11 March 2019

One Meal A Day The Ultimate Weight Loss Hack!

hey it's Danny from conscious callus

Texas I want to talk about why one meal a day which some people call the Oh mad diet is one of the ultimate weight-loss hacks so hey it's Danny from conscious calisthenics here so I want to talk about why one meal a day which some people call oh man is one of the best ultimate weight loss hacks out there and I've been doing one meal a day for around three weeks and before that I was doing the sixteen eight intermittent fasting method where you fast around sixteen hours a day and each round an eight-hour window but what I say is for the majority that time that lately for a year I was actually fasting the window of around 20 hours a day rather than 16 hours but yeah one meal a day is so much more effective than doing the sixteen eight method where you normally eat two meals in a day and I have experience of over a year's worth of doing that but for me one meal a day is way better because the health benefits as shown through scientific research are a lot better the hormonal production and many other different things as well and yeah I'm going to explain to you in this video in full depth why one meal a day is more effective than all other daily

intermittent fasting methods where you may have multiple meals throughout the day so the reason being is is very simple as shown through scientific research when you're fasting for a longer period of time throughout the day you get greater benefits with testosterone production and what gonna do is put a link down below to some websites they actually show the scientific research to prove this as well and yet it has been shown through the links that I put down below that the full fix have intermittent fasting to increase testosterone levels as much as possible don't kick in until about 20 hours in to fasting so when you're fasting around 16 hours a day and eating multiple meals day you're not really getting the full effects as shown in the article that I will have a link down below for so yeah the longer you fast the greater benefits you're gonna get the testosterone going through the roof and it has been shown that when you have higher levels of testosterone your muscle mass increases without even doing training and your body fat reduces and when testosterone is higher estrogen drops which so many

people are very estrogen dominant due to consuming things such as inner Easterns that is contained within plastic containers a lot of people are drinking water there in plastic bottles and eating food there in plastic containers and so on and as you get older testosterone levels normally decline and estrogen levels go up and one of the reasons is due to people eating multiple meals every single day because each time you eat testosterone starts to drop so yeah this is a very very good reason for it working for giving you the ultimate weight loss benefits and also it has been shown that it increases human growth hormone production even more when you're fasting are longer and with eating one meal a day as well as it can dramatically increasing your testosterone levels even more because you're fasting for a longer period of time your testosterone level is also going to be higher for a longer duration for a day which is gonna give you great benefits for getting the ultimate weight-loss benefits and alongside that it also massively increases human growth hormone production which there has been

some research out there that shows that it can aid in weight loss and also increase your muscle mass at the same time which a lot of people want to achieve that sustain that and maintain that just like I do myself and again due to fasting for a longer period for out the day you're gonna have higher human growth hormone levels throughout the day because when you eat human growth hormone levels start to dramatically go down and the third reason is because you're fasting for a longer period of time and eating for a very short period of time and end date with one meal a day you are in a longer fasted State every single day when doing one meal a day so your body goes into fat-burning mode so what happens is when you eat your last meal of the day about six to eight hours after you've eaten that meal your body burns for all the glucose in your body and then goes for all the stored glucose known as glycogen that is mostly in the liver and then it starts to burn your body fat as fuel so for obvious reasons that's gonna give you greater weight loss benefits and alongside all of these benefits is being shown for recitative research that

it dramatically lowers insulin which is a fat storage hormone and every time you eat your insulin starts to go up and that's when your body can start to store fat and stop burning body fat as fuel and it also improves insulin sensitivity which a lot of people are injured in resistance or they've just got issues with insulin sensitivity so these two alongside each other are going to give you greater benefits for burning body fat and it's brilliant I've seen so many people eat an abundance of calories with one meal a day such as Blake 201 which eats around 3 to 4,000 calories like for me a day and he has an absolutely chiseled muscular body so yeah you just don't need to calorie restrict whatsoever and as a lot of people know if you've done it before calorie restriction at least for me and many other people affect your mind in a negative way your energy levels and hunger can just get the best of you you can go and binge and yet it just is not good at all and what gonna do is put some different photos from this point onwards in the video is shown some people and their

transformation of eating one meal a day and what it's actually done to their body and yet so many people get so many amazing results and yeah as I mentioned earlier it's just a way of simplifying the weight loss benefits that you're looking to achieve rather than counting loads of calories and weighing all of your food and tracking all of your macros yeah I just don't want to do that at all and I'm sure a lot of other people don't well it's just completely unnecessary I like what a lot of people would teach you in the weight loss and fitness movement and if you would like to know how you can go about switching to one meal a day and doing it correctly and making no mistakes whatsoever I'm gonna put a link for a video up here that I made recently where I talk about how you can eat one meal a day and get it to work the best for you whilst reducing your hunger as much as possible and B now to getting this to a state that I am in every single day well don't feel hunger even when I mean to twenty-four hours of fasting and yeah I just absolutely love one meal a day it helps me keep a low body fat person

actually helps increase my muscle mass it improves my longevity my vitality my health holistically and just a whole host of other amazing benefits and the brilliant thing it's so so simple you just skip two meals out of the three meals that most people eat and yeah it's just something that is a body hack that we are all naturally tapping into within ourselves and if you looked back into when we used to live in a tribe sitting before we lived in the reality that we live in now and this human experience we didn't have access to food all of the time so it's happening to like that hunter-gatherer survival instinct within ourselves and yet it just has a whole host of amazing benefits that's just going to improve your overall health holistically and your so many people just eating multiple meals a day and yet it's just messing up all these types of hormonal production within the body and there's a lot of people that go down the pharmaceutical route and try to correct them with yeah taking a pharmaceutical which is just masking symptoms and normally causing a lot of side effects and not addressing the root cause of the issue and if you'd like to see what I

eat in a day on a vegan Whole Foods plant-based diet I'm gonna put a link for a video here and some at the end as well and yeah I always eat in abundance of calories an ever calorie count and an ever calorie restrict and eat as many calories as I want I've tried to calorie counting in the past and yet it's just too much for me and have a very busy lifestyle and it's just not something that I'm naturally drawn to do I found with one meal a day I don't need to count them all or restrict I can eat around 3000 4000 calories per one meal a day and I have an absolutely ripped physique as you can see here as a calisthenics athlete so yeah it just makes it a lot easier to incorporate in to my busy lifestyles so many people have a very very busy lifestyle and because I'm focusing less on food because not in multiple meals day I can then focus more upon the things that I want to focus upon increase my productivity my income and just achieve so much more in this life and I just feel a lot lighter for it out the day rather than food weighing me down throughout the whole day so yeah that is it this video if you have any questions

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