11 October 2019



hello and welcome to another random

month of dieting so I'm doing a diet this month it is pretty specific there are a lot of rules to it and it's not that hard to follow and you won't be starving you have enough food it's just very very specific so here are the rules you can have up to four meals a day plus one snack don't feel like you need to stick to the rules exactly you can like switch it up as much as you want but this is just what I'm doing a really big goal of mine with this diet was just to get used to eating less food again because I tend to get in this bad habit of eating these gigantic portion sizes and my body just like eats it like it's no problem and it's actually a problem ah I think a lot of us would be surprised at the amount of food were actually supposed to eat as opposed to the amount of food we do he is crazy whoa no I can't eat like two double-doubles two fries and two milkshakes like no problem so yeah I just want to get used to eating less eating more healthy and obviously detoxing my body and slimming down my stomach and my waist okay so I got this teimi blends tea in the mail today a

couple of weeks ago actually posted this on my Instagram asking everyone if they knew anything about any detox teas like if they could recommend any new teas I usually drink peppermint tea and I've tried a lot of the other detox tea but I just wanted to try something new um cuz I was kind of getting bored and when it comes like fitness and health stuff like that I really like just switch it up this company actually was willing to send me their 30-day detox tea to try out and I already freaking really love this company because they were so genuine I really loved it they were like make sure you try it out all the way through the 30 days and then give your input so I really appreciated that you know some people be trying to scam me all like here's a 30 day tea okay can you make a video next week no I really love detox teas you guys know that I have a tea and like every diet video I have today it's going to be day one and I'm gonna try this out for 30 days trying to like detox and slim down in my stomach specifically before I go to Bali so this is gonna be the first step of my like Bali Body Makeover I thinking I can't wait here it is 30 day

detox tea it's not just take it's a lifestyle we shall see yes skinny Tien cool and cleanse there's like a little tea strainer here you actually don't put the tea leaves in this part I read that you're supposed to put the tea leaves in here then the really cool part this bottom part is actually a little storage compartment how pretty cool I got the blacks because it basically just matches my house very well okay so I boiled some water on the stove I'm starting with the skinny tea following the detox calendar day one says skinny tea and he drink this in the morning preferably before you have breakfast I don't have a funnel oh god this is gonna go this is not a good idea we're gonna do it anyway thug life has a very natural like tea taste it's it's definitely not bad which is awesome because I have tried so many disgusting detox teeth so I was I was worried it's kind of hard to drink something like every morning if it tastes like poop I'm doing a lot of other things to get my belly a buddy so yeah we'll keep you guys updated let you know how this is going step up to the diet here are some examples of meals I will

have for breakfast so for breakfast very simple I'm just having two eggs scrambled and some yogurt I've already finished one of these this is my second one it's more than I need before or like breakfast but that's fine it really really helps for breakfast I'm just having the usual some eggs and some fruit I've been doing really good with this here are some examples of meals I will have for lunch and it's so from our protein is basically all I'm gonna be having not this specific amount but this variation so my absolute favorite of all time is canned tuna I freaking love canned tuna just make sure you get the one that's in water and not in oil and make sure you like check the back cuz like most of the tuna cans that are selling the store we're freakin like 200 300 calories it should only be like 40 to 50 calories a variation of beans I would have black beans but I forgot to pick them up so I got some pinto beans some Kabongo beans and some white beans and then I have some salmon I like to separate these engine just like ziplock bags and I put them in like the proper portion sizes so that I can just unthaw

