01 May 2019

PESS 4: Vegan Diets: Myths, Upsides and Downsides

While we at Primal Example have a reputation of being vegan haters, that is far from the truth. While we don't feel like veganism promotes optimal health for most ...

what's going on guys welcome to episode

4 of primal examples shorts odes I am your host lifestyle modification experts specializing in nutrition movement and bio hacking joke and aura and with me back again is the awesome and amazing co-host of prime example shorts ODEs Erica de poele how you doing Erica doing pretty well how about you doing fantastic let's just jump right off into this topic today because it's a short zone so we got to get right into the info and you posted something on your Instagram story right you want to share what this is all about here yeah so vegan and keto are two big things nowadays so I posted whether or not people would like to know about vegan myths or keto myths and vegan one by a lot so we're gonna talk about vegan myths ok look you guys know you know we're hashtag not vegan right all that good stuff but at the end of the day we try to remain as unbiased as possible right and we realize there's there's definitely benefits to switching to a vegan lifestyle from a conventional Western dietary approach right so we're not here to bash veganism at all in fact we're gonna say some good things about it as well right so let's get off right

into some of the issues that you can come across from following a vegan dive style lifestyle first and foremost you want to start it off yeah I mean I think to start deficiencies are a big one yeah you know you can fall into deficiencies including calcium iron zinc vitamin D b12 and omega-3s and those are all critical for your body exactly um in a lot of ways yeah so let's let's just jump in right break it down right so what are what are the issues with becoming deficient in some of these and we'll start with zinc ok zinc is something that okay we all know zinc is a mineral right it's good for a lot of different things it's good for your immune system all this stuff just how important is it I think a lot of us overlook this one and yes of course zinc is for the immune system most people know that it aids in a lot of different immune cells actually but specifically it seems to have an affinity for protecting the liver and the gastrointestinal system you know also the gut lining as well so if we're talking about modern lifestyle pretty much all of us are encountering some forms of you know toxins in a way that

are causing some free radical damage right even if you're following the cleanest the best vegan lifestyle look you see you still live in this world and we're still being exposed to countless we live in a toxic environment so we're gonna have some sort of inflammation no matter how amazing our diet is and without proper zinc in our diet the proper amount of zinc we're not gonna be able to fight off these free radicals and specifically like I was saying in the liver and the gastrointestinal tract so for those of you that like to go out at night and drink alcohol you should probably take this into account you don't even drink I don't go out I drink though I don't go out but yeah absolutely like if you're a person who is drinking right we want to protect our livers and one of the ways is with zinc and I want to make this point just about pretty much all the nutrients that we're gonna cover right now it's that in general meat sources of vitamins and minerals are more bioavailable for humans than plant sources and that means we're able to actually absorb and utilize these nutrients from meat more efficiently

than we are from plants that's that's just science it's not opinion there's no emotion behind it it just is what it is again veganism can be done much better you know much better than a lot of other diets out there okay we can still do it and be happy and healthy and look fantastic as well yeah and I'll give you an example about two years ago I decided to stop eating meat for a little bit because I read a book called the China Study but here isn't go ahead I read it and I tried it and a year later I ended up becoming severely anemic and iron deficient and I'm not gonna blame that on not eating meat but if you're someone who is not overly cognizant about what you're eating what nutrients you're putting in your body what minerals you're eating you can very very easily fall into these deficiencies and I personally think I eat healthy on average so I could only think about someone who you know eats all these vegan processed boxed foods I can't even imagine yeah and so you mentioned iron deficiency anemia right yeah first of all what what symptoms did you experience maybe for someone out there who's following more

