23 March 2019

Our Crazy 1 Month Weight Loss Transformation! (Plus Arm Workout)

Today Amy and I show off how much fat loss progress we have made in the last month and PR's we have hit while cutting down! For diet and training plans dm ...


hey guys welcome back today we've got a nice juicy arm workout for you a nice long one as well but first I wanted to show you the progress Amy and I have made in the last month of cutting because I finally like nailed this dieting thing and in the last month we've made some crazy progress so let's just jump straight into it so these are my before and after pictures so supposed to be started cutting four weeks ago when we decided we were going to go to body power we bought tickets and then more recently I've decided to compete at the same event and I'm really upping this diet now as is clearly working really well so here is my humanity in the video clips where I actually recorded this my front double bicep picture look at the flab on the saggy nipples so this is one month ago compared with yesterday and the difference is obviously quite clear so I have dropped around 8 pounds of body weight but I think I've lost a lot more fat than that I've gained some muscle especially on my shoulders and quads a bit and my back too as I've started training that again at my arms also grown a little bit and I've hit some

peels on this cut we're going to get into all that in a second and this is the second picture of my side chest so leaning out a lot my abs of beta just lead at a time I've lost a load of my love handles a lot of fats come off me just from all over things are going really good I've never recom positioned just this fast and it's hard and it's literally all down to diet it's nothing to do with the gear I'm taking right right and that hasn't changed whatsoever and just to prove it Amy was on the exact same diet as me just a lot of calories she's a natty girl and just see how much weight she lost and it is quite staggering actually she's lost more than me I think she's lost about 10 or 11 pounds in body weight and the only her pictures wearing the exact same clothes in fairly similar lighting you can see just how much way she's lost of her waist thighs arms everything we kind of let ourselves go a bit we were having but just a nice dirty pop as it were which I said I'd never do again but whatever it happened and then here's a side shot as you can you can see not not only has her like waves come in I mean

obviously her stance it's like different but she's actually made some serious like leg gains in the last four weeks just because how much died affects how well you can recover and grown and she started really well and this diets not even that hard to stick to and then the last piece from the back is like I think probably one of the most like you can see she's off so much fat on her back and her arms and just her legs - she's done really really well I'm gonna do it like by weekly weigh-ins and stuff to keep this update of you guys because in the next eight weeks was were prepping for like body packs she's prepping just wants to look the best she can and I've got to be a super serious because I'm competing obviously our progress is actually pretty good speed ups also the leaner you get if you lose one pound it's gonna look like a lot more than if you weighed 20 pounds more you lose one pound proportionally wise you're gonna it's gonna make that much bigger an impact so watch out the next eight weeks things are going to get pretty mad at but more to the point this I was pretty staggered with how well this has worked because

while dropping this amount of weight and we've both actually hit multiple piles during this time so first I hit this 240 completely raw dead then a week later a couple pounds lighter and you can see it clearly in my hamstrings and calves and back I did a 250 raw death and almost got to 70 as well then also on a day where I had no carbs I hit a one-way track bench of 170 kilo to have never done before but unfortunate and record that and amy has had made even bigger one rep max progress so she pulled 120 kilos 15 pounds lighter one than when she pulled 110 actually said it felt easier and then she also had a 10 kilo 10 kilo squat PR right for a for a small 57 kilo girl to be pairing by 10 kilos while losing 10 pounds it just goes to show that you don't actually have to sacrifice strength and size when you're cutting and if anything we've both actually gained muscle and size while especially in these first four weeks the change has been ridiculous just from proper nutrition the reason I'm going about this is now I finally have the time does she help some of you guys out if you want to make some

progress I'm gonna have a separate Instagram and email where you guys could inquire me about firstly I'm going to do the diet plans because this is one the diets it's gone so well and a lot of other people but my friends and that have started doing the similar diets me and it's been crazy effective so I'm just gonna start selling these meal plans because it actually works and I'm gonna do it in a way where I'm not actually scammy because I've seen so many people sell mill pans for 70 80 90 100 quid each right and I've read through these that people have handed me that they've bought off someone else I'm just there so bare bones there's nothing to them they don't explain how anything works you know they charge these people money from a piece of copy paste piece of paper and then fuck off never respond to them again and that's totally not what I'm gonna do and if I ever did do that you guys could obviously instantly slate my online reputation immediately I mean look what happened to Devin physique if you any of you guys remember him he was scamming the share people and now where the fuck's he he's disappeared off the face of the earth because his

reputation was absolutely destroyed I actually want to try and help people and I think my openness and honesty throughout all of my videos to the last three years kind of proves that that's what I'm all about so first let's flush oh that I actually do now have a nutritional and herbal remedies like basic qualification of level two so this is what I got while working on a bear it's been really good and I might start back on the level 3 soon it's really helped me grasp how the body uses all these energies and food sources which food source is actually really good food your health not just losing weight and that's enabled me to have this cut goes so well so quickly I honestly haven't even been trying that hard to like shred this weight off I've been cheating on my diet all over the place if it actually stuck to it a hundred percent I would have made even more ridiculous progress so if anyone is interested just to give them I'm kooky the Shan sweet the reason my plans are gonna be different is a I'm gonna explain how the diet works and I'm gonna have lots of adventure on why it works why the body is using your cancer and