it you know make dinner lunch whatever the heck and it's like really really easy and I don't have to end all the whole pack I've got some chicken boobies as well these are like the smaller ones so yeah here is the protein my vegetables are just a huge variation of vegetables that's what I'm eating the most but yeah you can basically put whatever vegetable with any of these another one of my favorite like go-to meals is like African spinach stew I made this and a couple of other vlogs so I'm not going to go into detail fresh tomatoes [Applause] I'm looking a hot mess but really quickly oh my god I just had to like come film this really fast like dude my stomach is so freaking flat right now like there's just no bloating I don't know how to explain it no I'm not sucking in I'll show you sucking in um yeah I just freaking crazy okay [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Applause] [Music] [Applause] good morning everyone so it is around let's see like halfway through the diet of just a little update actually the distance and the diet has not been going as planned I have been cheating a lot it's not difficult it's just I've been cheating because I wasn't mentally prepared to start the diet like I didn't really want to and I also knew that it has a lot of time like more time that I needed plus I had a lot of events and things that were like having me outside as a house which forced me to eat food that's not LV I'm not trying to like drop a pounds that's why I think I have been being more lenient with my diet because I just know I can it is breakfast time I am having my teeny skinny tea right now deal and freaking love with this little compartment I have been carrying this to work putting a little nuts in there after about 50 days I can honestly say this junk works so well I wasn't expecting it to work like miracles but it actually worked so so well especially with like a big thing about this diet specifically I really

don't want to lose weight I love the way that I put on but I just don't want it in my stomach like if we can that one spot that'll be great if I can get liposuction daddy great but I'm broke so we have to do other things so the colon tea that you drink at night is quite strong so make sure that you don't let the tea bags like sit too long cuz your girl with kiss breakfast so I'm gonna take y'all down that row but let's just say yeah so it's breakfast time I am just having some eggs cherry tomatoes and some whatever you guys want to call these things okay I heard too many names little cobbler oranges also I found that if I start the day off right like healthy the rest of the day is a lot easier if I start the day off with something bad it's too hard for me to have a salad I can't go from ramen to a salad I just can't but I can go from this to a salad anyway I'm super tired honey my breakfast take this makeup off and goes back to bed because I have to take a week yeah that's another thing like being sick has not been helping with this diet because when I'm sick I'm lazy and I just want something fast and filling and like

comforting so I've been eating a lot of Panda Express we are basically at the end of my diet don't mind my messy room hint there is a hole going on um and I want to show you guys my results um I am so so happy with my results actually lost quite a bit and specifically in my stomach [Music] hello everyone so I think I'm gonna end this video off here just a summary of this weird one-month diet it went really well I definitely got great results my stomach is so so so much smaller than it was a lot of people asked like how do I get like that coke bottle figure I just have to literally eat very lean also I can't do very many heavy lifting ab exercises cuz it makes my body like really pokey so yeah everything went well I'll definitely say the second half of the month went a lot better the first half but that's okay I kind of bench estimated that because I knew I had a lot of stuff going on and I also didn't need to diet for that long the last three days of the diet were actually the most beneficial for me the last three days I did my normal detox that I always do I'll put the video somewhere around

here but it's basically just three days of just fruits and vegetables nothing else that is my favorite diet of all time it is so efficient like you will seriously see some amazing results not just like with losing weight but with your health and your energy and your gut and your skin I just I love it my body thrives off of fruits and vegetables but I really don't get enough of them on the day today so yeah usually I start off a diet with bag detox but this specific diet I started her off with the traditional method just to check it out and then at the end I gave my detox I finished the team II 30-day detox that thing is fires y'all fire and I'm not saying that because they sent it to me it was legit bomb it's full loop oh my god any time I felt bloated or sick or comfortable I found that it really really helped to keep the bloating down and keep my stomach small also to keep you regular so bhakti definitely gets an a-plus for me I will have the links down below if you want to go check that out the number one thing I would say is just knock out all the nonsense don't be having a whole bunch of sugar processed food

salts and sodium and sauces and toppings and all that junk you gotta you gotta cut all the just it's all about eating clean and I feel like that's just the best way to see results really quickly am I missing anything I'm very sorry it was kind of like a long month so this might be all over the place but if you have any questions then comment down below and I will definitely get back to you and how those of you are gonna ask yes I did do some exercises I exercised at least twice a week with this diet all month and usually I would exercise a lot harder but since I'm back in Tokyo I don't have a gym also I was focusing on shrinking my stomach so I didn't want to do like too many intense hard weighted exercises because I didn't want to get all bulky I just did a really simple like 6 to 10 minute workout like 2 to 3 times per week I'll put a video somewhere around here or down below as well for like a beginner workout that you can do and that was it if you like this video be sure to give it a thumbs up like it subscribe so I can make more videos and yeah I'll see you guys next time