10 March 2019

ONLY Eating FAST FOOD For 24 HOURS...*bad idea?*

My full day of eating of ONLY Eating FAST FOOD For 24 Hours! http://www.instagram.com/chillinwithtj This fitness vlog covers my cheat day training and eating ...

call myself a leg commissar but I did

ask for two pieces right it's kind of more than I wanna kiss is gonna family up for the gym welcome to the video what we're gonna do right now is the 24 hours of eating fast food purely because we are coming to the end of our boat people who spend a good like six months now trying to build up some muscle gains in size and right now what I want to do is end on a high so stay tuned and watch me stuff my face so stop number one he's KFC I can honestly say I haven't had cave C in a long time but I don't go here often so I don't know what I'm gonna get probably something not too big because I do want to go train in literally like an hour's time so yeah hopefully it tastes good because the worst thing about ever doing these challenges is in the event that the food doesn't taste good cuz you feel like you're just wasted calories and stuff you don't enjoy I couldn't have a two-piece variety meal please yeah yeah the funny thing is usually I'll be really picky and say exactly what pieces I want in my KFC bucket but I decided not to be that finicky today alright thanks hi at the moment of truth

honestly the drink I didn't even want what they said it I wish I just a spur of water cause I don't really feel having a pop I don't have changed their fries this looks like chips instead of fries I could be saying that it's probably like old news I haven't had KC in ages let me know if this is happening like a long time ago I'm just like out of the loop got myself a leg I did ask for two pieces right right maybe an accident but they're giving me three pieces of chicken instead of two it's kind of more than I wanna kiss is gonna family up for the gym [Music] all right KFC done that was a bigger meal than I expected well times off there's some garyvee if you only would Gary Vee you need to step your game up yeah ah that was definitely more fitting I expected just that I really wanted a one-piece righty meal but I didn't see on the board so ask for the two-piece but they gave me three so I feel ready for technically having me to eat it but I did all right now let's go get something else for those you that brand-new here

do not think that this is recommended you eat non-stop junk food to gain muscle or gain size in the gym no this is more like an entertainment video that every so often me and other Fitness youtubers do as well and just because people like seeing people cram their face filled with food this is just a random day if you want to watch my normal videos and that's my proper meals they eat Fridays try and stay in good shape a link to live driven five minutes down the street and the weather has drastically changed so anyways what we're doing now is putting up to Sainsbury's supermarket just because I want to buy some real food for tomorrow but when these days over I always like making sure the very next day I eat the most nutrition based foods ever and hot loads of high-fiber just to keep things moving I forgot how expensive save his words so I didn't end up buying a whole bunch of food I bought some mussels soaked for after the gym and some orange easy peeler and the main thing actually came here for [Music] David meant to be like that

I see the one that is we do love it everything another conditioning [Music] [Music] alright let's go get some food whoo I'm so delirious I thought the gym was gonna let me out whose stupid thing was an opening but yeah I'm gonna try and decide what I want to eat I don't really want anything greasy right now oh I feel sticky I was in that gym damn near two hours just purely because I decided to do some cardio 30 40 minutes which was around 600 calories a burn just because I'm trying to get my mind ready that I'm gonna start you know doing a cutting and stuff so I want to get my fitness up because I'm doing cardio properly in like a month and after two months but yeah let's go get some meals in me bro cause I am the old PMG stay get engaged to loot EJ clothing this says stay game games that used to be like my super slow game I often forget to say it now but yeah I think I've still got some of these still at home like to sell but just don't promote them all right I decided to up for subway just because I didn't feel for anything super greasy and so that

footlong Italian DMT green peppers and lettuce and barbecue sauce it's amazing to think that this is a sandwich boy it's like 900 calories and a footlong absolutely madness but he's tasty and you should hit the spot right now I resisted the urge to buy a bunch cookies like I normally would just because these today is not meant to be a food challenge it's meant to be for every meal that I II I just go to a takeaway shop and that's it even opted to get water this time instead of the free fizzy pop I could have got just because I'm trying to get my mind right quite in season soon so I'm going to enjoy this and a fun fact as well I also drove through this subway which is an extra 10 minutes out of my way purely because the one that's on route from the gym to my house last time I went they they messed up my order like completely wrong and annoyed me I'm never going there again [Music] all right finish catch the fun videos fun fact any downtime I have he's always watching videos usually when it's informative or just entertainment hmm I think that I would say 90% hit the spot I'm still a little bit hungry