calories on certain three types in certain ways I'm have a massive breakdown of really important foods that you should include in your diet their nutritional value what how they actually benefit you a lot of people apply pounds just through chicken rice chicken broccoli chicken rice beef broccoli and that's it it's so fucking you don't learn anything from it and I think the main issue with people were dying is a lack of education even Pete even mommy who's been training for eight or nine years still didn't know a lot of things about food I've now learned I just want to shave other people I'm gonna have a catalogue of recipes for you guys because some of the meal preps I've seen people make look fucking minging to put it straight they saw bland flavorless pieces of just no wonder people can't stick to diets when there's this awful and tasteless so I'm basically gonna have a link to a drop box for anyone who wants to get one of my plans and I'm gonna be constantly adding recipes to this drop box handwritten by me with all the nutritional information breakdowns how to cook it properly pictures and I'm

just gonna keep adding to it every single like I'm used to try that one recipe a day because I have about 30 to 40 different meals I cook and I just cycle them and being able to pick various different meals pending or what you're craving and things like that that actually fit into your diet and knowing how to make food nice makes it so much easier to stick to your diet and actually look forward to your meals rather than sort of dreading them because they're just broccoli and chicken and rice and if enough people support this and want to help me out with this thing and know to help improve yourselves then oh it means I'm gonna have enough time and resources to make cooking videos on every single one of these recipes too so you can actually see a video of it being prepared how to actually prepare it properly yeah I'll leave it there that's all I'm gonna say if you want to require I've got my new Instagram and email specifically for that and if that goes well I might start doing like training plans as well separately but I'm just gonna take you one step at a time I don't wanna take on too much and fuck you up so I want to

just do one thing well at the moment so now time for the arm workout okay so we started out arm worker actually with close grip bench press but I have no idea what happens that footage but it's probably for the best anyway because um there's a lot of cleavage in there and I don't get demonetized so maybe it's best that I got missed out and yeah we've got Indian Jackie Chan in the background or Pakistani I don't know yeah he's he must got down flexible I can stop looking at him those glutes distracting and so we started off with tricep pushdowns superset with tricep behind the head push their super sets great and it's helped to bring out my horse sure a lot especially at the bottom of my try to read text my elbow it's just a really great combination of burns it out so with the regular push downs just want to go from moderate rate but wait should I say ten to twelve reps or until you just just await what you don't do too many more reps and that really because you want to beat with triceps are quite a strong muscle you want to try and go as heavy as you can really without being too heavy and then with the push downs behind hedge which

we'll see in a minute game you want to bring your elbows out at the top and you'll really feel a suit so a lot people to bring their hands close together with these above head tricep extensions and you're really not hitting your tricep as much as if at the top of the motion you pull your arms apart and that way you'll really feel it well look at him go man impressive so yeah with the so these ones here you really should be bringing your arms apart of the top like that so you don't your hands close together gonna bring up apart like Amy's doing there and as you can see like how's shape is so much better now she's lost this way and is that she just run good eating nothing else to our trainings being the same everything stayed the same just not eating shit food pretty much said the this supersets really good so we have four sets of these and this will burn you out like already so we've done close grip bench for four sets those super sets of four cents then we did three sets of dips assisted dips cuz by this point you're gonna be a little bit tired out but obviously done some bench already so assisted dips are great I really like

them all like dip machines like I have at my gym so these really good so you want to go fast up and just take the slow negative down get that stretch in really fill in the muscles I'd like to lean forward in my dips as well a bit and I feel it one of my triceps when I do so so give that a shot yes yeah yeah my arms are being grinded I've been focusing a triceps a lot closely they used to be really weak the reason being I really suppose I never the bench I know he's do shoulder press I never used to train triceps so I would never do any push motions but if you like that so my triceps just didn't grow and heavy push motions do help me a chest Braille or especially close grip bench so that's why you should always should always try to start your tricep workouts there's something kind of heavy while you're fresh make sure you have your warm up first like properly but you can go pretty heavy on your first couple episodes of triceps because they are a powerful muscle group so Amy as usual we've been to powerlifting and should have main exercise is bench squat and Ed hurt right is a pretty good just from

benching a lot of programs had a lot of tricep work anyway so her triceps are really good but biceps a weaker so I've helped her sort of build up those biceps and I've taken some of our tricep stuff when we started implementing that a bit as well and that's helped my triceps grow so useful in you want to target your weaker part your arms or you want them to use balanced as possible so obviously if you've got a wave bigger bicep and tricep like I did you want any hit in your tries either first or more frequently or just harder basically than your biceps cuz you don't want them to overtake you know it's through it it feels training your bicep just as much your tries they're not going to grow so we went on system just regular push downs here I drop set mine and look at the nasty light and god I love it this gyms got some really good lighting sponsor this is Amy's actual main gym so yes to push down so we're doing slightly wider stance like elbows flared out and this will hit your like the upper part of your tricep at the top I don't know the name of it we're also training with them Amy's mate amber and you see the

