26 April 2019

One Meal A Day Diet For Weight Loss Results Vlog 211

OMAD one meal a day diet for weight loss results vlog 211 Choose any plan, do it, and never quit = weight loss success!! I do 3 methods to lose weight ...

hi its Mika fasting weight loss and

today is day two eleven of my fasting weight loss journey you guys are not gonna believe that kind of day I'm gonna have to say it like absolutely you won't believe it so first I'm gonna say a quote and then I'm gonna give you my one meal a day diet for weight loss results for day 211 on my fasting weight loss journey and I'm gonna give you everything I ate yesterday him what exercise I did now for the quote the past cannot be changed the future is yet in your power unknown I don't know who wrote that that's the same thing we say every day is every day is a new day okay who cares what happened yesterday if yesterday was a bad day and you're watching my video you have the ability to make today great okay please make today hurry all right how was my day yesterday ah I ate my 1 mil a day Oh mad meal and that was I went let's see I went 24 1130 I ate a 7 I think I went about 30 24 I went at least 32 hours fasting at least I'm not trying to do the math but whatever 24 I did at least 30-something hours of fasting okay not because I wanted to but my day was kind

of busy um I had a salad a big nice salad with a lot of spinach a drizzle of kale kale raw is spicy to me so I had a little bit of kale around it for a spice the iceberg and the one with the purple the purple and green leaves I don't even know what that is then I put all kinds of toppings on it at the salad then when I got home I put it I had quite a bit of blue cheese which is high in calories low in carbs I also put some watermelon strawberries in three grapes probably two pieces of watermelon two strawberries and three grapes um so I did have some fruit I had a packet ding it I had a packet of tuna with that home at meal it was just like this it was a packet like this which I need to have that work because if I am fasting and I want to break the fast this tuna 90 calories for 16 proteins man I hope my camera doesn't unfocus oh my gosh okay then for dessert man you guys please don't judge me because I am still with my sugar free and I bought this yesterday so I do believe we should not be having it but I'm still having it so I made a white chocolate with the cacao butter man I'm gonna try to find an Amazon link and put

it in the description in the description and in the comments cacao butter is how you can make white chocolate it has zero carbs zero protein 13 grams of fat a higher 20 calories but no carbs okay and this is pretty this is okay to have okay then I use the swerve confectioners sugar it's like powdered sugar it has zero calories that's crazy 0-3 carbs per 1 tablespoon swerve okay so I mix these together with pecans okay with pecans which are for carbs for 1/4 cup you could use 1/8 of a cup and only get to card oh oh no but there's dietary fiber 3 grams so that's 1 net carb you guys and 3 grams of cooked protein okay 190 calories though pecans and I put a little bit of almonds a tiny bit like these are slivered anyway I'm melted butter and coconut oil down with this and then I added the swerve and then I added a little bit of the plant-based protein vanilla protein color okay and then I mix it up I put them in the silicone muffin cups and you freeze that and it is so good and I also tried something else which was peanut butter kind of like that but I'll talk about that another day and I'm gonna do a recipe but I need to find to knit okay

so that's all I ate you guys like that was super great okay um I almost was Quito like proudly I might have been Quito I don't know how many carbs that was ahh I might have had like 30 40 max but from me and the food choices was excellent except maybe the fruit if I was Quito but I'm not okay exercise I did none none okay let's see you're gonna want to stick around for the weight so don't leave here I'm trying to get everything done I'm just gonna tell you what my date is gonna be like today cuz it's crazy but there's no excuse you have no excuse if you have a day less busy than what I'm gonna tell you you have no excuse but to do good today okay let's see and I'm loving the one meal a day diet for weight loss I'm loving it because it's not all the way easy to only eat like I it's not all the way easy but I don't know I like it I could have a lot of food at once if I want to and not feel guilty okay so this is what I'm doing right now I'm at the laundromat really even though I'm home because I put the clothes in the washer sat there and then put them in the dryer ran home to do

this video I fixed my son's hair now I'm gonna upload this press upload and then I'm gonna run back to the laundry fold everything come back I need to go to the I need to get a new phone because I'm going out of town soon and my kid there's no phone in this house except for my 20 year old so I need to get a phone before work I wanted to get my fingers and nails done but I don't have time for that um let me see I need to take a shower I need to clean up I have to go to the grocery store like everything I'll tell you I have to do I have to do work dreadlocks from 11:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. so that's like nine hours nine hours of work then I have to do my son's locks when I get home I have to pack my bags and I have to ask my brother can my kids go to his house for the weekend if he says yes I have to drive 40 minutes there probably 35 minutes there and 35 minutes back that is what I have to do today I don't even know where what I'm gonna I need to cook and eat I don't even know if I have time to eat today and I can't do fast food this is the day I would have had my one meal a day and chick-fil-a and if I

could have anything I wanted I would have a four piece chicken strip a strawberry shake I know people is gonna be like wow she was going good until she said that if I could just really choose one meal a half and something else in a salad that would be my one meal I would be so happy today because I wouldn't have to stop and cook and stuff anyway not for the way with this is no exercise but eating good you don't have to exercise if you don't want to if you eat good you're gonna lose weight and I am on a heavy day of my period okay so that's minus one point four that's crazy you guys that's so crazy have a good say you could do it bye you