13 June 2019

Our Favorite Snacks From Costco | Quick and Easy Snack Ideas

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hey guys welcome back to our channel my

name is Holly and today I'm gonna be sharing with you our favorite healthier Costco snacks so some of these snacks we're gonna have to put a couple ingredients to make the snack but they're quick they're easy and they're healthier than a lot of the snacks it could buy prepackaged and pre-made so without further ado let's get into this video [Music] you made it home just some time for some snacks you want to taste test my snack you actually all this stuff is from Costco and some of them are kind of lame because I mean I didn't really do anything but I'm just trying to give you guys some snack ideas and my everything but the bagel citizen seasoning is not from Costco but they do have one I already had one so I didn't need to buy them in it there's Tiger at the beans he usually likes those just with the avocado but I put those and the salt stuff finish it right now before you guys a cereal you guys is seriously worth the money I just you like those bowls huh you could do without the almond butter and the honey

but it's not as like fulfilling yeah yeah because we didn't have their peanut butter oh yeah we do but it's all chunky I am chunky except in this take it back all right guys so which snack was your favorite comment below and make sure to LIKE this video if you aren't subscribed make sure to subscribe for more videos like this one and we'll see you guys in the next one so peace out and go save some for your sisters you guys don't know we have five kids the other ones in her bed right now Sola is that good a few guys are wondering what my kids are wearing swimsuits for it's cuz they're swimming in their pool [Music] Django refuses to find the hole I couldn't find it so sad but like can we swim mom and they're just like so happy swimming in this little one foot some of you guys know how to find the hole asked everybody on Instagram and no one it's probably a yeah it's the rim of it or whatever but no one wanted to come help us I tried like an hour she picked my father Sayla which one's your favorite [Music]

they're pecking my toes get away you know like the beam one day ya know cereal [Music] you