difference in four sixes so Amy's been doing powerlifting weight training on lots eating a lot more food yes she's got a bit chunky and then she's lost or again where as her friend aiming a bus should I say junior because like cardio stuff she's carrying the police and that's like her fitness and Clara is really important so I had my pod she did some stretches and she's incredibly flexible you can see the difference in physique of just weight training versus not weight training even for a girl makes a huge difference and training weights ladies if there is any watching call you know it doesn't make you look like a man it just makes you hot and that was Amy's recording not mine by the way she's not my girl from SATs not okay I can I currently do min to a move but nobody else is allowed see that those tricep ones so we did burnout on tricep sweet for tricep things basically and then we did a couple of bite of things so this is a really nice preacher curl machine with variation because the handles like roll in your hands and I found this one really hit my um my forearm and my bicep peak nicely so

again I'm just doing high-volume four sets for every single thing on arms you don't need to go too heavy especially biceps it's not necessary triceps again that's okay biceps I prefer not to it's also you're more likely to injure yourself doing heavy biceps because you're tender than that leg it used for a lot and also you're gonna just suffer more than the next few days if you do put a tendon or strain one ain't me had to do so slightly differently because the bench wasn't like the right height for it but either way that's a thing as well with arms find what works you there's no one set waist do anything obviously everyone's body but facts are different so if some people are doing it a certain way it doesn't necessarily mean it's right for you I think that's something I've learned over the last couple of years is just because someone else not doing it all you're doing if you really feel it in your biceps doing it and this movement like this where you're leaning forward rather than sitting on the bench then do it that way you know you want to find the way we are feeling it in the muscle yourself that's why I try and go for a higher volume

light weight because it gives you an opportunity to actually try and feel that squeeze but if you're trying to swing heavy weights up you're not going to get that mind-muscle connection and that is really honestly what helps make muscles bigger they might necessary make them stronger such but they're gonna increase how much blood you can get into them how much pump you can get and how big you can basically get to blow up too so the next exercise we did was one of my favorites for biceps and it's helped my biceps a lot is lying down curls now do you want to be do this slowly especially the negative the whole point of these is to get the stretch in the bottom part of your bicep the bit where attaches to the elbow because it's quite easy to build up a peach but if you think when you're doing Pete contractions that part of the price it isn't really getting used that part of the biceps getting used when you do this stretch at the bottom you want to fully extend and you want your elbows to like be out of lock out fully so that's where you're gonna get the most stretched and you won't really feel much

in these until you get to like the 8th to 12th rep and then you're just gonna be an agony and then once you drop the weights with what I do these my hands are literally tingling from how pops that part of the bicep is it's a great exercise it's really really really good of just thickening out that lower part of the bias little bit of posing there to show off you do the size difference and then finish up biceps or arms I one of my favorite super sets is the hammer curl a superset of plate curl so these I've got a cross body because I find it hits my the side of my bicep more I said before if you want to hit more forearms you want to go just straight in front of you hand the curls rather than a crossbody it depends on preference and you can mix up between workouts just bury it no arms are boring right you need to vary your workouts to keep them fresh and if you're doing the same thing that every single arm workout your body's going to get a bit used to it so even just things about changing your grip to make a huge difference in just just keeping it your body on its toes and keep you growing keep you're making progress if you stay doing the same

thing all the time you're eventually going to plateau pretty hard or get bored and just not do the workout anymore so we did it finished off with plate curls too and these really hit a burn on your forearms and biceps you can see the veins pumping and I'm feeling really good office but I felt pretty ill win them like rush died but by the end they're just bicep long arm workouts feeling great absolutely those those like drop sets are to failure and then just a little bit of posing here the lights washing me out a bit because I'm still pale just by using the Sun beds but things ago they're getting there and the definition is definitely slowly coming out a lot more I just need to get it more of my legs and build up my leg size but there's definitely the separations coming to my legs too and I think my physique is probably the most balanced and biggest is being ever and I can't wait to see what's that when I strayed off a bit more fat and see what I've built up over the last couple months and see what how much more muscle I can gain in the next eight weeks as well because I can't carry on gaining muscle no cut if Amy's done it

I won't trend I can definitely do it I have been recon positioning and we're gonna be seeing good things I'm excited I just want to be the absolute best I can be a body power for my first contest and that's all I can do really just be the absolute best try my hardest I hope you voted like in my journey you know first time competing it's interesting I've got a load of stuff coming up like I've got a coach I've actually booked my coaching coaching posing session with the guy who's won the UK BFF classic bodybuilding so he won it last year he's off a PT does coaching and training class and stuff so I'm he's gonna be helping me write my routine so we'll hopefully recall some of him he seems like a really nice guy I've met him at the gym so that's coming up hopefully next weekend loads on the stuff lots more videos to come in it's gonna be a fun eight weeks let's see what we can do and I hope you guys that you know get motivated to go to the gym and tribe mates of improvements yourself come up to summer we've got to get these bodies in shape I'll catch you guys soon