me if I am if I am tired and not sleeping well your hormones are gonna be impacted from that that's gonna impact

your your appetite hormones that can impact things like ghrelin and leptin cortisol levels all that kind of stuff is impacted by what quality sleep you're getting and how long you're sleeping so I definitely had to make sure I prioritize sleep over anything else and once I did that this past week I kind of felt like okay now I'm to like normal kara wasn't having the crazy like appetite fluctuations and all that good stuff so if you're someone that can relate to what I was just saying take a look at your sleep how you've been sleeping how long you've been sleeping see if there's anything you need to do there because I really would prioritize that first if you're someone that's trying to lose weight or actively reach your goals of any sort sleep really has to be prioritized so for me it's really making sure I'm off the medias as early as possible I'm off social media I'm done answering emails and I'm kind of shutting the lights down a bit earlier and what I need to just kind of jumpstart myself back into some good sleep patterns I usually do take MTX nutrition sleep aid this isn't like sponsored to say that or

anything like that it's just truly what works best for me is taking that a couple nights in a row to really get into a better flow of sleep and ensuring I get deep sleep and I do notice immediately that change in my mood and which is so huge for me going back to the fact that we're not always going to be motivated you sometimes have to just rely on your discipline and the behaviors you have in place and despite feeling tired despite not feeling a hundred percent I still got to the gym and I actually feel like I channeled some of that into my workouts and I felt you know after I got through the hump of being a little bit tired I felt like I had some really great workouts the past couple weeks so well scale progress isn't really gone anywhere I'm really proud of what I've been doing in the gym I feel like I've actually been able to lift heavier I've really been focusing on form and I'm seeing some good changes there with my my lifts and that makes me happy and that's a fun thing to focus on too so just remember you don't always have to focus on the scale sometimes it's really nice to just focus on your strength how you're feeling in the gym

how things are looking and totally omit the scale as part of your data and that's cool too so yeah that's been going really good with my workouts and think now that the weather's nice you guys hear me talk about that a lot I use that as an excuse a lot but I really do you feel like I'm so I'm so impacted by if there's no sunshine and I can't get outside and enjoy the weather so I made it a mini goal this past week to really get outside even if it was just for 20 minutes to take a walk if it was just to go sit in the yard and get some sunshine and doing that this past week really really like just made me feel different like I just felt happier I felt more positive and I just felt more efficient as well in terms of my workload so do that as well which we can't always control with the outside world but that's something to think about too so where we go from here so I am still continuing this kind of mini cut if you will and really cool and I'm very very grateful that I'm actually going to be travelling down to Houston this week so this upcoming Thursday I'm going to be heading down Houston buff bunny collection has a June launch and

that is going to occur June 22nd at 1:00 p.m. I believe Central Standard Time is what Houston runs so I'm going down there to help out with getting some of the product shots for the launch and I'm really really excited about that and that kind of gives me you know I just found out about it but that gives me that little that little push in my motivation again to really help me hone in on my nutrition and my workout so I'm just feeling good you know I'm feeling confident it's really important I think as someone doing a photo shoot you want to feel confident the last thing you want to do is walk out in front of a camera and be like hey does this look ok does that look okay which I do a little bit of that because I feel like I only have so many poses I'm not I don't know I only have so many tricks up my sleeves when it comes to selfies and how to how to pose for a camera that looks good so I have a lot to learn in that department but I'm so excited to be going down there and I believe I'm hoping to be able to also get for you guys a full video on the launch itself with what pieces are

coming out my honest review of those pieces so look for that as well before the launch I'll definitely keep you updated and if you're interested in the buff bunny stuff in particular I know not everyone here is interested in the clothing haul aspect of this channel but follow me at carrot quarry FitLife I'll be sure to like do some Instagram stories while I'm there share some of the pieces with you behind the scenes and yeah I plan on vlogging while I'm down there too so I'm really excited because I've only been to Houston for the no I've never been to Houston actually I've been to Dallas I've only been to Dallas and that was for the Dallas Europa so I've never been to Houston really excited to go I'm hoping I get to train in the AL Foley gym and you know meet some cool people it's hot as shit down there and I'm super excited about that because I personally really enjoy the hot weather so I'm just excited to go check it out and Houston's actually on the list of places Jason and I want to explore for possibly moving someday I don't know if I've mentioned that on here or not but Jason and I

