10 March 2019

only eating ORANGE food for 24 HOURS challenge!

Hi lovely's, welcome back to my channel. Today I have another food challenge video where I only eat orange foods for 24 hours! I recently done only eating pink ...

hi lovelies welcome back to my channel

so as you can see from today's video is hey all I'm gonna do another food challenge so I need to call excuse me a few weeks ago I only ate pink foods for the entire do so I thought you know what it's a Saturday I'm not against entity let's do it another kind of like fun food challenge video as you can see some title I will only be an orange fits for the entire day I'm not gonna go through everything that I bought at a school and do like a little mini food shopping type of haul I'm gonna which I'm just gonna wait until I have the things for like breakfast lunch and dinner just to thin your life wonder what I'm gonna have for dinner anything just wheat instead of just seeing everything at the start of the video so if you'd like to see how to do in today's video challenge then just carry on watching so the tank currently is 10 past 8:00 I'm gonna have a bit of a leap breakfast and I'm absolutely starving so my plan is I will try my hardest to say Freddy the orange and the whites from the eggs just so I can week scramble they only obviously use like the orange better the egg and I think I'm gonna take some grated cheese which is quite like a strong orange color just

to make it a bit more orange than the your because I feel like once it's scrambled that your clinic was a bit more yellow so I'm gonna try and keep it as orange as I can add more cheese so it creates like a really cheesy orange scrambled egg and I also forgot I'm actually like orange juice fresh orange like any drink that's orange apart from like I am brew or like lucozade or something like that and I thought for a break there's like I can't have iron brew it like 10 o'clock component that we just feel like so wrong so I think what I'll do is I'll cut up some orange slices and I'll just eat them so I can get the juice from that and like kind of stay hydrated from that in a week so that's a plan for breakfast so we're gonna head downstairs and we can prepare that you because I've got my scrambled egg it's actually really rubbery because I couldn't use anything melt because that obviously that's not Orange I couldn't make it like normal scrambled egg so it looks literally so dried it looks so yellow on camera as well but in person it's more like an orange a yellow

I kind of thought I would do this to be fair it's actually not as bad as I thought would be so I was really dry but it just tastes like an omelette we're gone a piece of that I was just like hanging at the back of my throat and I could feel like just like ticklin oh that was horrible this is what I'm really looking forward to I love oranges and tangerines and clementines in with him and like the orange kind of family which is strange because I hate orange juice if this was freshly squeezed and I was drinking the juice ever back I couldn't drink Epic's a heater but then somehow if I'm eating the orange and I get the juice from it's absolutely fine so I'm gonna watch mm Iquitos Phil Claire Matt drugstore makeup which looks absolutely and scene like look how gorgeous that looks I'm just coming up for 20 past 11:00 and no it's quite early to have lunch but I am absolutely starving I got the Heinz carrot and lentil soup this is a wheat Watchers version I'm not on the coke diet or anything like that but I seen it and I just thought that's gonna be like the most orange tip that I can find empty it Karen lentil soup

if you only be Watchers I though this is three smart points in case you're wondering they also got some cantaloupe melon and this is my favorite male and I do if you're ever hungover or you need just like some hydration and just some lovely like juiciness from from some food this kind thought melon is the one for you all my god hands down the bass mail on their heads and it just has like had another little snack and with my lunch I thought would just have some of these Jacobs cheddar crackers but to be fair they are actually quite orange like an orange a yellow but they are still orange so I thought whilst I can I would have some of these crackers and then I think I'll probably have some like dirty it was either after lunch or maybe like along with the mail and like later on as like a mid-afternoon snack do you think it's weird if I debt these into the soup I'm gonna go back bowl you hmm that's a really nice soup so that's a color if you can see how there he felt let's contact with a crack on the soup it's going to be really weird it's actually really nice I've caught up in

the window cell I'm gonna watch Maddie Barnard she's slowly becoming wonder like my favorite youtubers if you haven't seen her channel just like more like a small youtuber compared to like the really big one she's still got like 130,000 or just some odd subscribers I mean like compared to like I mean compared to your usual kind of fashion and bloggers she's quite small obviously that is like still really like the a TV and not from bling I'll leave her down below if you haven't seen our and I'm just gonna watch Harley's video oh my god I'm absolutely knackered so time is no 10 to 1 I'm just back from tea came a lot of poppy I walk that we sucked along with such a good walk so I would just have a lot of snack before dinner I brought packet over because I haven't had these in such a long time and I just got kind of a hurry I could not be scorched and do this video and not include this I think I'm gonna have some sweet potato fries because they are clearly orange everyone with an orange I'm not sure what to have with them as it was a smoked salmon what could work with them we're gonna have quite an early dinner

just because I do have plans for tonight so I'm gonna have some speak to your prize it's just look like this and then I do have some smoked salmon so I'll probably just put this on the side and have them together I might see if my mom has any in like orange race and the house just because and do not like that's a thing but I don't really think we'd do so I think I'll just have these two mmm I think I slightly undercooked the sweet potato fries just got my dinner my sweet potato fries and I smoked salmon and then I've just got my kind of amber in front of me just from earlier as well you so now if my donor finished I probably won't have infidels for the rest of the nature because when I tend to have then I don't really snap afterward that's kind of like my last meal of the night and call it breakfast so I'm just gonna add this video here if you did enjoy this video please give it a big thumbs up I'm not sure if I'll do any more of these like food challenge videos of like different colors I'm kind of like I kind of want to but then at the same time I don't just walk he's

doing like film video food challenge videos on my channel so I'll have all think about it and but yeah thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed please give it a big thumbs up leave a comment down below subscribe and I'll see you guys in my next video