10 June 2019


We all have to start somewhere! For us, it's this week! ☝ This week we are starting to make better/healthier food choices. 🤞 In today's #groceryhaul I show ...

hi you guys and welcome back to our

Channel and have a quick MIT's not that quick I have a hook what is this called a grocery haul I have not done a grocery haul in a really long time it is the start of summer this coming week will be our first full summer break week the kids last day was on oh my goodness Thursday yes Thursday of last week so it's Sunday I figured let me go do a little bit of grocery shopping for the week I must mention that we are gonna try really hard Rubin and I are gonna try really hard to try to eat healthier and not only that but give better healthier options for our kids so I'm gonna show you what we got if you have tips on healthy snacks that are good tasting and good price let me know in the comments down below I greatly appreciate it I'm just gonna get on with the haul but we're really gonna try to like I said try to get just better food choices in the house so with that said I am going to show you guys what we got okay so we're gonna start over here I got this five-pound bag of chicken tenders I thought they'd be super easy and convenient to just bake or kind of grill

outside we can even bread them with almond I don't know Ruben has some almond flour or something so I got the five-pound bag and then Ruben has been doing this really delicious baked chicken he got the recipe from I don't know where but it's really good he adds babe what do you add to it Elmen what babe anyways he's not asking me um so I got some chicken drumsticks cuz that's what he asked for but this bag you guys was only five dollars so and it's a 10 pound bag so anyways that was a pretty good buy and then I got for convenience I got some grilled chicken so if you've seen any of our other hauls for snacks or lunch I usually get like chicken nuggets or chicken tenders like even that the Tison but the one that is breaded like the dinosaurs and fun stuff like that I've even gone to Sam's and got really good they're very good tasting southern style like chicken tenders or something but again we're gonna try really hard and just make this the only option that you have and not have any kind of like breaded chicken so I got this I got this for breakfast the kids can have this with some eggs obviously

probably not the healthiest choice but I don't want to have to cook bacon and the house smell like bacon for days so I got this convenient pack of sausage and then I got the variety pack of string cheese so it has the white the mozzarella string cheese and then the swirls and you guys can read so I got that and then so evan is huge and this probably contradicts what I just told you guys about healthy options and stuff but Evan sometimes you know what he's the smallest one in the house and so we give in to him and he's very picky so he is obsessed with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches so we needed more jelly hi there's Devon so we got him some jelly that we needed to replace and this is also a quick snack for the older kids as well no we got some of this cuz Evan was with me and he wanted it so they can I can limit them to like a small cup of milk once a day whatever I got some sweet cream Christopher and Isabella my two teenagers I have three but two of the teams have really gotten to drink coffee and so I got them some sweet cream and then I got myself some of this heavy whipping cream we needed milk so I got

to balance of milk and then I have bought some sugar-free jell-o with the jello I add this topping on it this was only 82 cents you guys at h-e-b so I got this and then these were a dollar fifty seven a dollar fifty at HEB right now so I got three packs of the strawberries and then I got this big bag a semi big 30 pound bag of oranges I got some cuties because those are always always a super great snack the little kids go out into the pool outside and I can just kind of take one out and they can snack on it I got some carrots carrots for us to snack on Sophia really likes these like without wrench or anything so I wanted to make this an option for her and then I got this for another snack as well just some convenient already cut broccoli we needed bananas so I got we had those already so I got some bananas what else that's he shredded cheese is always good to have on hand for yes either yes we have some sort of the edge tips that we haven't opened so I got the big bag of the shredded cheese we got some ground beef wit where's that gonna be oh my gosh oh that's right here okay we're probably gonna make burgers maybe

today or tomorrow and so I got the 100 whole wheat I got the whole wheat buns we never get the whole wheat buns but it's a small step and so I figured this is better than the white but then I got two notes of white red again this is just for like super quick sandwiches and Evans peanut butter and jellies okay and then I got some lightly salted peanuts for a snack and then I went to the deli and I got some turkey I was very impressed with the 397 price for one pound of mesquite smoked turkey but I kind of looked at it in this store and it it just doesn't look it looks highly processed first which might be why it was so cheap oh it looks fine nevermind what am i saying let me taste it yeah it's good but I probably will maybe splurge the next time and get one that's like six dollars a pound it's okay anyways and so I got a whole town of pepperoni and a whole pound of hard salami those are the kids favorite all five kids love lunch meat and then these convenient you know you they can either sell con them or make sandwiches so I've got those the peaches right now are like 80 something cents at HEB and they are really good I always hate to buy

