08 April 2019


DISCLAIMER: Hindi po ako expert sa pag papapayat im just sharing my experience in my weight lose journey Watch my WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY here: ...


[Music] hey guys it's me again male and welcome back to my channel 48 essentially guys you guysyou weightless radikor the person I be good enough you journey quinone you final part 100 Nicole in the opening I don't know exercising no exercise barrel this time cinema hump additional exercise I do work out Napoli Kasturi Coulomb almost won Paulo and Sehun aggregates up and so work out positioning like Jim Joe Aleman diamond going so work Gina gave Nia and up 20 capital mm in my wake up now going I'm gonna do a separate video about it now Fiona pnina addicting along Sheyenne parama share Prince a you Hindi dementia totally telega you full time and you heard now work out it's like for toning up long you skin that thanks a nagging sagging skin core now very lightly and major Sasha soca laminating colonic a stretch mark bubble in the opponent stretch marks like in the papadelis and Puma peut karna kappa stretch Marcus agony Tosa ganito in sahih so unfair today's video Maga data for about say witless journey course and having a Gurkha signatory : ago if you want to know

more about my weight-loss journey please keep on guys let's start with what I eat in a day so every morning when I wake up I always drink coffee coffee depend upon like the dieting nice get nanny Leon coffee but for me coffee pineapple usually the history cup a coma and mom around 10:00 or 11:00 [Music] in the toilet and suffers diet during nicanathalie gonna be picking up my new novel guys Nagar is not a very small amount gamma rays then Coulomb kina in fish egg vegetables camp and vegetables Mohammed al-ameen upon colonic Ottawa nappy gnocchi singsong mug around seven or eight coffee now and paramdham coughing that was a coffee come on I'm on thin ice Kuan Yew available if every namaha meet like a clam open piggy Linea pakka in unhealthy food Nagar is not my in Hindi too late before stopping the first weight-loss journey if you haven't watched it I'm gonna put it in the description box down below para but not know you first during the course offering weight loss he integrates not a pair of small serving long like one copula after brunch enough

I semana cotton oh come on open up a guy's wheat bread is with some on the diet a lager but usually quality not by a marentina high income per ton sorry McCallum a new chunk of India Omaha cram them vote on the back part along Apogee Lankan Hindi cumin rice I know available in up in up a like Yuma humanities thing all night sky flakes in alternate gossip island and Champlain forgetting sitting up I indeed infighting Meramec Ankara in Columbus didn't racing so secure pokémon up in a pie two slices I prefer most human plaintiff in a pie you monopoly mechanic got an opponent cheat day Bob or yes next cheat day or la luna per person so impact guy couples may healing didn't come in my experiment no mama guliguli guys so it's a my favorite go I'm Yoona polio is laced nationally a tapas century tuna salad Anisha leasing new oil then geeky Sahin usha cylinder lava myself engage rebirth Queen and chambray healthy in case a vegetable and tuna better in Alaska oil noon tuna guys doing cone Union happening contingent upon a girl ice so usually sung everyday routine CONUS Ibaka and branch your

breakfast and lunch chrome examiner in one pause everything Paulina hi guys [Music] the parent feeling move the cup and a half of I in Paris will not do anymore okay and tendency non counting americano bazooka you need not go up everything naka in ago Daniel I know I recommend not wink of ha NK y ou new so bring a new funa funa for you channel because they I'm trying s in a pen cap obligation fool negative Spencer so how come I ain't gonna know man Milo laughing serving than a man I read I'm Dominic Chan more food so blonde Fernando get expanding dementia care in the novena mom Alana Palestine Impala has no common Cassie you I love you new param got to learn you Chan more tapas pugna become fool breakfast lunch tapas Deanery Lagavulin kina hi nigga on the NEX pangaean guys okay um I recommend to have a small amount of meal like you Tom McCallum and innuendo para I love you madly Medela columnar basalt guess a couple I'm John Moore I sunny some logging I know lagging big servings lagging large amount of me looking at hi mega expansion I connect expand so Kappa

Conti Lankan yoginah in more indica la bubi so para mula hunky 9 in hungry - c'mon phenomena me and like knock upon you to Inverness and show some a small amount of serving twink Ivanka wanting a Montana Pacaembu Sakana Dannan Oppo param since an acquaintance monologuing no small amount indicia lagging mankind app navigation I mean this young coming energy smoothies can make my ominous movies I hope I get my governance movies next assertion did not say internet so you took on you Mohammedan smoothies now go in for week loss then I'm gonna go up or you can get up opening after numbing my work out you you know work on smoothies Anisha play Neto start up boy when one piece of star are Paulding nil educational tools I know to scoop of oats tapas in counting among them water [Music] rittany Newman in after my workout and param param dhama muna fool can param hindi kannada gouthami and it's very healthy and I mean benefits not how you meet two guys master apple and gonna slash it on the screen top ASEAN Mohammedan option president

banana avocado what search case internet Minami came at Akita smoothies for weight loss leloni malum I know human Massif I bring up a guy in case a new mama Papa buso oh you guys I do work out better a week I know almost money on every card smoothly some only on then yoga and coha lose twice a day in allow you branch snatch Saturday or afternoon depending on where the Sun a boo-boo Tom Company B Company Madame de Champlain guys would pop elitist inducing at Ilana oh my god what no what came with pop any person with him can say Papa mama Mia oh my at NAPA your peril Mikasa technical gazed about an important a Takuma in comparison Tina by Bellamy Lynch and more far along in the comedy pasa and always remember to drink a lot of water la Luna on the summer so brandonna dehydrate and a minimum ramming benefits you waters I think at a one very important Bahama in in kind of somebody who big paramedic Technol who will feeling goodness and condiments in you guys zoom update go for now sopping wet loss journey please stay tuned for my workout routine questions Papa yo home Atlantis ababab para mas a

good question that's all for today's video guys ulong Munna I'm a circus a new surfing weightless journey update and thank you for watching see you on my next one bye