10 December 2019

Physical Wellbeing & Nutrition Coaching | Wellness programs | South Yorkshire

Physical Wellbeing & Nutrition Coaching | Wellness programs | South Yorkshire The workplace is an ideal environment for making modest changes in the ...


lumber is a provider of professional services in health and well-being and is instrumental in improving the quality of life of companies individuals their families and the communities in which they live lumber is committed to ensuring that health and well-being is seen as a routine part of daily life lumber is instrumental in improving the quality of life in corporate community organizations and individuals therefore ensuring that well-being is seen as a routine necessity not luxury if you listen to this podcast it means you're ready to take action ready to make the necessary changes to overcome any barriers and challenges you may have with your health and well-being to ensure that you get the full benefit from lumbers products and services email info at lumber well being calm and let us know how we can help you alternatively or in addition to go to www.hsn session either way enjoy the podcast share it with your friends family and colleagues and many thanks for listening physical well-being and nutrition coaching how can it help your company workplace is an ideal environment for

making modest changes in the physical activity nutrition and health of your employees however is always interesting for lumber to discover that minimum information is helped by certain companies that we work with related to the amount of staff have had to take a leave of absence from their work for example in order to be healthy people need to have sufficient of the date knowledge related to healthy lifestyles in particular with reference to nutrition and physical activity in order to support their behaviors there is a unique effect that physical activity and nutrition coaching has on emotional and mental well-being and there is a synergy between nutrition and physical activity which is extremely important to add value to the workplace firstly there is an increase in organizational functioning and approximately 50% decrease in healthcare expenditures secondly there is a decrease in depression anxiety emotional exhaustion chronic headaches and cardiovascular disease thirdly there are so many improvements to mention that the main ones are improvements in mood sleep

thinking learning and judgment also happiness self-esteem immune deficiency recovery from illness and the ability to concentrate according to the Institute for health and productivity studies 2015 high levels of stress lead to an estimated 1 million workers every day due to stress so bear in mind that was four years ago that studied the following findings reported 80% reported feeling stress on the job 40% reported feeling very or extremely stressed 25% viewed their jobs as the number one little stressor to summarize physical well-being nutrition coaching gives the workforce the ability to make necessary lifestyle exchanges such as stopping smoking eating more healthily and getting physically more active as always we ask that if you found this content interesting like the video share it with your friends families colleagues subscribe to our YouTube channel blumburtt well-being or any of our platforms get the notification bell to be informed of any of your future videos all the content is free similarly email as a employee Lambert law being calm you've got any questions

whatsoever or you want us to produce any specific content we look forward to hearing for you have a great day or evening wherever you are [Music]