something and then we bite into them at home and they're not good so the H the peaches right nowadays TV are really good so if you guys have any chibi definitely get them I got some pretzels for a quick crunchy chip snack oh let's see and then I got some sliced cheese for our burgers yeah as well as sandwiches and then I got these to snack on um so we're I mean we I'd like to have options for the kids of course they're home for summer they don't really eat the snacks inside the house again we've really really implemented that room and it's kind of stuck but again if they're out in the pool or you know we want to go somewhere or just have like a stinking snack here that you can open up you know because I didn't buy chips and I think chips are like a just a bad convenient snack so anyways you guys long story I got these I've never tried them before I don't know if they taste good so we're gonna try them there's only five they weren't cheap but I would rather really limit my kids to have just one a day knowing the price and know that they're getting a semi healthy whole grain snack then you know I don't know like a granola bar or a

pop-tart so anyways so I got these we'll see I've got a bag of limes limes are always good to like squeeze on chicken or meat or even cucumbers we've got a few cucumbers we have some more in the in the fridge but we got cucumbers but limes and lemons are always just so good to add just that spoke of the flavor and taste so the and then Reuben and I if you've seen our other home vlogs we do our shakes and so I thought I'd change it up so we got large large curd and small curd cottage cheese we stick those in our protein shakes and then I got some corn because my older kids like that cup in a corner that Mexican corn or Street corn whatever you want to call it well you put like mayonnaise or some kind of cream in there and then some kind of like Parmesan or Lucas so I got this for either like a side for dinner or the kids can make their little corn in a cup and then for cereal so cereal is really really big for us here we always have at least three kinds of cereals in the house but these are the kinds I'm not gonna lie we always get fruit loops we get frosted flakes and we'll get like shredded wheat or some other kind of

really highly sugary cereals so it just and and I can't I can't be healthy but feed my kids Froot Loops for syrup fur for breakfast and cereal is convenient for us you're hungry have a bowl of cereal so I looked online for the healthiest kid-friendly tasting cereals and Cheerios by far was always at the very very top of the list the older kids know I have two teenage girls they're all about you know their health and their weight and stuff like that so I'm not really talking about them but my concern is that two little kids I can almost guarantee that they're probably not gonna like this straight out of the box with milk so I will probably either add some strawberries in it they've never had cereal with fruit but we're gonna make steps and we're gonna go slowly or I'll put some sliced bananas in there so I got this big box of Cheerios and I also got this oh so original Special K this is not my favorite kind of cereal but I'm gonna try to so whenever I want a quick sweet snack I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna do this you guys we're gonna do it yes baby can you can you help me do my snack okay and then going again with our snack

healthy option we're definitely just gonna try this I've never bought the whole grain mac and cheese Evan and Sophia really really love macaroni and cheese for like a quick lunch and so let me see what this tastes like I hope it's good I hope they like it because if they do then we'll continue to buy this for sure and then we can also do this for a side for all five kids you know for our dinner options and then I got some of this this is this was only six dollars and 36 cents which makes me so happy but we can do some corn tortillas with this and kids can have dinner so that's a really good price oh yeah and then this h-e-b was having a buy one get one free kind of local deals what they call it until you bought this 6:36 and then you would get their mesquite sausage for free so I got this Reuben and I have been having tuna for lunch he takes this for lunch at work and so we got the big packs of tuna so we got two of those we got some brown ground beef for our burgers and then I got two bags of beans I was in the bean aisle and these are only 98 cents I think at HEB so they're good they're convenient and they can make a quick

meal for my kids we are a huge popcorn loving family so I got a box of popcorn for like movie time and we didn't have any so this was my splurge for today I this was on sale for like $2 and it's super tiny but I'm all about blueberry anything blueberry oh my gosh and it's vanilla so some goat cheese with blueberry I can't wait to dig into this and I got some of these crackers to go with it and I think that's it okay you guys that's it for my haul super quick you know we're we're all gonna make baby steps right because that's how hopefully we can be successful in eating healthier foods so I hope you enjoyed this haul again if you have any suggestions for healthy snacks or anything of the sort please let me know down in the comments below thank you guys so much for watching and we will see you guys in our next video [Music]