probably don't plan on living in New York our entire lives we have some goals and milestones we're reaching we're working towards very hard and actively first before we pursue moving elsewhere but we have a few ideas of where we want to go explore and travel to to kind of see the area and see if it's a place we'd want to move to kind of find our forever place but with the way it is here in New York I just don't think it's our forever place honestly I just don't think it is but I do love New York and my family's here his family's here so that piece is really challenging for me but that's just an aside that's something we're working towards so I'm hoping to kind of explore the area and see if it is somewhere that we would want to move what else and other life updates this is kind of just like a total life update for you guys yeah so that's on my travels buff bunny collection what else what else what else I should have some actual lab work free the heist coming up soon I found a new doctor I've been really delinquent with going to the doctor and getting some stuff checked out medically so that's been another

thing I've been doing just getting some things checked out with my health I had some issues or I do have active issues suffering with tinnitus or tinnitus however you say that that's probably like a whole separate talk so if you have any interest in that side of things let me know that's been quite a little stressful road I've been on with that but I found a new doctor we're gonna get some blood work done he's gonna test all my hormones we're gonna kind of take a look at what's going on internally and just really trying to take charge of my health and be on top of stuff so once I get that blood work done and back I plan to share everything on here with you guys because I always find that aspect really interesting and I think it's really important as well and that's kind of why I mentioning it here and self-disclosing that is because if you guys are in an active weight loss phase it's or before you're entering a bodybuilding prep even go to your doctor get some blood work done get some baseline blood work done to see how how you're functionally functioning internally before you put your body through something and putting your body

through a cut is stressful I mean there's a lot of stressors even good things like workout stress our body so you know take it for what you will but don't be delinquent and that as I have it's really important to get yearly blood work done or maybe more frequently depending on what you have going on medically so if you have insurance or if you don't don't take it for granted go and stay on top of that stuff as much as you can as much as you can afford it and your insurance allows it so I hope to have more information on that kind of stuff for you guys probably in July because that's when my doctor's appointment is I've been waiting a few months yeah this has just been a video of a whole ton of updates so I hope you guys enjoyed I hope you got something from it as you know it's not always rainbows and ponies on my channel it's more just like keeping it real with you guys and this is the reality for someone even who loves fitness and who is a dietician we all struggle and we don't always make progress like a boss either you know like sometimes it's just up and down a bit it's not always linear for anyone so

I hope if anything this was a reminder for you guys I hope you enjoyed the video the footage if you did leave me a comment below I always appreciate your support I can't say it enough I can't I can't I can't you guys are the best like I'm getting little cold chills right now cuz I just I love I love with this channel and what this community has become I don't know it just it makes me so happy and I really appreciate all of you guys I feel like we are friends or community and yeah thank you for hanging out with me so much and I will see you guys in the next video oh also also I wanted to mention if there's certain things that you want from the buff bunny lunch video when I when I shoot that video and go through details of the material what I like don't like fabrics colors if there's something in particular you want mention that helps you be a more informed consumer that's why I do the videos because I am the same way before I buy something I go to YouTube I see if someone's reviewed it ie Jacqueline Hill cosmetics lipsticks more to come on that but yeah I'm I'm not doing it to make sales I'm doing it to help you guys be

better informed consumer so if there's certain things that are important to you to know that I haven't discussed you want me to discuss please comment that below I do my best to make them really truly helpful for you guys to make the shopping process easier so just an aside on that comment that below I don't know why I keep clapping my hands with a mic above me probably not smart sorry about that J but yeah this is really gonna end this video I hope you enjoyed the little chitchat update and I'll see you guys in the next one bye