02 May 2019

Organic Greens Supplements You Should be Taking.

Dr. Tony O'Donnell talks about why Radiant Greens (organic supplement) is among the best greens you could be taking for overall weight (heart health, weight ...

hey I'm doctor Tony thanks for checking

out my website this is my radiant greens formula which I brought from Ireland it's got 90 minerals 22 amino acids and 65% protein it's got 32 different herbs 10,000 milligrams of greens which you won't find in your local health food store in fact you won't even find in your juice bar mind you I like juicing and here's what I have done I had a lot of sickness first of all in my family back in Ireland so what around the world meaning some of the longest-lived people and here's what I discovered they live off the land greens are loaded with chlorophyll and chlorophyll is the blood of plants with almost an identical molecular structure as hemoglobin which is the blood of human beings and basically what that means is when we harness the energy of sunshine it actually creates photosynthesis or this chlorophyll rich hue that actually gives the body tremendous life and tremendous energy when you can't digest your food you can't absorb it when there's no bioavailability then you get no energy you get no life you don't get that when you eat the wrong types of food particularly ding-dongs and doughnuts

and big gulps and french fries and soda pop and pizza and Pepsi and prozac we're the most overfed undernourished nation in the world so when I met some of the longest no people in the world I wanted to understand why they were so healthy why they're lean and why they're fit whether beautiful teeth hair skin and nails I wanted to know and I found out some of these secrets that they were taking some of these remarkable herbs because here's what we discovered the further away we get from the land the sicker would become and the closer we stay to the land the healthy we become so I put together 32 plus herbs from around the world that's right scour the world for looked everywhere done all the research making it easy for you put it all in one bottle very simple this is a powder you take a tablespoon you put it in a blender you put it in your Vitamix you mix it up with water coconut water almond milk rice drink any of these drinks or you just make some smoothies with it add some blueberries this is our green superfood which you will find on our website check it out radiant greens that's right radiant greens calm this is a quite a

remarkable product another product that I discovered I'll put this one down for a second another product that I discovered which is one of my top sellers is pomegranate plus comes in both capsules as well as powder they did a remarkable study several years ago dr. Lansky and dr. Newman - amazing researchers they found that two ounces of pomegranate produced authors therosis by a whopping 18 to 20 percent helped prostate cancer victims help people who were suffering from a lack of energy phenomenal for the heart because it creates what's called nitric oxide that energy that we get when we take caffeine into our body though there's no caffeine in pomegranate just good ol natural energy so color is crucial in the fight against a generative disease so the more colored superfoods such as the greens I just mentioned the more colored superfoods we take into our body the less degenerative disease in fact the United States Department of Agriculture tells us we must consume at least 13 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every single day roughly 86 percent of the u.s. population hardly eat any so with the greens you're

getting seven to nine salads per scoop and with the pomegranate you're getting seven to nine servings of fruits every time you take a scoop so color is crucial according to these scientists in the fight against degenerative disease from the air we breathe the food we eat the water that we drink the free radicals that we get exposed to every single day from our toxic environment pollution cigarette smoke the wrong types of food and poor dietary habits wreak havoc with our body is one of my great friends John said he said we all rust on the inside think about that when you rust on the inside you create vasculitis you create a lot of problems for yourself inflammation in particular poor hair skin and nails lethargy tiredness fatigue foggy brain poor cognition you'll find so many powerful ingredients not only B vitamins resveratrol grapeseed extract all of these phytonutrient are mcgrann and of course in this remarkable superfood called pomegranate plus this is the capsules right here that I'm holding in my hand 360 capsules you can take 12 a day if you want you can take four a day you can take one a day this will last

you about 2 to 3 months with the greens which is in powder remind you the pomegranate also comes in powder with the greens and the pomegranate you can alternate you can do the capsules one day you can do the powder the next day mix them into a delightful smoothie we a juice of choice there be lots more videos coming up on my websites don't forget to check them out check out all of the other products browse around you also find 15 of my books you'll also find some of my television programs and continuing education on my website at www.keytime.com [Music]