24 September 2018

Paint a Healthy Meal Prep With Me

Inspired by the "Healthy Meal Prep" videos (especially those of Lisa @Downshiftology) that help me save time and eat better food, I bust out my watercolor ...

hi welcome to my first video called pimp

a healthy meal prep with me my name is Christine and I'm a watercolor artist always begin by preparing all my tools in front of me and making sure that all my pigments are wet so that they're easy to pick up with a brushes later on the idea for finding the stems from Lisa of downshift allergies healthy meal prep videos where she would prepare ingredients for mixing and matching later on in the week instead of packing ready-made meals before this I subsisted on chips and fried food which I know isn't good but seeing all those beautiful colors of the vegetables in the yummy way that they were plated inspired me not only to incorporate more greens and colors into my own cooking but also it gave me the inspiration to take out my watercolor things and begin painting with frenzy I thought I'd start with some broccoli and here you'll notice that I like to alternate between heavily pigmented marks and really washed out almost watery strokes I like using the blues and mixing it with my greens and then switch to a more brownish yellowish green for me this makes the painting seem more alive [Music]

watercolor tend to dry lighter so don't be worried and don't be scared about laying on dark colors when you when it dries it's gonna be much lighter as you will be able to see you later [Music] the same principle applies for all of my paintings so here are the carrots I would go with yellow orange and then drop threads into some areas too now I can't remember if I've ever had a chance to buy carrots with a stock still intact if it happens and I can't conjure something from memory I would go into Pinterest search and choose an image that appeals to me the best and that's exactly what I did here where the carrot leaves I picked a photo and decided how I wanted to interpret that into my painting [Music] please two brushes sometime so that I can dedicate one to warm colors and the other for cool colors this prevents rinsing repeatedly and wasting things in the process I like to manipulate the paint sometimes using the paper towel I've only ever cooked with canned mushrooms before but again I went to

Pinterest answers for all portobello mushrooms maybe soon I'll have the courage to stand for a meal my plan of attack here is to get a pale bass and then let it dry for a little while but you'll see a Jacob I'm not always patient and kept worrying the paper with more wet paint it made the colors creep farther than the area where I liked it to stay but in the end I think I did a pretty good job salvaging it decided that a bright pop of lemon at the upper-left would be perfect I intentionally mapped some of the wedges touch to let the colors bleed into each other and leave a clean gap between others I don't even know where the sudden read obsession is coming from I've been following MasterChef Australia religiously for only a month now and though I find their hygiene practices dubious and entertained at how much simple pinky juice can transform into mouth-watering masterpieces I hope at the end I could say the same for this painting Here I am impatiently stubbornly laying down the darker underside of the mushrooms even though the paper is clearly still very wet

I get tunnel vision when I'm painting and I just want to get my idea down as quickly as possible I don't feel time passing at all when I painting I would even forget to eat wanted to include a red cabbage in here somewhere but my trial sketches in a scratch paper were a disaster my first attempt just looked like a feeling purple blog while the next look like an even more an appetizing brain matter in the end I circled for incorporating just a smidge bit of the red cabbage color into my garlic I think it turned out quite well my mushrooms are dry enough for real this time so I went back in there to add more detail at this point I'm worried that this mushroom at the foreground starting to look like us go ahead I think after I fiddle with it some water later on that sounds wrong it will look more like mushrooms so the broccoli is also also super dry at this point and I just want to to dark in a few areas just to give it more depth [Music] next thing I want to clean is a tomato and I wanted to capture the cute leafy stem at the top but this is the first

time I paint me that so I'm not sure how to go about it red and green are complementary colors so I'm scared that accidentally letting the colors touch would give me an ugly murky Brown experimentally I leave white spaces where I thought the leaves should be but as usual I'm not winning any awards for patience so some parts did touch but it turned out okay I think I attempt a different method for the second one which ends in a disaster throughout the rest of this video until the very end it would look like a bedraggled sea creature that wouldn't stop glaring at me accusingly saying you did this to me I promise the final output isn't as around this next up is Grossman after putting down a few cents I realized with a snack to my forehead that rosemary has 240 brown down so I quickly add those in and added a little loose [Music] [Music] for this I've never done that thing where you splattered on something splotches but I thought it would add interest so I went ahead and flick this brushes and here's the final piece I

hope you liked it bye