08 April 2011

Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard Protein Review

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logan everybody this is John and won

best price nutrition calm today we're going to be reviewing the optimum nutrition plan for Subway gold standard this is probably been on the market for years I mean they've renamed it to the gold standard a few years ago and came out with the classic way but they kind of started it with the five pounder in terms of 100% whey proteins yeah it's got some label changes over the years you will see now that it general this this is the label it has it's now called enough some weight gold standard they're just hard same way there's a lot of flavors yeah there's a dozen or so different flavors I think we have coffee and chocolate mousse here yeah in a whey protein is something that's really popular because of the amino acid profile you know specifically it's very rich and branched chain amino acids which are trying to be very effective in terms of building muscle because human muscle tissue is largely comprised of those three amino acids a large percent of it so that then it makes way is a very good source of it so let's run through real quick typically what you'd expect in terms of the protein types okay yeah in each one of their products

the protein blend will be the same it's whey protein isolate whey protein concentrate and way peptides so you've got three different forms of whey protein there or three different steps I guess in the process of whey protein you've got whey isolate which is just pure whey protein and to get the whey isolate you have to remove the lactose and fat and they do that a couple different ways there's cold filter micro filtration low Michael cross from done at cold temperature then there's ion exchange like iso period familiar with that where they're exploiting charges to separate out the fat and lactose and then there's micro filtration so there's just a few different ways to do it I think cross flow has got to be the gold standard way of doing it no pun intended but - and then you've got whey protein concentrate which is whey protein with some lactose and factors they concentrated so some of that's going to be left over and then you've got way peptides which is just whey protein that's been broken down into smaller peptides small change of amino acids and all of them are flavored with a sky and

sucralose yes that's generally the the sweeteners in our time there I know years ago I believe it might have had a spurt and I've taken that out so now it's a scan and circa Louis and then they also add their amino acid amino Jen at the end which is their enzymes to help break down proteins and then they add lactase to help break down some of the lactose that might be left over and the lactose is milk sugar so some people have trouble breaking down lactose so they put that in there and if you're really sensitive you know whey is usually pretty good for anyone who's sensitive to you know digestive problems and stuff but specifically you want to avoid if you have celiac siding that have glutamine peptides added to it most companies now are saying on there if it's gluten-free also if you're sensitive to lactose well you may want to go with something that's a nice little something like this protein here I so flash melmax is a pure whey protein isolate there's no lactose in your no fat it's all done with the cross blow micro filtration so it's all CF my isolettes and it's 90% protein in which you used to buy the protein by the

serving size where these are about 75% because of some of the leftover fat carbohydrates and they're per serving so that's that's about what you'd expect so if your food sets of individual it's you know really sensitive lactose you have lactose intolerance and this would be the way to go and then you know when to take whey protein that's something that we get asked a lot yeah we believe we've covered a you know protein you want to get about I'd say a gram protein per pound of body weight your you probably her to say that before so that can vary a little bit based on you know ten days on your activity level your body weight your goals and lean body mass specifically per scoop there's 24 grams of protein in here what you would use this as a supplement to the food you're eating every day so if you want to get let's say 150 grams of protein every day and you're at that hundred mark with your food you're going to need or you're going to want to get 50 grams in from the protein supplement so that's around two scoops and most people take about two shakes a day you know depending upon your size and how much whole food protein you're eating also landing a

post-workout is a common placement people use whey protein yeah you could do a post workout between meals right before you go to bed a lot of times it's whatever is convenient for you to get it in but post-workout and in between meals a lot of people for bed tend to lean toward taking a casein protein or mixing away with milk because of the slower absorption so that's something else to consider and you don't know if it is who can take it it's not gender specific men or women can take it as protein so it's really you know up to you the biggest thing is is with proteins and you know if you're looking at all comparing all whey proteins you have to look at taste also you know how is it derived in looking at a pure whey protein isolate or able can't a blend typically these are going to be cheaper because you know it's just a cheaper process whereas you know isolating a protein is more expensive it takes a little more time so that's something else to consider so I don't know what other anything else that you want to add to this no I think we've pretty much covered it with with ray proteins so yeah again if you've seen

whey protein you've probably seen al nutrition that a little ones who started the five pounder and I started the whole category so if you have any questions please go ahead and post them in the comment section of the video or the blog we're more than happy to answer them and also you can find us on Facebook complex best price nutrition thank you