03 July 2018

Online Nutrition Coach Juan Makes Protein Pancakes

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hey everybody who doesn't like pancakes

I know I do and a ton of my clients do many of my clients actually call the Quan takes because as many of you know my name is Juan Rojas from physique transformation Academy and today I'm going to show you guys how to make healthy pancakes that are absolutely delicious all you need for these pancakes are a few very natural ingredients okay we have 15 grams of ground oats in here so I put the oldson here previously ground them up we're gonna have some cinnamon we're gonna have 75 grams of banana which is about half an average-sized banana two whole eggs we're gonna have half a cup of Greek yogurt 0% unflavored Greek yogurt we're gonna have some peanut butter we're gonna add two tablespoons of that we're also gonna have 75 grams of blueberries which is about a half a cup and we're gonna have half a scoop of protein powder I use whey protein isolate myself now as you can see here these are the macros for the pancake and the frosting that's going to go on top of it we're gonna start with warming up a pan I'm a big fan of cooking things in coconut oil because of its very high burning point so it doesn't become toxic

to you and coconut oil has so many great benefits I just put a small amount of coconut oil right into the pan just so the pancake doesn't stick and we're gonna put it on medium heat now as this warms up we're gonna come mix the paint again I'm show you I'm gonna show you guys how to do that okay okay guys so what we're gonna do here the ground oats we're gonna add both eggs to that these are gonna be your healthy fat now I recommend getting through rained eggs so we actually get this at the farmers market they're going to be amazing for you they taste unreal as well we're gonna throw the 75 grams of banana in there we're gonna throw only half the amount of the protein powder and I'm gonna explain to you guys why in just a sec so I use a scale so in this half a scoop of protein powder I have 18 grams just gonna put 9 grams into the mix perfect we're gonna add a little bit of cinnamon so I just put a little - no cinema is not only amazing in terms of taste but the benefit of cinnamon is it's great under blood sugar levels it actually helps you absorb carbs a lot better so it's a fantastic thing bad and

it's calorie free okay so thanks guys what we're gonna do we're gonna mix all this together we're gonna blend it if you have a magic bullet or a blender of some sort hey you guys so the pan is warmed up I got my pancake mix right here so we're gonna pour it right over evenly now as we wait for the painting to cook we're gonna make the spread on top okay so let me show you guys oh that's man we have the 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt here what we're gonna do we're gonna add the half scoop of protein powder we're starting the quarter scoop protein powder we have 2 tablespoons of peanut butter this is a all-natural peanut butter it's the sea salt type absolutely delicious I highly recommend it guys so 2 tablespoons of peanut butter is about 30 grams fantastic I always liked this food and then we're going to mix all this around guys now is the painting books now that the bottom is set we're gonna throw the blueberries in there to give it a nice great flavor great any oxidants so be careful that your mix blends well known as we mix it a little bit I'm a big fan of add insult to my meals sodium is very important especially if your

weight training because it helps a lot with contractions so I use Himalayan pink salt shakes in there it makes it really easy I love salted peanuts so this is amazing now you can make this recipe as well with almond butter or cashew butter and it would taste absolutely delicious what were the different flavor of protein powder I use chocolate but I'm approximately birthday cake at the end of protein powder after about 4 to 5 minutes or 4 to 6 minutes when you can see the pancake getting a little bit crisper on the bottom like a golden brown that's when we're gonna flip it so perfect as you can notice the pancake right there it's just about perfect consistency now we're gonna leave it like this a few more about a minute or two more just some fruit to fully cook in the mom okay guys so here's the pancake I fell apart a little bit on me because of the consistency but that'll be normal so what we're going to do now the spread that we need grab for it on top of the pancake and I also like to use a little bit of calorie-free strawberry syrup just to thank you for all of it just to give it

a nice little flavor and that's it guys that's how you make the Wan cakes if you guys liked this video definitely check out my website fawziacademy.com I have an awesome newsletter that goes out one to two times a week and it just tells you tips I'm kind of getting the best shape of your life if you also want to be part of our closing program and get cool recipes like this along with nutrition programs and training programs customized for you you can always apply to our customized coaching program ok so make sure to follow us on instagram at 4zt academy and have a great day guys