09 August 2017


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howdy partner hello welcome to a full

day of eating losing weight it's not just a physical thing it here and it here bite through it you can do it don't give rise so what would does as you may have known if you are on Instagram we have been showing different meals lately so we're going to show you a full day of eating for this new plan that we decided to try we've added in some whole grains and some fresh fruit and veggies to build some more muscle so I am eating an egg on two pieces of whole grain toast and there's also a fat-free cheese slice on there a nectarine some black coffee and some water some clear water some clear water I am eating some white eggs a cup and 1/3 cup of egg whites with one full egg some no sugar added ketchup an apple two pieces of the whole-wheat toast and I choose to spread some of my eggs on the toast and then I've got a black coffee too and I'll show you the toast brand it's just regular bread toast pho gluten toast yeah slow flute why we're really happy to be eating this way because it's giving us a ton of energy and like Nicole said it's helping us build more muscle yeah so this is the bread friends it's a Dempster's 100%

whole grain and it has 12 grains in it look at this no artificial colors or flavors yeah liyan number two and I don't know if we said but this is a training day oh yeah this is a training game my friend so this is meal number two half a cup of Greek yogurt half a cup of frozen berries and a tablespoon of all-natural peanut butter with honey in it and Kyle has half a cup of Greek yogurt on some vanilla some sweetener 5 almonds 5 almonds and half a cup of berries okay friends meal number three or lunch whatever you'd like to call it we've got each a whole-wheat tortilla wrap with one can of tuna each inside with our famous tuna recipe of mustard and pickles and one tablespoon of light Mayo then we have a mixed green salad with 1 tablespoon of light I were having white it I didn't know father lighted it's reduced reduce calorie Italian dressing and he can't forget to wash it down a nice fresca fresh prick oh yeah fresh Kabir's huh I called it fresh cut fresh go ahead hey I don't know why I meant to say fresca to comment what kid pre-workout because there's pre-work

those damn friends if you're looking for a good one that's the one we're taking today and it's a good one yep this is the snow cone flavor by BPI it's mixed with one bottle of water you just got to shake this one really good because it's a little bit greedy we are having for pre-workout a full cup of raw veggies a tablespoon of ranch dressing it is the full fat ranch dressing two slices of deli ham and two slices of deli turkey and a cheese string hi guys its post-workout slash dinner time so we are having kind of like a chicken stir fry sort of this is three ounces of chicken and Kyle has four we have one cup of stir-fried veggies with a little bit of sesame oil Kyle has one cup of rice I have half a cup and it is jasmine rice and then we have a tablespoon of reduced sodium soy sauce on it oh yeah and we wanted to ask the friend the bottle we were discussing says soya sauce but we never say soya sauce we always call it soy sauce so what is your verdict do you say storia or do you say so last note drug protein your own I made a protein shake mine is 1/4 cup of egg whites so 2 egg

whites and 3/4 cup of cashew milk unsweetened vanilla and a scoop of protein powder I used half a scoop of the coconut and half a scoop of this peanut butter candy bar and here it goes Jana and six ice cubes and I'm going to use 6 ice cubes a cup of egg whites 2 scoops of protein powder and a partridge in a pear tree and a pinch of love look at these my ears hello my friend it's the last meal of the day my friend yep right before 9:00 yep so we are having half a cup of cottage cheese each with a little bit of sweetener and I'm having a tablespoon of this all-natural smooth peanut butter and Kyle is having the cracked just the normal moves peanut butter yep so that's it friends that's it hope you guys enjoyed it don't forget to leave your comment or question down below and don't forget to lie to describe because if you don't openly get a natural peanut butter Abdoun Spectras murdered thanks for watching