10 December 2019

Part one healthy food for life

Organic Beets carrot and ginger good for you.

it was good enough I'm brilliant friends

youtubers Facebook whatever I just want to share a little video of what I'm doing right now no I'm making some healthy juicer exam and this is a jersey drink every couple of weeks you can make it and drink it is good for your blood good for your body you know you protect your body from everything cancer and for my buck senior disease you know keep the body will obtain it and I'm gonna tell you what are you what I'm making as a heaven house first I use beet I know if you know a beet root it's red and you know you buy the beetroot and there are reliefs and everything in it well the leaves even have more more of a vitamin than the beet itself so you use everything in a new leaf the beetroot cut it up nicely for me so you have beetroot and ginger in this right and then you put carrot with you a blender my carrot a next one and then add it to this make secure it with it again putting in some nuts no walnuts which is good for you and prune I put walnuts and prawn pruney the natural sugar really walnut and is good for you really and your almonds are so good for you too for another reason what most people don't realize most food

you need these greens expressor people who deal with cancer they need to start to eat food like these blend it up drink it once in a while once a week or every two weeks some people every month depends on me depends on what you want but I'm gonna bring it up and then I'll show you after what it look like so this is just part one again this is beetroot release and everything is in it and ginger isn't it no I'm gonna hide my carrot juice to it right just like that then I'm gonna put I got a choice of water in it why don't you put as much water as you think you want and the king gorgeous when you make it you cannot put it in the fridge and leave it for a next day you got to make it and I mean drink it right away you know you got to drink it red or don't leave it for tomorrow or the next day this is a body sickness health issue you got to keep your body healthy live longer healthier from Q your body from our disease cancer this stuff is good especially for your blood this is good then I'm gonna plug it in camera so I can see what I'm doing at the same time

I need my two hands so you guys can see what I'm doing here now I'm going to blend [Music] [Music] [Music] all right I think it's really really really really photo Wow call it a poor mix you gonna strain it off friends so I'll come back to you in the finished project I'll show you what it like subscribe like and let me know leave you comments good or bad I need to hear it all