28 June 2013

Our favorite healthy snacks! BIKINI BITES :)

Healthy food is yummy food! These are some of our fave's from your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan at http://ToneItUp.com/pages/nutrition-plan See the whole post ...

all right so you saw the first segment

it's right here if you haven't seen it yet watch it we didn't eat it all the head is still here we did drink all we had some wine you didn't see last week's segment you watch it so we are going to move on to what's in the picnic basket and lunch board [Music] [Music] all right first we're going to look and see what's inside our coated up lunch box we love wraps wraps are great because they're easy to make and you can wrap them up and in the morning and I'm take them with you anywhere put them in foil or sip lock baggy or take a wrap with you and all the ingredients and make up my work whatever it is you're watching how many calories you're taping in that you can do a collard green wrap and we have a really great video and a recipe we'll put that below - and we love making the colors green wraps because they're just as easy it's delicious they're filling and you can put all your favorite stuff aside yes perfect we love yogurt all types of yogurt this one happens to be a coconut milk yogurt raspberry flavored dairy

free delicious and I like to add perfect fit protein to my yogurts it adds a little more protein as this going to have a little bit of a higher sugar content so the protein will bring down that glycemic index recently I discovered these at the gym and they're called Baba's or Bobo's Oh barf Wiener no no and this is 11 poppy seed flavor we love lemon poppy seed if you haven't had our lemon poppy seed little biscuit cookie don't these are delicious and I usually just have about half before run they're really good they're filling and they're gluten-free and on to the crispy questions this is an obsession for a bird yeah everybody loves Brussels sprouts I know prepared right yeah we all grew up and we like hid them in our napkin and we hated them but I'm excited but now we probably have them like at least four nights a week for dinner they're really delicious they're packed with vitamins they're good for your hair skin nails your metabolism and it's one of those foods and you can have it dinner and feel light and refreshed when you wake up in the morning and it doesn't weigh

you down and we just love it go roast rub unlike other salads you pack on the go kale is really a lot better if you are layer yeah because it soaks in like any dressing for oil and vinegar that you put in it and it doesn't get soggy so it's perfect to take to work or to school Karina and I put coconut strawberries and quinoa in it with a little bit of onion and then what you do is you just you chop it up we chop our salads up with scissors so I dress it up it's a lot easier than cutting your lettuce you just go like this to the bowl or just taking a fork and like chef you know yeah that's what I did for you well I should do that these razor-sharp lettuce they cut the lettuce turn scissors alright so you put a little lemon over the piquillo with a little fruit seed oil or olive oil whatever you'd like and you can even do like little sea salt or seasoning Dubya makes it a lemon vinaigrette if you add a little apple cider vinegar and kale is great because it's be number one most nutrient-dense food so eat it up we always say element agreements because you can't eat that any green but you'll

be fine so green as you want until you're full more you're good we love Chobani yes and we love pineapple so the recombination yeah and what we do since that the house out of pineapple we add a little perfect fit brings the bison again back to the pansy down and in perfect if you want your yogurt that's not dare you can of the coconut yeah did you see our new boxers yeah so pretty we wrote you a little founder story and then we put three recipes we put your perfect fit pancake your slim down smoothie and your super green movie you don't know what prep it is you should know we made it for the community and before that something to sew bars bars are great for on-the-go we actually the gym we go to has these bars so when we go in for a workout we'll buy it and we'll split in half and work it eat it before I work out yeah this is perfect foods bar in the carob chip and that one is the almond butter one yeah almost so once you've already worked out neimand a little pick-me-up before the rest to your workout this is good with little coconut water yeah all right we

just discovered these at coffee beans yes when their stomach was growling our healthy loved it an apple and a pear that's it and that's what it's all about that it's perfect no preservatives 100 calories there's fiber gluten-free kosher vegan all that turn it up approved enough fridge the stamp of approval boom oh yes almond is apricot time bar it's so delicious these are all-natural gluten and wheat free that's another one that's really great for in the afternoon and send up approved for meal for and I don't know it's just it's perfect and that balance of protein fat and calories sugar to keep you going in the afternoon especially if you're going to work out alright one more bar here organic food bar and of course my favorite flavor happens to be Belgian chocolate chips anything else yeah one last thing so I love to not in a bag I don't know what it is about it as opposed to being in a can but it's stored in water and take it on the go and I'm getting that the office yeah so it's mixed it with a little bit of

Greek yogurt and celery a little mustard just spicy mustard or any mustard a really low in calories and there's no sodium it's a really great flavor in and that's it is everything all beach babes must-have danpalm we love making popsicles especially spring summer all of it through and rushing it's not easy to make especially if you juice your own juices and you make pineapple you can make your own bombs field spell top those are really delicious and they're good eating ice cream pops and little Greek yogurt or avocado which makes it really creamy and this is a necessity this is PVA free - that's you can find them at Target or Walmart and it will stay BBA three on it I will put our favorite babe pop recipe below and they're fun rich we have it now I'll just pretend would have melted for the segment so we said we should just bring the show that he should have this this break doing amazing Cikini series all your check-ins are so inspiring we love seeing all of you check in with each other and supporting each other it's really cool that there's so many relationships developing all over the country and all over the world of tone

it up girls love it some another day and keep checking in with us you can go on Instagram or at Corrina Katrina or hashtag GI eat meals spring fever I'm checking on Facebook and Twitter and inside the community and we will see you beach babes [Music] we create some popsicles noticed a plastic oh that's Concord you should demolish this what the in des in the back of the door she likes no when you showed her out in my little stopper yeah the stopper I shut my bedroom norm lucky scratches I can hear where that our cats know which room is ours where