01 May 2019

Our Simple Healthy Breakfast --Simple Life In Philippines

Simple living life simple breakfast and healthy food.


yeah it's good morning bloggers good morning viewers today I'm going to pick up some lettuce here oh no bitch I did you see my pitch hi guys our morning breakfast so we're going to adhere model and I try some fish then with a tomato you know my you should see the pitch I hear guide very healthy when the pitcher really takes full auto to row won't die quick everyone admire this pile of pitch I mean this one is to look different I need to take some leave so they will they will all know there's no secret of bitch I so punchy really guys [Applause] I want your sister to cut here because see so really still have it won't cut really deep is very salty then this is so much speech I pick but I'm going to put on the dress when I read some very healthy might be tirade against you happy with my picture I know the whole wood you're gonna plant again bitch I will not be charged Robbie let's go guys we're going to add tomato to fried fish to the room because I am here fish thank you so ready done here's the fish guys but I'm going to add to my soap with a three run models spicy beef and pea I

need to play in that first and I'm going to slice some Tomatoes so now I'm going to prepare tomato and peach eye so I can add to my soul I'll be back so I'm going to order tomato no before it boy there is taste [Music] there is my soul with the onion we may already throw the neurons very palpable odor now I'm going to add pitch and then the last one is the fish this is good for 5% this is a budget then with the soul slowly add salt then makes it so yummy I'm going to add one sachet of saline here from the noodles so now guys I'm going to add the fish gonna be yummy okay that's it so that's done I need to turn off the fire so really it's it guys thank you for watching my video and please like comment and subscribe bye for now god bless you all hi guys this is our breakfast for today half day 1 so it is ready to it now [Music]