10 June 2019

PALEO DIET MEAL PREP Recipes | what I eat in a day

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good morning everyone I'm going to be

taking you on a little tour of what I ate in a day starting with the chocolate smoothie this morning I haven't made one of these in such a long time but I woke up and it sounded so good so I'm gonna start off with 1/2 of frozen banana and normally I would have vegetables and the priests are all ready to go that I used in this smoothie and then steamed in there frozen but I don't have any on hand so I'm gonna make do with what I have I'm gonna next add in I just got this organic cauliflower rice and I'm gonna add in a lump of that and finish since we are experimenting here I'm gonna add in one of these dates and I might add in a second but we'll taste it after we get everything in there the P protein [Music] and then splash of vanilla extract I'm gonna add some ice to this and then blend it up so I went ahead and tasted it and it actually was still tasted like a green sweetie so I actually added in a quarter of a banana and probably with two more teaspoons of cocoa powder and one more date she just sweetened it up and add that cocoa flavor I also added one teaspoon of peanut

butter for some creaminess and it's tasting a lot better now it's tasting whoops it's tasting like an actual chocolate acidity even though it looks green so Cheers at this second line for starters I like to keep as you can see I just have this container and I just store like if I have like a hunk of vegetable or fruit that I don't want to finish eating or I have leftover I'll just throw it in here and that way I don't use a plastic ziplock so I'm just gonna take some jicama I'll finish this apple slice and then I made a curry yesterday and I just have some ingredients left over we have one head of broccoli and then I'll take some carrots and these are steamed carrots and then I also have this steamed spinach I made last night and then it just got sent this CSA sprouted bean dip which I'm super excited to try so I'm gonna have a bit of mix as well it doesn't look that appetizing it's just kind of leftovers but this is realistic what I eat in a day like I will have leftover meals like this and I'm sure that you too - so I just wanted to show you like real life what it looks like sometimes meal prep you legitimately

just type it for dinner I am preparing an egg bake with some leftovers that I add in the fridge I'm finding that this is just a really easy way to use up ingredients that I have on the end I can throw everything together and it incorporates eggs which is a really nice light protein and so I'm just gonna add six eggs and then you beat them together in this bowl [Music] and now I'm gonna be trying something I've never done this but them I have this curry sauce left over from yesterday's meal cup and it's full fat coconut milk and curry paste add a bit of fish sauce so I'm going to add this just about 1/4 cup to it to add some creaminess and we'll see how I like the curry flavor I think it'll go out but we'll see so it's getting really nice and thick and fluffy so I'm gonna add some salt and pepper [Music] and now I'm gonna give the pan just to get drizzle this garlic olive oil spread that around and I've chopped up some zucchini that I'm gonna add to this I'll just go ahead and layer that in so this is just 1 diced top uzuki nee for the

rest of the ingredients I'll have some leftovers that I had in the fridge we have some meatballs that I made and yesterday's meal prep which you can check out I'm just gonna break it into pieces about bite-sized pieces and spread this around to use up these leftover meatballs I will do a scoop some of this rice and then sprinkle it over probably use about a cup [Music] I have our bank that just came out of the oven and it is looking great it's just golden brown and it's cooked through and I'm actually gonna have this for a dinner tonight for a nice little savory main dish I'm not gonna be home so this will be really good for on-the-go [Music] thanks for watching this video and being with me here today I hope you enjoyed and got some recipe inspirations so I'll see you next time