and I feel like vines with cookies would probably fill me up but I'm just gonna drink the water I guarantee once I finish this that's gonna go it's my body hasn't I realized that I'm actually for just want some extra greedy as a fund as a top tip if you eat a full meal like a decent sized meals like 900 calories and you know you should be full but you still feel hungry and drink a decent amount of water after it but maybe a glass or a bottle and I guarantee your hunger will subside a bit they may stop you from like eating a whole bunch of extra calories that you probably wouldn't even need to be [Music] I can see the time it's only half 6:00 right now we also had a really really late start today actually we didn't even hit KFC until like 1:00 p.m. just because I was doing work on my computer by the time you got out to eat it was 1:00 p.m. so we've kind of crammed in big meals in like show window so I'm probably go shower maybe relax for maybe an hour and a bit and then we'll go and find the next place I already know where I think I'm gonna go it's my new favorite kind of takeaway place those

you may know these channel well knows I'm not a massive fan of takeaways love a canoe and I enjoy so stay tuned for that but what I wanna do right now is a quick little giveaway that I'm gonna do in this video have my own pocket so here is basically just a few items of the my protein stuff that I have I want to try and do more giveaways of you guys and these are love stuff I just have in my house that I forgot too much of duplicates or just things I'm probably not gonna use so I thought why not give them away so I've got various things you can have you can have supplements we've got creatine BCAAs whey protein you've got t-shirts long sleeves and shorts you've got more shorts here we also have love to pitch shorts here and we also have like joggers if you want those these are the move joggers and they actually have quite a lot more of these stuff as well so I can do quite a bit so I'm going to do is one like a little mini giveaway just because I want to try and give back as much as I can and hopefully you guys will support me back by this thumbs on the video and just in general just helping support you boy so you said if like give and take as well

as the freak on tonight provide for years you guys so I will post it to you because this is actually give away from me even though it's my protein stuff because I cannot I'm only a small youtuber on their radar so I have to do they may all kind of giveaways as a win the wall you've got to do you know the drill you go on Instagram you follow me on Instagram and basically on a picture I'm gonna put right here the picture be sure to click on that picture and tag two friends in the comments obviously read the caption as well I'll probably go into details as to when it finishes and just any other guidelines but just to talk to friends in it and then basically you'll be in for a win and in terms of the cloven makovan is all medium science because that obviously would have been the size I got what remember it's gym clothing so it's stretchy so you could probably if you're large and probably feely if you're small you can grow into it and but yeah so that's gonna be it just click on that picture wave is there and be sure to follow me on Instagram sport your boy back you know thumbs up and whatnot and yeah when I try and use on a regular

basis and you can choose whichever item you would like [Music] yeah could have a this is the last thing we need today this is a bacon double cheeseburger with fries it's cold right while my food heats up let me address some things and number one obviously we spoke about I don't recommend doing this as like a normal day if your normal typical day something like this and you should definitely change it it's not really the healthiest of things to live me personally right now I don't feel to the thong or anything because I didn't purposely try it over it like a typically do and eat in the junk food videos today I just ate as and when I felt hungry the subway helped me out as well instead of having like another KFC or McDonald's type thing but what I do want to say is that having these foods isn't like a big issue as in you should not feel like you want to have like a taker or something I feel so super guilty about it it's all about balance if you eat most of your week pretty good could you cook your own meals and stuff and then on one day a week or something like that do you like to have a cheat

meal not a cheat day a cheat days like what you've just watched non-stop just junk food one of these meals in a day over the course of a week of you being good he's perfectly fine some people choose not to like I personally another massive take away fam or if I do be something like Nando's or like a fake Nando's knows to pay a chicken place around but that's just because I personally prefer that then to just normal fast food you just don't taste it anymore as much p.m. and it's all about finding the balance for you there's no there's no right or wrong answer when it comes to a diet it's whatever is applicable to you because everyone's personally different but yeah man thanks for watching the video so far and stay tuned to watch me the burgers also shouts out to boohoo men top this was the hoodie that I liked the least when I bought it beats the one I'm trying to drop that it's brought me the most like I really liked it like when it's a bright day out and you wear these it's pretty dope you'd like to get any this booty man stuff that I've wore in some parts of the video links in description box as well

p.m. and I'm really impressed I'm probably gonna buy some more stuff I might see if they've got any other way I look pretty cool as well because someone's coming up and if you wear white hoodie is like bright bright white you're gonna like you're glowing alright have you got the burger and chips I'm gonna have right now I didn't go for the XL burger just because I'm not massive fan I prefer games to of the smaller ones to be honest thing getting one of the big ones I don't like the double the double beef you have prefer like having a good taste of the pork I love bacon so when I have the double XL I don't feel like I can taste the pork as much so I want to say thanks for watching if you're mainly this finding video and you haven't done without the video something wrong with you man support your boy means nothing to you means the world to me please it the thumbs up and subscribe here and new anyway staying is people I'm gone you know destroy this wall watching some TV and before I go to bed cuz I work tomorrow peace out people [Music]