of a vegan approach and they don't really know if they're being affected or not like so what did you experience sure so extremely tired I got a lot of muscle cramping I couldn't think clearly you know because iron is that oxygen yes flow so if you don't have that your brain is not going to work properly right so in a nutshell I would say those right okay definitely also vitamin C kind of is not absorbed as well if your iron deficient so even if you're following a vegan diet which you know generally can can mean that you're getting adequate so vitamin C that doesn't mean that that's actually happening in your body because a lot of different processes actually zap vitamin C so if our immune systems low we're gonna be using vitamin C to help build that up you mentioned drinking before so if we're depleting our glutathione stores in our liver by going out and drinking we're gonna be using vitamin C to kind of build that back up if we're fighting off inflammation we're gonna be using vitamin C so if we don't have proper amounts of iron in our diet that vitamin C isn't going to be really absorbed well

utilized well and distributed well throughout the body so this is really important and there's also different forms of iron that most people don't know about you want to touch on that really quickly yeah so there's heme iron and there's non heme iron and non heme iron is particularly plant-based while heme iron is animal-based if and the difference is heme iron is a lot more bioavailable for your body so if you're just eating plants the odds are you're probably not absorbing as much iron as you could be if you were not right so just eating plants we look at the back of a bottle right and it says what if 100 grams of omega-3 right or 100 grams of iron I'm completely making these numbers up obviously but if it doesn't mean that they're the same you know if we're looking at a meat 100 grams of iron and spinach 100 grams of iron right these are not the same you may be absorbing a small percentage from the spinach and also now your body actually needs to do some converting into forms that are usable in humans and that's especially true for omega-3 fatty acids mm-hmm

and that's probably the last thing we're gonna touch on here so omega 3 fatty acids we know these are the anti-inflammatory brain boosting Omega fats right this is what people generally take it for take fish oil for for example right so there's a PA and there's DHA these are these long-chain omega-3 fatty acids that we're kind of looking for that give us these benefits then there's ala which is a fatty acid that can convert into EPA and DHA now plant forms of DHA EPA D so are these omega fatty acids I should say aren't converted into usable forms only about 5% of ala 5 to 10% of ala gets converted into these usable DHA and EPA forms so in other words there's pretty much no way to get omega-3 intake you know to healthy levels on a vegan diet like literally no way we can say supplementation but what are you supplementing to get these omega-3s nothing that gets converted appropriately so even if you're supplementing with omega omega fatty acids to try to get these omega-3 levels up it's not working unless you're using animal-based omega-3 supplements it's just that simple

so so I guess we can leave it there for now unless there's anything else you want to add to this I think just on top of that I'll add the fact that not everyone is as good as converting a li into DHA as anyone else like for me in particular my genetic or my DNA came back showing that I convert al-adha a lot worse than most people right so someone like me or at least I know specific I take a fish oil every day because I know I'm not good at converting a lake that important fat and that's extremely critical for our brain it is and you know for for fetal development right for pregnant mothers out there all these demanding this is so important and we're gonna add more information to the show notes at primal example.com slash podcast but like erica was mentioning if you're genetically a poor converter of ala to these omega-3 fatty acids and a good converter is only about five to ten percent of this proper conversion then like what percent are you what are you 2 percent you know what I mean like we're I think it's like 1 percent yeah it's it's not enough we'll just leave it at that so yeah guys the main takeaway is if you're you know

trying to follow a vegan diet because the summer is coming you're trying to lose weight more flexible in your mind and be open to just diversity right let's not follow one group because we read the China Study that's not the read a blog and make our decisions the journey is the journey it is absolutely it is the journey and there's definitely appropriate ways to follow a vegan diet that you won't come across pretty much any of these nutrient deficiencies okay um and if anybody needs any guidance out there about how to do that if you're strictly vegan because of your ethics or morals and you believe that's the best way to do things no problem we're not here to convert you see how I did that we're not here to convert you but you know we're here to help so hit us up on instagram at primal example okay anything else you want to add no that's about it alright well thanks everybody for tuning in to episode 4 of primal examples shorts ODEs episode 5 is gonna be on keto ok so stay tuned for that we look forward to it and we'll talk with you guys soon peace